Luni the Wise

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Clan Malkavian
Position Primogen
Status 6+1+2
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player [Kerri J]



Stealer of Soles, Lunitari, Luni the Red, Luni the Wise, Luni the Malk

Real Name:

Apparent Age: Mid-twenties

Concept: Book Worm Oracle

Physical description: Luni is 5'2" with shaggy dark hair and a thin waif-like appearance. She is easily mistaken for human (Blush) and has green eyes. She is usually wearing a large red coat or shawl, and carrying a book.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Unknown
  • Wise by Sovereign Prince Andrea McDermott of Portland, ME
  • Praised by Prince Adrienne Stratton of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN
  • Cherished by Prince James Abbot of Twin Cities MN
  • Compassionate by Archon Thomas True
  • Loyal by Prince Helena Russo of Blackhawk County IA
  • Respected as Primogen of Annapolis, MD
  • Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla (Honorary)
  • August as a Luminary of the Camarilla (Honorary)

Character Information

Known History

Luni appeared one day in the Domain of Twin Cities claiming to be a wanderer. She stayed there for almost a year before moving to the domain of Black Hawk County. She often travels without any real pattern or consistency to nearby domains.

Shortly after her arrival in the Twin Cities it was found out by Zio! that she is a seer. For her use of this ability to help the domain he awarded her the status of Wise for which she is named.

She moved to Black Hawk County and became Harpy there under Prince Richardson. Shortly before Richardson lost his praxis she took the post of Malkavian Primogen.

She is very close with Lady Black and Luni can be seen in Lady Black's entourage at events they both attend.

She came to Prince Murray x in the summer of 2012 and asked him to grant Acknowledgement for Colin Laney, a Malkavian who had apparently been under her Accounting for some time.

Around 2013 Luni started to spend more time in the domain of Milwaukee, eventually moving there permanently in 2014 under Prince Gary Kowaleski. After Pagan took over the praxis of Milwaukee, she became Seneschal, and left that position in 2017.

She returned to the Domain of Black Hawk County under Prince Helena Russo where she held no position.

More recently, 2021, she has relocated to Annapolis, where she serves as a Primogen under Prince Rook .


Zio! (deceased)
Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange (deceased)
Aleister Blackwell (deceased)
Noctis (deceased)
Daniel "Mac" McDonald
Gary Kowaleski
Cricket Marriott
Helena Russo
James Abbott
Mr. Grey


None known.

Character Inspirations

Ivy from the Dresden Files Novels
The Dragonlance novels by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss



"We don't talk about Cotton Mather."

"Either this Malkavian has sunk deeper into madness than most of her ilk, or she is operating on a separate layer of the Jyhad than most. It both amuses and worries me that I am not certain which." -Augustine St. Just

"There's few who scare me. She's one of them." - Fifi!

"If you can’t make jokes at the expense of a world-eating monstrosity you’re just gonna collapse into a depression that ends with you."


  • Can easily overpower members of clan Brujah.
  • Rolled Zio! for his flaming shoes during Midwinter 2011.
  • Once sang a spontaneous duet with Lena!.
  • Was engaged to one of Lady Black's sons.
  • Her beast apparently captured a demon in a jar.
  • Is the real puppet master controlling several princes in Iowa.
  • Is secretly an elder.
  • Has a contagious derangement.
  • Is known as the Stealer of Soles.
  • Is a Malkavian Oracle.
  • Is a fangirl of Lazarus, the bat ghoul of Gary Kowaleski.