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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 4
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Kerri J


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Alias(es): None

Real Name: Howl

Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Concept: Tengu

Physical description: Masked, she is commonly a middle-aged, dark haired woman, or often at events she is half-masked, a pale skeletal face, feathers for hair, and taloned hands but otherwise human-looking physically.

Unmasked, her face is a mass of mutated cartilage and bone forming a beak-like, almost skeletal face covered in thin, pale, leathery skin. Her hair is moldy black feathers, commonly a ruff of similar feathers are visible around her neck and face. Her hands end in dark talons which seem to have ripped through the flesh of her fingertips. It is heavily implied that she's covered in moldering feathers though this can't be confirmed under the heavy robes and clothing she wears. Her feet are rarely visible under long skirts and robes. Howl walks with a cane,with a heavy limp, complaining often of her "bum leg."

Detailed Status:
Resourceful - By Prince Sophia Northmann
Brilliant - By Zed
Panacean - By Justicar Stanford Warwick

Character Information

Known History

Howl was embraced in New York in the mid-19th century. She was acknowledged in Syracuse around that time and has not involved herself in Camarilla politics much in the intervening decades. She has remarked that her "brothers" would steal movies, such as Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens by F.W. Murnau back when it was released in the '20s, and she had to translate the German subtitles for her English speaking brothers.

Howl is proud of her scientific achievements, describing herself as a scientist. She occasionally makes jokes and references to Victorian slang such as a "two-penny upright" and similar references. In her unlife, she has always walked with a cane, and a heavy limp. She is rarely seen without large robe, coat or other heavy clothing, obscuring much of her physical form, and especially her torso, legs and feet.

Howl came to the Domain of Iowa City in 2015 at the request of her "brothers" and spent time there under several Princes. She has earned no status among the Camarilla despite assisting with several issues - a blue mold in Iowa City that was being used as a drug by the homeless population there, and investigations relating to a rogue Sabbat Nosferatu embracing hordes of children, and the Daeva "smoke monsters".

At recent Grand Elysiums and events Howl is showing herself to be a crass but entertaining source of information and socializing.

More recently, in July 2020 Howl was recognized by Justicar Warwick for her work to cure the cursed Nosferatu Rabbat.


None Known


Gary Kowaleski
Corkie Pelligrino
Svetlana Sokolova
Jenny Talia (Deceased)


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Character Inspirations

Tengu, Howl's Moving Castle



Concerning Howl:

"Oh sweetie, you're always a lady, no matter how many blow jobs you give!" from Toreador Ginger Picatello to Howl after Howl remarked that no one would mistake Howl for a lady.

By Howl:


  • Howl is an accomplished Mycologist - she studies fungus and mushrooms.
  • Gary Kowaleski designed Howl a dress, due to her inability to wear normal clothes.
  • Howl doesn't have human feet, maybe they're talons like her hands?
  • Howl's leg was broken during her embrace and never healed correctly.
  • Howl is actually a Gangrel/Nosferatu hybrid created by the Tremere - whoever heard of a bestial Nos?
  • Immediately after her embrace, Howl wasn't able to speak and had to entirely re-learn how to talk, like parrots do.
  • Howl glows in the dark, like a fungus.