Gary Kowaleski

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Fury
Status 6+3+3
Domain Baltimore MD
Coterie Furies
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 00000
Player Akira Barnes



Alias(es): None Known

Real Name: Maybe Gary Kowaleski

Apparent Age: Late 20's? Early 30's?

Concept: Social Nosferatu

Physical description: Gary's Mask appears to be an adult male of indeterminate age, shaved bald and with unremarkable features. He is generally seen wearing a well-made suit of white or black, or sometimes a waistcoat. Occasionally he wears a long gray duster with a duct tape "X" on the left shoulder over a black and white hoodie, or other outfits, but he always wears a pair of black gloves and, most notably, a white feather boa that seems to be his signature piece.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Selma The Repugnant of Cleveland, OH
  • Beneficent by Sovereign Prince Evelyn Landrake of Baltimore, MD
  • Feared by Sovereign Prince Luther Rommell of Baltimore, MD
  • In The Know by Prince Zphonco Davinovich of Milwaukee, WI
  • Insightful by Sovereign Prince James Abbott of the Twin Cities, MN
  • Panacean by Justicar Stanford Warwick of Clan Nosferatu
  • Empowered as a Fury in service to the Camarilla
  • Influential as a Fury in service to the Camarilla
  • Well-Connected as a Fury in service to the Camarilla
  • Insightful as an Agent of E-Division
  • Dignified as Dignitary of the Camarilla
  • August as Luminary of the Camarilla
  • Respected as Scion of the Camarilla

Character Information

Known History


Gary surfaced several years ago in Connecticut, though was seen extremely rarely topside. Since 2007 he was seen at various gatherings in the Midwest, including many Midwinter Galas. He moved to Chicago in 2007, taking the position of Primogen under Prince Tasha X. Since then, Gary provided a fair amount of assistance to other Midwestern Domains through Influence and personal aid, like serving as Milwaukee's Nosferatu Primogen pro-tem for several Midwinter gatherings. In 2012, he left Chicago for Milwaukee to serve as their actual Primogen. Post Midwinter 2014, following the disappearance of Prince Mathias Warren, Gary claimed Praxis of Milwaukee. In 2015, a year and a half after taking Praxis, Gary was deposed by Prince Pagan, and remained in Milwaukee as their Harpy. In March 2018, Gary was removed from his position of Harpy, causing a stir in Camarilla circles. In May 2019, Gary was called into service as a Fury of Harridan Cornelius Yul, and continued to hold the role following the removal of Yul and the appointment of Harridan Maryanne Fletcher.

Gary served as a Deputy Sheriff of Baltimore for the Conclave in March 2015, and as a Lesser Harpy of Baltimore for the Glitter & Gloom galas every year since 2016.

He's a strong proponent of Humanity and has earned notable success aiding others in regaining their lost Humanity, as well as providing other mental health services. A known pacifist, Gary avoids violence and tends to vanish in fights, taking non-combatants with him.


Gary was known to spend a great deal of time with Bobby Horsefall and Kate Kennedy-McKenna, prior to Bobby's death and Kate's disappearance.

He often attends parties with Rachel Dubhan, with the two of them frequently coordinating outfits.

As of May 2019, Gary was called into service as one of the Furies in service to Harridan Yul.


Gary Kowaleski.jpg

Gary is very well-connected within the Nosferatu Clan, and is known to a have close ties with most Camarilla Nosferatu - notably Cock Robin, Howl, Irina Dobrescu, Jane Woodward, Lance Richards, Plaguerat, Stanford Warwick, Svetlana Sokolova, Tiny, Vanessa Lee, and Zed.

He is known (as officially as possible) to be a friend of Clan Malkavian (OOC: Clan Friendship - Malkavian), thanks to several close and more-or-less close friendships with many Malkavians including Anastasia Koslov, Colette Green, Echo, James Abbott, Jesse Clayborne, Luni the Wise, Phillip Bankrofte, Reika Tsudeko Kuze, Sadie Court, and Samuel.

Gary is known to have quite a few friends in the Camarilla, including a surprising number of Toreador, among them Cameron Clark, Charlie, Deborah Parker, Evelyn Landrake, Harrow, Incisus, Isabella Visconti, Rachel Dubhan, and Rook - as well as Ainsley Good, Corkie Pelligrino, Daniel Corcoran, Hannah Martin, Jennica Sparrow, Mercy St. Isaac, Oliver Freigh, Virgil Deems, and many others.

The list of Gary's allies that are dead or missing is quite long, as it is with most Kindred that exist for any number of years. Some of them include Adrian Serra, Amanda Desrosiers, Blood Rat, Bolt, Bunny, Butterfly, Casamir Harlock, Castella Brooks, Chantel Rousseau, Charlotte Creed, Dominique, Elisabeth Schroeder, Ellenor Dears, Francis Merivein, Hazar al-Qasem, Ilera Parker, Isabella Rodriguez, Izarra Getzi, James Hawthorne, Jenny Talia, Julian St.John, Julianna Kronnin Ward, Katherine Zilthai, Lena!, Leyla Hunter, Luc Menhir, Mark Richardson, Marli Giovanni, Masako Hara, Matthias Blackstone, Michael Basil Giovanni, Milos, Priscilla Hale, Rachel Waynewright, Raphael Carmichael, Rosamund Elise Kingsley, Saul Good, Severin Delacroix, Shane Masters, Silhouette, Simone Randel, Sonali Kata, Victoria Hunter, William Dunstin, S. J., Xxero, Zio!, Zphonco Davinovich, and many others.


None known. There's probably some though.




Several young Nosferatu have been under Gary's Accounting, but he is not known to have Embraced any of them.

Lazarus, Gary's Ghouled bat, is his oldest companion.

Recently, it has become known that his Childe Luvia has been Acknowledged.


None Known.

Character Inspirations

Garak (Star Trek: Deep Space 9). Eddie Hawkins (Hudson Hawk). Bigend (Pattern Recognition). Leon (The Professional). Garrett (Thief: The Dark Project). Malcolm Crowe (The Sixth Sense). Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Shepherd Book (Firefly). The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera). Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Harry Goldfarb (Requiem For A Dream). Mr. Wall (Dark City). The Vore (The Beastmaster). Johnny Cash.


After The Flesh - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Armour - VNV Nation
Carry You - VNV Nation
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Forty-Six & 2 - TOOL
Get What I Need - Goldfinger
Gratitude - VNV Nation
High Road - Fort Minor
Illusion - VNV Nation
Let Me Be Your Armor - Assemblage 23
Limelight - Ninja Sex Party
The Man In Black - Johnny Cash
Man or a Monster - Sam Tinnesz (feat. Zayde Wølf)
Mutate - Battery
Never Had It - Flobots
Off With Their Heads - Nightlife
Perpetual - VNV Nation
Reprehensible - They Might Be Giants
Rhyme of the Nibelung - MC Frontalot
Solitary - VNV Nation
The Sad Truth - Null Device
This Charming Man - The Smiths
This Hideous Strength - Battery
Unhappy - Lincoln
When Is The Future? - VNV Nation
Word and Deed - Null Device


"No, I'm not really wearing pants. I'm tricking your mind into BELIEVING I am."
"I know a guy."
"If you can't be beautiful, be fabulous." - Corkie Pelligrino


  • Gary has a rock dragon baby that he adopted in Kenosha.
  • Gary used to be a thief and drug dealer, but found Jesus and turned his life around, so to speak.
  • Gary had bizarre physical changes after the Embrace, and can't wear normal clothes anymore.
  • Gary has adopted the kittens left by Bethany Nevermore when she died.
  • Gary is a nudist, and does not wear clothes if he doesn't have to.
  • Gary is not only a pacifist, but in fact petrified by the thought of fighting.
  • Gary is a former hitman who is attempting to make up for his past misdeeds.
  • Gary is agoraphobic, and gets nervous around large crowds.
  • Gary is a party animal, and goes to every large gathering he can attend.
  • Gary wears a feather boa to watch Malkavians make a game from gathering feathers that fall from it.
  • Gary's boa feathers are delicious and good to eat.
  • Gary loves him some pretty music in pretty buildings.
  • Gary has turned in Harpy reports in the form of musical numbers.
  • Gary might actually exist. Maybe. It might be best to poke and prod him to find out.
  • Mentioning Gary around Malkavians results in some strange behavior.
  • Gary is colorblind.
  • Gary is Prosymnus.
  • Gary has died several times, however he keeps being rebuilt by feathers left behind.
  • Gary has a Kindred delivery service with specialized planes.
  • Gary is seven brothers who share the identity, it is how he is everywhere.
  • Gary was hatched from a swan's egg with a feather boa around his neck.
  • His acceptance in clan Malkavian is due to his own, deep-seated madness.
  • His enemies all die at the hands of his allies, who don't want him to dirty his hands.
  • Gary is a fellow kid.
  • Gary's feathers are all tracking devices.
  • Gary provides discreet, confidential, and free mental health support to any member of the Camarilla.
  • Gary is shady about his past because he used to be an apprenticed wrestler under Ric Flair (and therefore famous) and it would be a huge masquerade breach if it got out.