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This page is an attempt to collect Conclave Decisions.

Conclave Decisions

2019 Conclave - Prague, Czech Republic

This was primarily a Judicial Conclave of Prince Carlack, who was found not guilty.

The Camarilla officially recognizes the title of Consul, which shall bear the positional status of Diplomatic. (see current Camarilla Packet for more details regarding this position)

Citizens of the Camarilla,

On the 15th of October, in the year 2016, a Judicial Conclave was called against Prince Carlak of Prague in the Czech Republic. The charges brought forth were that he knowingly granted his citizenry leave to converse with members of the Sabbat Rebellion. This was done in the form of mirroring policy set by the Sabbat and instituting a position labeled Consul, one who is given permission to interact with the Sabbat for political matters. While Princes have been known to assign custom roles in their Domains to suit their needs, it was felt that this appointment exceeded the breadth of Prince Carlak’s authority.

The Conclave was presided over by the following Justicars:

  • His Arbiter Eleganciae, Titus Petronius Niger of Clan Toreador
  • Lotharius of Clan Tremere
  • Maris Streck of Clan Malkavian

The Justicars were accompanied by various Archons in their employ. Other notable guests include:

  • Cornelius Yul, Harridan of the Camarilla.
  • Alessio Rinaldi, the Exalted Peacock Prince of Ravenna, Italy.
  • Jan Pieterzoon of Clan Ventrue
  • Vidal Jarbeaux of Clan Toreador
  • Libuše Králová, Sheriff of Prague
  • Sir Khentik-Khert of Clan Brujah
  • Eliška Nováková of Clan Brujah

Prince Carlak was given leave to present his case. He did not deny the accusation that he had instituted such a position, but rather claimed that it was his right to do so and necessary. He elaborated that he appointed Eliška Nováková to the position of Consul. The Sabbat and the Camarilla were both facing great threats in the form of the Infernal, other monstrosities that lurk in the night, and most recently, the Forgotten Ones. Mention of these beasts sent a murmur through the gathered Kindred that was quickly quieted. Prince Carlak continued that, as with the Year of Fire, the Forgotten Ones pose a risk to all, including the Sabbat. It was rumored that they may have aid and information that could be brought to bear against the Forgotten Ones. Therefore, he felt a diplomatic ambassador was warranted.

The Justicars asked if there were any questions or statements from the assembled honored guests. Several Kindred spoke:

Harridan Yul asked if Prince Carlak associated any positional standing to this appointment. Prince Carlak clarified that he had not given Ms. Nováková any positional measure of standing with the appointment. Rather, he granted her a measure of personal standing that was associated to the performance of her duties as Consul. Specifically, she was given the status of Diplomatic. The Harridan thanked Prince Carlak for the clarification and then reminded those assembled that unique roles are permissible in any given Domain at the Prince’s decree, but such roles should bear no positional standing.

After Harridan Yul spoke, Isadora Maria de la Corte, Archon to Lotharius, affirmed that Ms. Nováková should not be referred to as Consul during the Conclave as this was not a recognized title within the Camarilla. Use of any unofficial positions should be strictly limited to specific Domain business, especially when the one in question involves questionable and unsavory associations. Justicar Lotharius nodded quietly in agreement.

The Harridan clarified his stance that he felt the usage of the title was appropriate given that it was one recognized by Prince Carlak in his Domain and as they currently were in said Domain, he felt it only proper to afford her the same respect as her own Prince. Archon de la Corte accepted the assessment of the Harridan.

Prince Rinaldi addressed Ms. Nováková directly, asking if she understood the delicate scrutiny this role would place upon her. She responded with a deep consideration of what this meant and she had made arrangements with the Sheriff to assuage any concerns about her appointment and service in the role. Sheriff Libuše Králová of Clan Nosferatu confirmed this and assured the Justicars that a watchful eye was being kept upon Ms. Nováková as she performed these duties.

Sir Khentik-Khert spoke that he had concerns initially with the Convention of Fire that the treaty would be mishandled by Kindred who simply wished to make deals and alliances with the vile Sabbat Rebellion. He proceeded, at length, to remind the assembled of the type of moral character the Sabbat represented. He also asserted that there were other organizations that ought be turned to within the Camarilla before seeking discourse with the Rebellion. The Justicars thanked Sir Khentik-Khert for his zeal and passion.

Prince Rinaldi stated that the Consul role has value so long as it is kept under a watchful eye. He reasserted that the Second Tradition grants Princes the right to guide their Domains as they see fit.

After hearing the comments and questions, the Justicars retired for private conference. After a brief exchange lasting under an hour, they returned to deliver their pronouncement. Justicar Streck ruled that Prince Carlak was acting in accordance with the Second Tradition and therefore was to be found not guilty. Justicar Lotharius asserted that the accused was knowingly and willfully encouraging congress with the enemy of the Camarilla and should be found guilty. Lastly, Justicar Petronius declared that he supported the authority of the Princes to act as they saw fit and found Prince Carlak not guilty.

In a closing note, after the outcome of the Judicial Conclave, many recognized the value that the Consul position could offer and therefore the Elders of the Camarilla have seen fit to officially recognize the title of Consul which shall bear the positional status of Diplomatic in the Ivory Tower. The Eyes of the Camarilla will be watching this development. Should the matter become problematic, myself and others are confidant that a future Conclave will revisit the topic.

Sincerest Regards,

Cornelius Yul - Harridan of the Camarilla

2017 Conclave - Hartford, CT, USA

Topics of the Conclave

Addressing Setite Sorcery
Proposed by: Cornelius Yul, Harridan of the Camarilla on behalf of an unnamed party.

Discussion: In 2006 and reconfirmed at 2011 both at Conclaves held in Columbus, Ohio, it was felt that Followers of Set (those of the beliefs) would not be permitted to hold position within the Camarilla. Additionally, those of Setite blood but not of the belief common among that Clan, would be permitted to hold the positions of Scourge, Sheriff, or Archon.

This talking point sought to expand upon that distinction, clarifying that any practitioner of the Setite magics (known as Akhu) would be treated as though they were a Follower of Set. With much debate and discussion among the assembled, it was felt that such an additional distinction was not necessary. Thus is the will of the Camarilla.

The Sturbridge Amendment Revision
Proposed by: Frederick Gold, Sovereign Prince of Hartford, CT Discussion: Again at the 2006 Conclave in Columbus, Ohio, the topic of Infernalism was presented by former Prince Meredith Sturdbridge. The topic was discussed at length and it was ultimately decided that Clan Tremere would be permitted to research and investigate Infernalism under the purview of the Justicar from Clan Tremere. In the decade since then, the Camarilla has needed to reevaluate the threat Infernalism and Diabolism poses. With threats such as the Year of Fire and various instances of dignitaries of our great society falling to the thrall of otherworldy entities, it was felt the Camarilla should take another look at this policy.

The discussion was passionate and contributed to by Archons, Princes, well-regarded members of the Josians, and loyal citizens. The topic split into two talking points: first would the Camarilla recognize the difference between Diabolism and Infernalism? Second, would the continued study of this topic still be permitted to the Tremere?

On the first topic, it was discussed and voted that the Camarilla will treat Infernalism and Diabolism no differently. Both are threats to the sanctity and strength of the Ivory Tower. Practitioners of either shall be regarded as criminals against the Sect.

On the second topic, it was decided that the Tremere study of Infernalism would no longer be permitted to the depth that it once was. All citizens of the Camarilla are expected to combat the Infernal in whatever way they can but no longer will it be permitted to dabble in the powers of Hell.

The Lasombra and the Camarilla
Proposed by: Rufus Castor, Seneschal of Stamford, CT on behalf of Clan Lasombra

Discussion: Long has the Camarilla held the Lasombra among its numbers in high regard. They have proven themselves time and again to be loyal and valued members of our society. As such, it was requested that the position of Herald be formally recognized by the Camarilla and that the Obtenebration Registry be more clearly defined. Again, as these were two distinct topics, the conversation and vote for each was separated.

Many saw the benefit of recognizing the position of the Herald, an agent of authority to oversee certain matters for Clan Lasombra. During conversation, Alejandro Kliest of Clan Lasombra spoke with dedication and passion. Others spoke in defense and support of the office and when voting came it was of no surprise that the position’s official recognition passed.

The Harridan would like to personally commend and congratulate Alejandro Kliest as the Herald of Clan Lasombra. All that interact with Herald Kliest should know that he now bears the Famous, Respected, and Exalted authority that comes with his new title! (OOC: The Herald now carries the Positional Status of Famous, Respected, and Exalted).

The discussion revolving around the Registry of Obtenebration presented different topics and solutions. Through discussion, it was decided and voted that the unique powers of the Lasombra blood possessed by those within the Camarilla would continue to require registration with the Clan and their Herald. This registration would be overseen and enforced by Herald Kliest and the Justicariate. Any transgressions against such would be dealt with by either the Prince or Archons, with collaboration from the office of the Herald.

The Giovanni Promise Revision
Proposed by: Frederick Gold, Sovereign Prince of Hartford, CT on behalf of Illario Giovanni and Clan Giovanni

Discussion: An official arrangement between the Camarilla and Clan Giovanni was reached in 1528 and was known simply as “The Promise”. This arrangement has been amended over the centuries, most recently at the Conclave of 2011 and another amendment and clarification was brought forward by Clan Giovanni, represented by Persephone Giovanni. The draft presented was read in full and had been reviewed with minor revisions made that weekend by some of the gathered Camarilla Princes.

It should be noted that the aforementioned criteria, requiring those without Acknowledgement to be sponsored by a Prince, was forgone for this debate topic specifically for Clan Giovanni. It would be ever so gauche to bring forward a topic directly involving them and then limiting their voice. Even still, many a Prince offered their support to the Giovanni and in turn the Clan composed themselves with all the grace and poise one would expect.

In order to give proper regard to such an arrangement, it was voted that the Camarilla, represented by some of her Princes, would work with the Giovanni to properly revise and update the Promise. Their efforts would allow for a greater amount of oversight than could be given in the short time alloted for the Conclave. Once a finalized version of the Promise is completed it will be reviewed by members of the Giovanni Clan as well as the Elders of the Camarilla before being finalized and announced.

Editorial Note: The Princes and Giovanni meetings failed to produce a suitable draft for consideration. The Giovanni Promise remains the simple 'understanding' that it has always been. The matter is considered closed unless reopened by a future Conclave.

2016 Conclave - Fargo, ND - USA

The Conclave ratified the following proposals:

  • Kindred found to be Malcontents may not hold any Honorary status within the Camarilla except for Honorary Status as a Sovereign Prince if it has been earned.
  • The right to strip Acknowledgment is restored to Princes and members of the Justicariate.

2016 Conclave - Ravenna Italy

The Justicars put forward two docket items:

The first covered many changes to be administered over our system of Status, including:

  1. The creation of a Harridan, a Grand Harpy, to oversee matters of status and prestation across a global scale and the authority to create agents to serve them in that purpose
  2. The granting of honorific titles to Kindred who have distinguished themselves in their aid and service to the Camarilla
  3. A system of Negative Status so that we might find ways to punish those that have wronged the Camarilla greatly
  4. Clarifications on the stance of the Primogen, allowing the Princes of the Camarilla to chose their own advisers as they see fit
  5. A law stating that once a Kindred earns Acknowledgement, the status cannot be stripped, thus abolishing of the concept of "Second Accountings"
  6. The recognition that death of a Camarilla citizen should not deprive their debtors of what is owed them. Those that would slay a Camarilla citizen, even with Right of Destruction, are depriving others of what is rightfully theirs and that needs to be compensated
  7. A general review our system of Status and make revisions as needed, to better reflect any of the proposed changes and other such small details

The second docket item covered a vastly different system of standing than that which we are familiar.

  1. One that would recognize different categories of Status
  2. Each Status would grant specific rights and privileges to their bearers
  3. The loaning of one's name would no longer be permitted
  4. The inclusion of a different style of Negative status
  5. The creation of different Titles within the Camarilla for those that had distinguished themselves
  6. The abolishment of the position of Warlord to be replaced with the position of Imperator with agents to serve them
  7. A general review our system of Status and make revisions as needed, to better reflect any of the proposed changes and other such small details

Docket Item 1 passed, and Docket Item 2 failed. The Camarilla has spoken and those changes shall now be implemented. A set of the new Status laws and guidelines has been presented to the Princes and Harpies and is included with this missive (OOC: as outlined in the Council-passed 2015 Camarilla Genre Packet).

Thank you all for attending, speaking, and conducting yourselves well. Before I leave you for the evening though, there is a message that I have been asked to convey on behalf of the combined words of many Elders of the Camarilla:

"To the Camarilla,

As this missive shall be included with announcements of the results of the Ravenna Conclave, it is with great pride that the Camarilla announces its first Harridan, Cornelius Yul of Clan Toreador. Over the years, as he has proven himself to be a talented Harpy and a skilled politician with an adroit grasp of the Camarilla's nuances. His recent performance in service to Clan Toreador and those of the Justicariate as well as his aforementioned accomplishments have made him the perfect choice for this role and we look forward to his successes.

This message, however, is not simply one of praise. For some months now, there has been confusion regarding the positions of Manuela Cardoso and Jaroslav Pascek. Allow us to clarify the matter with finality.

Jaroslav Pascek once served the Camarilla as Justicar with distinction. During this time, his devotion and belief that the Camarilla was destined to be even greater was admirable. However, his views and values have declined in recent nights. He kills indiscriminately and desecrates the Elysia that we hold dear. These are not the actions of one who should be entrusted with the Camarilla’s defence.

Be it known that we Elders of the Camarilla no longer recognize any claim to the title of Justicar by Jaroslav Pascek. He has disgraced himself and the position for which he once stood. To Manuela Cardoso, we expect that you will learn from the failure of your predecessor as you work to restore the dignity of the office.


Hardestadt Adana de Sforza Josef von Bauren Etrius Camilla Banes Francois Villon, Prince of France Rafael de Corazon His Arbiter Eleganciæ Titus Petronius Niger, Justicar of Clan Toreador Maris Streck, Justicar of Clan Malkavian Manuela Cardoso, Justicar of Clan Brujah Cornelius Yul, Harridan of the Camarilla Alessio Rinaldi, Prince of Ravenna, Italy Meerlinda Vasilii Ivanov, Prince of Moscow Tegyrius, The General, Prince of Dubai Alexandria, Prince of Buenos Aires Katherine of Montpelier Vidal Jarbeaux Tryphosa Dominique Valentine Peter Dorfman Beatrix Franco Unmada Trimeggion John Dee, Primogen of London Jean-Marc d’Harfleur"

2015 Conclave - Baltimore, MD

Kindred of the Camarilla were able to stand before Justicar Lotharius as long as they were supported by at least two Acknowledged members of the Camarilla to present items to be placed on the docket for Conclave. Not everything presented made it to the final docket; Below are the items which did make it on the docket and were not later withdrawn. Announcements independent of the docket items (changes in status and the results of investigations and the Judicial Conclave from earlier that night) are not included in this summary.


  • The Camarilla should rescind the Treaty of Fire
    Presenter: Mikhail Petrovich, Clan Brujah
    Justicar Lotharius called for a vote to table this discussion for a later Conclave. The vote to table passed.

  • Individual Kindred who possess magics (thaumaturgy of any kind, blood magic, etc.) outside of their native clan, will be required to register these magics with their local prince
    Presenter: Narbe, Clan Nosferatu
    Justicar Lotharius called for a vote to table the discussion and the vote passed.

  • Any Camarilla Prince that abandons the Camarilla and joins the Anarch movement or the Sabbat should be globally bloodhunted.
    Presenter: Mikhail Petrovich, Clan Brujah
    Justicar Lotharius called for a show of hands, but there was no clear majority. He then indicated that the Princes should convene and later propose the idea and an initial slate of “Black List” names.

  • The Neo-Carthaginians need to be declared as enemies to the Camarilla.
    Presenter: Kai, Clan Ravnos
    It was voted upon and declared that the Neo-Carthaginians will now be seen as an enemy of the Camarilla.

  • The Camarilla could benefit from the implementation of current technology. There is currently no responsible office to deal with the threat posed to the Masquerade by social media and the like. It is suggested that a Committee, or even Office, be created to represent those interests, to be placed under the auspices of the Justicariate as it affects every Clan.
    Presenter: Slink X of Annapolis, MD, Clan Nosferatu
    It was voted upon and decided that the Camarilla would look into creating a comittee or task force to address matters of technology.

  • It is respectfully requested that the elders of the Camarilla establish a new Justicarial seat to be filled by a member of the Children of Haqim.
    Presenter: Rook, Clan Toreador
    It was voted upon and decided that the Children of Haqim would not be given a Justicarial seat.

  • After this Conclave, it may not be proposed that the Children of Haqim gain a seat on the Justicariate for one hundred (100) years.
    Presenter: Originally Peter Premsyl, Clan Tremere. Though it was clarified that he was speaking on behalf of Raphael Carmichael , Clan Tremere
    It was voted upon and decided that the topic of Children of Haqim receiving a Justicarial seat would not be banned for 100 years.

  • The Toreador Extremis Boon is considered paid no matter what the outcome of the other votes of this Conclave.
    Presenter: Originally Douma Charoum, Clan Tremere. Though it was clarified that he was speaking on behalf of Virgil Deems, Clan Ventrue
    The topic was removed after the vote as it was decided that those Harpies and Elders involved in the prestation would settle it. It was not to be settled by Conclave decision. The boon was then declared paid.

  • Those kindred who do not go through the Accounting as a part of the Camarilla who seek to join it shall be placed under Probation to prove themselves. This Probation may be removed at the discretion of the Prince of the Domain that they reside in after at least a year and a day, or by a Justicar with the sponsorship of the Prince of their Domain prior to that time period. Kindred who go through the Accounting as part of the Camarilla or who are already members of the Camarilla are not required to serve a period of Probation. This supersedes and replaces previous conclave rules and pronouncements regarding the Probationary Sect Member status.
    Presenter: Alexander Keefe, Clan Ventrue
    It was voted upon, and decided that any Kindred who do not go through the Accounting as a part of the Camarilla who seek to join it shall be seen as a Probationary Sect Member. This may only be removed by either their resident Prince after they have held their Acknowledgement for at least a year and a day or sooner by a Justicar with the sponsorship of their Prince. Kindred who go through the Accounting as part of the Camarilla or who are already members of the Camarilla are not required to serve a period of Probation.

    2012 Conclave - Amsterdam

    Kindred of the Camarilla.

    Over the last few decades, the Elders of the Camarilla has watched as the modern world shaped itself. We have observed, not devoid of interest, the common practices and behaviors that marked the Camarilla in these times. We have witnessed the curious changes that became almost a trademark of many Domains, particularly in the New World. How fast this admirable and ever-changing new world moves.

    One specific and disturbing concern has drawn special attention, and to that end a Conclave was held in Amsterdam on August 16th. The Second Tradition of Domain should be one of stability. The title of Prince is not one to be lightly taken and dismissed on a whim. The Masquerade, which protects us all, requires a Domain with a strong guiding hand. It is akin to a flock that needs a good shepherd, one that provides the flock with lush and vibrant pastures for them to grow and excel, and also one that protects them from the elements and threats. The Masquerade protects all Kindred, yet we are concerned that we have seen a continuing trend of frequent turnover of Princes. This troubling development threatens the Masquerade and all of the Camarilla.

    Many respected Princes and other Elders of the Camarilla gave passionate speeches concerning the Masquerade, the Camarilla, and Princes in the modern world. The Conclave decision is that Princes who have proven themselves able to provide the leadership needed to persevere through threats external and internal, to provide the stability that can only come through time and experience, those Princes be distinguished throughout the salons and Elysia of our noble sect. While allPrinces are Exalted, Famous and Well-Known by their station, those who endure and show themselves capable of sustaining their rule shall also be seen as *Venerable in the virtue of maintaining their position for as long as their reign lasts. Furthermore, these Princes may bear the right of claiming the title of Sovereign Prince.

    When domains lose their Princes too quickly, or Kindred treat the position with flippancy and disdain, it weakens the position, weakens the Sect, puts the Masquerade at risk, and therefore puts all Kindred at risk. All Acknowledged Kindred should strive to a higher standard and not to allow this to happen.

    His Arbiter Eleganciae, Titus Petronius Niger
    His Halcyon Excellency, Justicar Art Morgan
    Lord Justicar Jaroslav Pascek
    Lord Justicar Lotharius

    2011 Conclave - Columbus, OH

    To the Camarilla at Large,

    On 01 and 02 July, 2011, Lady Justicar Lucinde, along with Lord Justicar Jarsolav Pascek and His Avian Excellency, Justicar Cock Robin, held a Global Conclave in the Domain of Columbus, Ohio to meet and consider the Giovanni Promise, the position of Setites and Followers of Set within the Camarilla and finally the Rebellion.

    Also in attendance were their respective Archons, Leonius Agrippa, Elizabeth of York, Chiron, Raoul Moriarty, Paul Walker, Tiffany Cole, Sandhurst, Theo Bell, Plaguerat, Saul Good and Pinger, as well as Archons Aetius, (at the time, now Prince) Nicholas Tept and Hugo Valentine.

    Seneschal (now Archon) Jon Apolo de Soult and Kate Davidson (now Archon) acted as Moderators for the discussion and Genevive de Montaigne acted as Herald to the Justicars.

    A few nights ago, the Ivory Tower and the Elders of the Camarilla chose to uphold the outcomes as voted upon at this Conclave. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce:

    On the Giovanni Promise, our Elders have seen fit uphold the decision to leave the wording of the Giovanni Promise as-is, as well as agreeing with the addendum of creating the position of the Camarilla Ambassador to the Giovanni.

    On Setites, specifically those created as part of the bloodline of Setites, our Elders have upheld the decision as voted to further limit Setites so that they many only hold the positions of Sheriff, Scourge, or Archon within the Camarilla. Within the discussion of the vote, Justicar Lucinde clarified that removing the Setites from the Camarilla as a whole was not an option fit for the ballot at this Conclave. All Setites who have already proven their worth as Acknowledged members of the Camarilla will continue to be treated as such.

    On Followers of Set, our Elders have seen fit to uphold the decision as voted to disallow those of the Camarilla who are Followers of Set to hold any position in the Camarilla.

    It was made clear that the fourth docket item, on the Sabbat, was not going to result in a vote set before the Conclave, and therefore our Elders have not upheld any decision in this matter. However, the Justicars asked for opinions and discussions on the matter following a small address delivered by myself, and a short summary is included here:

    "In these troubled nights, many Domains face threats from multiple sources. Threats brought to a finer point especially with more recent disturbing announcements and incidents.
    "We are at war with the rebellion, the Sabbat. This is not a question or a matter for debate. However, when a Prince faces threats to their Domain on multiple fronts, it may behove them to have the ability to negotiate a cease-fire, however temporary, so as to not tax themselves from too many fronts. Yet that ability directly conflicts with the previous edict of Lord Justicar Pascek, which includes that ‘any Camarilla member who knowingly associates with a member of the Sabbat will be removed of all their standing and put to death as a traitor to their sect and the blood.’"

    The discussion included many points, some arguing that the edict was too restrictive and disallowed common tactics such as infiltration and espionage. Others argued that we didn’t need such tactics to know our enemies, and that they should simply be killed on-sight. After some discussion, His Avian Excellency stood to address the Conclave to explain a situation wherein he and several supporters had gone to Detroit to fight off the Sabbat, only to find themselves gridlocked along with the Sabbat and attacked on all fronts by infernal forces, who attacked Camarilla and Sabbat members both, indiscriminately. Archon Hugo Valentine asked Lord Justicar Paseck for a clarification on his edict as it pertained to interrogation. Lord Justicar Pascek indicated that his edict did not apply to those who spoke to a Sabbat member for the purposes of interrogation. The Justicars presiding thanked all for their opinions and the helpful discussion.

    My thanks for your time, and bon nuit,

    Genevive deMontaigne

    2010 Conclave - Annapolis, MD

    To all Concerned:

    A few months ago, the Elders of the Camarilla chose to hold a Global Conclave in the Domain of Annapolis to meet and discuss the rulings on Elysia, the powers of the Keeper and of the Sheriff, the powers and limitations of the Archons, the ongoing dangers of shadow coteries and the structure of the Obtenebration Registry. The Camarilla’s most brilliant and active minds present at the event debated these matters and the presiding Faultless Justicars conducted a consultation of what the attending Kindred believed should change.

    Our Society's words and views were taken to heart by the Justicariate in a gathering of purpose and importance. There, they have thoroughly conferred and have agreed that these issues which trouble our Domains should be addressed by them and be dealt with the same wisdom our forefathers used to create the Camarilla whilst always keeping in mind the Traditions above all else. They also have given me the honor of addressing their decisions.

    First, regarding the rulings on Elysia: As confirmed at the time of the Conclave, the Pax Vampirica and its rulings still apply and always shall. Elysia's role in Kindred society is older than the Camarilla itself and must be respected as the cornerstones of our civilization they are. Moreover, Elysia are sacred and are for Kindred and Kine alike to share the bond of kinship. The 2003 Northern Virginia Conclave decision is reaffirmed. Elysia supersedes the powers of the Prince and the Second Tradition.

    Second, regarding the powers of the Keeper: As wisely pointed out at the time of the Conclave, Elysia is not to be ignored when convenient, despite several recent scandals which occurred on their sacred grounds. Thus, the need of a Kindred formally responsible for enforcing the rules and decorum was duly weighed, and it was agreed the Keeper of Elysium, in addition to the power of stripping status for breaches of the Masquerade, from now on also has the power to strip status for breaches of Elysia. However, let it be remembered that the same way all Kindred of the Camarilla are obliged to uphold the Six Traditions (and above all others the First, the Masquerade), all Kindred are also obliged to respect the Elysia and the Pax Vampirica in effect on the sacred places. The Honorable role of the Keeper of Elysium, as suggested by its name, is but to maintain the order in the Elysia and the events realized on its grounds.

    Third, regarding the powers of the Sheriff: Although the majority of the Kindred present at the Conclave think the Sheriff should not be immune to the powers of the Keeper to strip status for breaches of the Masquerade and Elysia, it has been decided such exemption must continue. The Sheriff's role is to enforce the Traditions within the Prince's Domain, as well as the edicts of the sitting Prince, at the instruction of the Prince. Such important duty has in its grasp the authority to question or judge other Kindred. Therefore, it was carefully agreed that the Keeper of Elysium cannot be placed in a position to jeopardize the Sheriff's appointed role. However, let it be remembered, even though the Keeper cannot strip standing from the Sheriff for a breach of Elysia or Masquerade, the Sheriff must still honor the Traditions and Elysia; and if failing to do so, the Sheriff is still answerable to Harpy and Prince for such Scandal.

    Fourth, regarding the powers and limitations of the Archons: As can be imagined the most interested party in what the Archons do are the Justicars themselves. More so when these Empowered and Feared Kindred are accused of erring so consistently and frequently as they have been. However, let it be remembered Archons are always on duty and are the representatives of their Justicars. Hence, any criticism made against an Archon is made against his or her Faultless Justicar. If an Archon misbehaves in a given Domain, the Prince is strongly advised to present proof of the crimes to a Justicar; or, if strong enough, the Prince can enforce the Domain's Laws as he or she sees fit. Although this has always been an unspoken understanding the Faultless Justicars wish to reinforce that - despite being immune to the Traditions of Hospitality and Destruction - Archons are strongly advised to work in accord with the Princes in whose Domains they are at Service and to pose no threat to any Prince's Praxis. To better fulfill their roles, Archons cannot involve themselves in a Praxis Seizure nor call for a Conclave to remove a Prince.

    Fifth, regarding the Obtenebration Registry: As debated at the time of the Conclave, how and when Obtenebration should be regulated within the Camarilla is a matter of great interest to many Kindred due to this Gift being possessed by some of the most upstanding members of the Society and being a powerful tool against the Rebellion. However, no utility such tool presents excuses one from learning Obtenebration only from a true Lasombra, registering such learning properly with the Herald and the Justicariate, and using the power only in service of the Camarilla. Therefore, it is agreed that all Kindred of the Camarilla must follow these rules, and the Obtenebration Registry is reopened and will be policed jointly by the Justicariate and the Lasombra Herald.

    Sixth and last, regarding the ongoing dangers of shadow coteries: As noted early at the discussions of the Conclave, this issue had the possibility to become a witch hunt if not handled carefully. This issue also involved two different matters: enemies of the Sect working against the Pillars of the Camarilla from within and Kindred whose alliances were simply publicly unknown. Therefore, it is agreed that participation in a coterie is not a crime as long as such coterie has the Camarilla's best interests at heart and upholds all our Laws and Traditions. Coteries are groups of Kindred with common purposes and Princes have been known to create them for given tasks. However, even if one member of a coterie does not share all the Camarilla's ideals nor have its best interests at heart, it is wrong to assume the same for all other members of the coterie. Hence, it is decided that specific enemies of the Sect and violators of the Traditions are to be punished as individuals. Although wisdom must be properly used when choosing one's allies, one is not answerable for crimes of an ally.

    Very Respectfully Submitted,

    Jan Pieterzoon.

    2008 Conclave - Minneapolis, MN

    To: The Camarilla From: Ian Trask, Archon to Lucinde, the Ventrue Justicar Subj: IT-Directive 120508 - 042 Re: Results of the Twin Cities Global Conclave

    On Nov. 8, 2008, the Camarilla convened a conclave to decide the following:

    1. Should the Children of Haqim be permitted to join the Camarilla as full members, removing their status as probationary and permitting them to hold any position up to and including Prince, but without representation among the Justicariate?

    2. Should the Gangrel, already able to hold full rights as citizens and claim Domains within the Camarilla, be permitted a representative among the Justicariate?

    Justicars Lucinde, Petronius and DiZagreb presided, and Justicars Streck and Cock Robin were attending. All Camarilla citizens holding Acknowledged status were permitted to vote on each of these docket items with the only options being yes or no. Both measures passed by an overwhelming majority of no less than 85%. These results have since been ratified and approved by the Inner Circle.

    It is noted that Clan Tremere negotiated with the Children of Haqim in order for the attending Tremere to vote in favor of removing the Probationary Sect Member status of the Children of Haqim – the Children of Haqim have agreed to grant this concession.

    The concession requires all Children of Haqim, who have not already had their probationary status personally removed by a member of the Justicariate and who are seeking full membership in the Camarilla, to present themselves to any Justicar of their choosing and fully disclose any violations of Camarilla law that the admittee has committed prior to their presentation before the Justicariate.

    These confessionals shall be logged with the Society of the Hague, and any member of the Justicariate may reference the log. Once the disclosure has been made, the Justicar in question may grant the Child of Haqim a full amnesty against any past transgressions.

    This grant of amnesty must take place before the Child of Haqim can benefit from the removal of their Probationary status. After a Child of Haqim has been absolved of any wrong doing and their probation is lifted, they are welcomed into the Ivory Tower with all rights and privileges including holding such positions as Prince and Seneschal.

    I am proud to be among the first to officially congratulate the Children of Haqim and the Gangrel. The Camarilla is now not only once again whole, but stronger than ever before.

    Ian Trask, Archon to Justicar Lucinde

    It is noted that Clan Tremere negotiated with the Children of Haquim in order for Tremere PCs to vote in favor of removing the Probationary Sect Member status of the Children of Haquim – the Children of Haquim have agreed to grant this consession.

    The consession requires ALL Children of Haquim seeking full membership in the Camarilla to present themselves to any Justicar of their choosing and admit to any violations of Camarilla law that the admittee has committed prior to their presentation before the Justicariate. Those events shall be logged with the Society of the Hague, and any member of the Justicariate may reference the log. Once this personal statement has been made, the Justicar in question may grant the Child of Haquim a full amnesty against any past transgressions. This grant of amnesty must take place before the Child of Haquim can benefit from the removal of their Probationary status.

    2006 Conclave - Columbus, OH


    Active participants of the practice of Infernalism shall be seen as violators of the First Tradition and must be treated as such.


    Policy on Vicissitude becomes thus: A member of the Camarilla discovered to be in possession of the Sabbat disease known as Vicissitude shall be forfeit of all status, and their existence. Should the carrier be of significant value to his or her Prince, the Prince may petition the office of the Brujah Justicariate to allow an Ordeal by Purification. After the ordeal, the carrier may or may not be granted mercy. Should they be granted mercy, they will be returned to their Prince free of all charges.

    Assamite Positions

    Abstain, and table the vote for one year's time.

    Ravnos Positions

    Ravnos will continue to hold positions as previously ratified, as well as those of Seneschal and Prince.

    Setite Positions

    Setites are allowed to hold city positions with exception of Prince and Seneschal.

    Caitiff Positions

    Caitiff will continue to hold positions as previously ratified.

    Tremere Addendum to Infernalism

    Addendum to the Infernalism vote as petitioned by Prince Meredith Sturbridge, Clan Tremere: Members of Clan Tremere will be allowed to continue their research and investigations under the individual approval of the Tremere Justicar.

    Giovanni Promise

    The Promise remains as is with the following addendum: if the Promise is breeched by Clan Giovanni, Princes or their delegates may incapacitate the Giovanni in question and send them to the local Giovanni Prefect (whose names will be made known to the Camarilla) or to the Giovanni Ambassador to the Camarilla (position currently held by Johnathan Giovanni). The Camarilla will be compensated for its efforts by Clan Giovanni if the individual(s) concerned is/are found guilty. If Clan Giovanni is able to prove the charges are unfounded, the Camarilla member(s) concerned will compensate Clan Giovanni for resources lost.

    2006 Conclave - Berlin

    Right of Amaranth

    While the Camarilla still upholds its views on diablerie, the distinction was made clear that the Right of Amaranth is not an unacceptable practice in theory.

    Independents and the Camarilla

    All members of any independent clan may show their worth, and be accepted into the arms of the Camarilla.

    2004 Conclave - San Francisco, CA

    Rights of the Primogen and Bloodhunts

    The Primogen Council can overturn any Blood Hunt called by their Prince, provided that they collectively expend enough Permanent Status Traits to equal that of the Prince's total Status (Personal plus Positional). Furthermore, this action must be taken within one month of the Blood Hunt being called. By employing it, the Primogen Council strips two Permanent Status Traits from their Prince and causes him a massive loss of face in front of the entire Camarilla. Note: This may require one or more Primogen to expend more than one Permanent Status Trait. Who loses what is a subject for role-play.

    Note: If you kill the Prince that declared the Bloodhunt, your Bloodhunt stands until the Justicariate feels like hearing the case." (SEE: The 2007 Status Packet for Details)

    On the Kuei-jin: A letter was read from Justicar Masako that are not a threat and the Camarilla is to cease any conflict we may currently be engaged in with them and that they are to be considered our Eastern Cousins. They may walk amongst us as other Neutral "clans" do and we may hold no positions in their courts, nor they in ours. Reparation for the conflict was made as concessions of territory in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    On Archons and Hospitality: It was decided that Prince Jack Sebastien was within his rights to deny Hospitality to an Archon that he saw as being a threat to the Masquerade.

    2003 Conclave - Northern Virginia


    Not even the 2nd tradition can be called to overrule the tenets of Elysium.


    The Assamites are permitted to hold positions of authority within the cities of the Camarilla. Those positions include all but the positions of Seneschal and Prince.

    2001 Conclave - Springfield, IL

    Praxis Seizure

    A praxis seizure is successful by whomever can hold the Domain. Destruction of the prince before a declaration of praxis is severely frowned upon, but it does not constitute an illegal praxis seizure. Power The power of the prince is absolute within his Domain. The power of the justicars is absolute globally. It is within the prince's right to exercise his Domain powers to earn the ire of the justicars as he sees fit.


    The declaration of Lextalionis is a dire decision. In the event that a prince must change his declaration, he must forfeit a twin-weight of his reputation within the Camarilla, as the price of the scandal such a hasty and ill-though decision illustrates. Note: If you kill the prince that declared a Blood Hunt, the Blood Hunt stands until a justicar, following due consideration of the case, states otherwise.

    Recorded Media

    Recorded media of any sort containing evidence of our existence, is to be considered a breach of the Masquerade. As such, it may not be used to accuse another of a breach of the Masquerade.


    In order to gain Hospitality within a Domain, one must present themselves to the Prince, or in the Prince's absence the Seneschal, in person. Modern communications conveniences and powers of the blood are not allowed to work as intermediaries in this.


    The princes present at the conclave were given certain instructions regarding the Camarilla's attitudes towards Diablerie. These instructions are still valid. - Princes may grant rite of amaranth.

    1998 Conclave - Chicago, IL

    Non-Camarilla Clans

    The mandate accepted under the Brazillian Conclave not to allow Ravnos to hold position within Camarilla Domains was deemed unacceptable for the rest of the World. Ravnos are allowed to hold position within the Camarilla, just as any other citizen from one of the non-Camarilla Clans (save Setite), except for Prince, Seneschal, and Primogen - as mandated by Lord Justicar Lucian."


    The declaration of Lextalionis is a dire decision. In the event that a prince must change his declaration, he must forfeit a twin-weight of his reputation within the Camarilla, as the price of the scandal such a hasty and ill-though decision illustrates. Note: If you kill the prince that declared a Blood Hunt, the Blood Hunt stands until a justicar, following due consideration of the case, states otherwise.

    Recorded Media

    Recorded media of any sort containing evidence of our existence, is to be considered a breach of the Masquerade. As such, it may not be used to accuse another of a breach of the Masquerade.


    In order to gain Hospitality within a Domain, one must present themselves to the Prince, or in the Prince's absence the Seneschal, in person. Modern communications conveniences and powers of the blood are not allowed to work as intermediaries in this.