Isabella Rodriguez

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Clan Brujah
Position Harpy
Status 6+1
Domain Milwaukee, WI
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Crystal M


Isabella Rodriguez

Alias(es): "Izzy", "Isa" "Isabella Valez-Rodriguez"

Real Name: Isabella Rodriguez

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Angel of Mercy

Physical description:
Isabella is of European Hispanic decent. She wears a variety of clothing depending on the needs of the domain. She is able to dress up for events or dress for combat. All of her clothing looks very well put together. Her voice has a small accent, but she usually covers it up unless she gets very angry. Her cheeks and face look flushed (Blush of Health) and she appears to breathe most of the time.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Alejandro De Las Casa
  • Honorable Archon Vilius
    for facing a foe greater than herself
  • Well-Connected by Prince Fetus Kevorkian
    for working closely with other Primogen and quickly gathering information
  • Cherished by Prince Ryan Midori
    for defending the domain of Green Bay against a Setite infiltrator
  • Loyal by Prince Zphonco Davinovich
    for continually defending the domain of Milwaukee
  • Vigilant by Prince Zphonco Davinovich
    for her extensive work with organizing the 2012 Midwinter celebrations
  • Influential by Position
  • 8 loaned status from Primogen Council when acting as Harpy

Character Information

Known History

Isabella was born and raised in Spain. She was born to a noble family, but turned to the church during a time of great personal peril. It is through this one action that she was chosen by her sire. She spent many years with him, more then several human lifetimes before she was embraced. Upon completing her Accounting, she moved to Milwaukee, feeling rather hurt her sire sent her away. She has worked hard to continue his teachings and work in Milwaukee amongst the community, and spends most of her time with mortals.




Isabella is very well connected, and considers many her allies. She is always willing to help any who ask her
Adrian Serra
Gary Kowaleski
Father Mauricio De La Cruz
Chester Black (deceased)
Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange
Paul Lowe
Katherine Zilthai
Paul Walker
Rishi Massoud
Perez (Anarch)
Zphonco Davinovich
Kate Kennedy McKenna (deceased)
RJ Stone
Serafina Gallo
Oliver Freigh


Drake Law (deceased)


Not publically known


None. Not now, not ever


None known

Character Inspirations

She was actually written up from a dream I had


When You Go by Jonathan Coulton

Only a moment ago we had nothing but time
Everything lasted forever and you were all mine
Only a dream I know
Thinking you'd never go
Tearing off pieces of myself
Just for the time it buys me

Fold my heart up small
Or break it into pieces
Find somewhere and keep it there
Take it when you go

There in the frame of your face, in the cast of your eyes
I saw this coming but still I am caught by surprise
All of this time I knew
That I'd be losing you
That doesn't mean that it's OK
That doesn't mean I'm ready

Fold my heart up small
Or break it into pieces
Find somewhere and keep it there
Take it when you go

Some things you always remember, some things you forget
No way to make it up now, no room for regret
That's no good for anyone
And so I come undone
Now I am less than what I was
Whatever's left is yours now

So fold my heart up small
Or break it into pieces
Find somewhere and keep it there
Take it when you go


"I am not a Toreador!"

"The only leather I own is my corset." - Isabella when asked why she did not own a leather jacket

"He is the type of Brujah that makes me want to beat him into torpor with his own leg."

Eddie Dervish and Ambrosio Valez de Leon were arguing about drinks at the 2011 Northeast Event. Isabella walks up, pulls them both to the bar** "I'm buying. Place your orders ladies."

"Wait, she's stubborn, argues about everything and pulls strings that nobody can see? That sounds like Isabella!"

"My home is in ashes now, and my Knight is now my Guardian Angel." -- Isabella about Ambrosio

"Paul lived by the spirit of the law. In the end it was the Letter of the law that killed him. We would do well to remember this." -- Isabella


  • Isabella has been rumored to be any number of clans, none of which are Brujah. On the list are Daughter of Cacophony, Ventrue, Toreador, Lasombra Anti, and Malkavian
  • She has been accused of selling information about the Brujah to others. She vehemently denies these allegations.
  • She never knew who the Dead Mans Hand was for the longest time.
  • No Brujah likes her, and many consider her a clan traitor
  • She was rumored to be Chester Black's lover
  • She was a nun in life, and still carries her vows to this day
  • Isabella has spent a lot of time with the Anarchs, being invited to visit their own Elysiums as well
  • Her clan enjoys getting her drunk and/or high
  • She has forgiven many kindred for their misgivings against her. Some say it is foolish. Isabella believes it is what sets her apart from a monster.
  • Isabella has involved herself in Santeria since moving to Milwaukee
  • She once sucker-punched a Ventrue Prince in Elysium. She was quickly cleared of any of her actions by then Archon Adrian Serra/Invidia, and was found to be controlled by Elder Sabbat Malkavians.
  • She loves playing the guessing game "What's my clan!" Only one person guessed right the first time playing it.
  • She was once hunted by Infernal worshipers
  • She never touched Trinity Awen, but supported a Praxis against her. Isabella has her reasons.
  • She was almost murdered by a fellow clan member at the New Orleans Grand Masquerade.
  • She may be courting someone.
  • She is Paul Walker's #1 fan. Lena! would disagree.
  • She was support in the fight against the Whore of Babylon in Hartford, CT.
  • Eddie Dervish enjoys her breasts and frequently gives her hugs just so he can feel them.
  • She frequently helps those she cares about recover their Humanity.
  • She has recently lost many of her closest family. It weighs heavily on her heart. She spent most of the last night of Midwinter covered in her own blood tears.
  • Currently outed as an avid supporter of Clan Assamite.
  • Kate Kennedy McKenna left her with VERY specific instructions. "Do whatever the fuck you need to do, WHEN you need to do it." Isabella has since pushed herself to live up to those expectations.
  • Was given the belt at the end of Midwinter 2012. Nobody knows why since she has NEVER played the belt game before, nor has she really cared about it.
  • Isabella has recently lost everyone she cared about. She is currently in mourning.
  • Was dearly loved by a certain Nosferatu who will mourn her passing until the end of her days. Miss you! <3