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Below is a list of those Kindred who hold the position of Prince.



Dijian, The Gypsy, The Ravnos, The Thief, The Lupine hunter

Real Name: Dijian Carlos, The Ravnos/ the Vechi Lup

Apparent Age: 33

Concept: Investigator

Physical description:
1,72 alt., it has an athletic body with lots of tattoos, dark hair painted in brown and blue. A deep Look and a mischievous expression, is always very well dressed. (Appearance 5).
His words always possess a cynical and cheerful tone (Merit: Enchanting Voice). Dijian always has the joy of living and makes sure to express it. He usually always use overcoat of wolf leather and red shirt, silver necklace and many rings.

1,72 de altura, tem um corpo atlético com muitas tatuagem, cabelos negros pintados em castanho e azul escuro. Olhar compenetrante e uma expressão malandra e sempre está muito bem vestido.(Aparencia 5)
Suas palavras sempre possuirão um tom cínico e alegre (Qualidade: Voz Encantadora). Dijian possui sempre a alegria de viver e faz questão de expressar isto. Costuma usar sobretudo de couro de lobo e camisa vermelha, cordão grosso de prata e muitos anéis.

  • Detailed situation:
  • Recognized by the Words Elka Lello former prince of the extinct Comarca do Rio Sul/Nov1999
  • Determined by the words of Former Prince Antônio C. Woyames of the extinct Rio Sul District/Jan 2000 for his assistance in the fight against the Infernalists.
  • Dignitary 1
  • Lamp 1
  • Exemplary due to his rectitude and conduct, leading many events that were fundamental, during the Retake of Rio de Janeiro for price Giordanno Donati di Medici.
  • dedicad by the position of Emissary by the county of Vitória
  • 5+ 4 Distinguished, Famous, Well-Known, Exalted
    • Character Information

      Known History

      • Was Algoz of Rio Sul (1990 - 1998)
      • Was again chosen as Sheriff (2001)
      • Was Algoz of New Enoch (2003)
      • Became Seneschal of New Enoch (2007)
      • Djian2.jpg
      • Was Sheriff New Enoch (2008)
      • Was Algoz of New Enoch (2009 - 2011)
      • Primegenie of Mossoró (2013)
      • became sheriff of Rio de Janeiro when Fank Fury took over the principality (2015).
      • Xeriff of Vitoria 2023
      • Prince of Rio de Janeiro 2023

      • Coterie



        • Gràcian Monteiro, Brujah of Rio de Janeiro
        • Woody Graham, Brujah of Rio de Janeiro
        • Portus, Gangrel, Former Archon of Justicar Art Morgan
        • Elka Leeloo, Malkavian of Rio de Janeiro
        • Cleo Selfridge, Toreador of Rio de Janeiro br>
        • Enrique Lobo, Elder Tremere
        • Anthony C. Woyames, Tremere, of Rio de Janeiro
        • Dom Dom Ignácio Setubal de Avis Beja, Prince of Mossoró
        • Larissa Müller, Harpy of Vitória




        • Iago Vurdon de Corazon (Iago Kalon)


        • Felikes (Deceased)
        • jorge (Deceased)


        Character Inspirations

        Dijian 5.JPG

        The Wolf - DC Comics
        Van Helsing


        The End - The Doors
        Heroin - Vevelt Underground
        Five to One - The Doors


        “Are you indeed a Ravnos?” - Lucas Corazon, Elder Toreador.
        “If I die in combat, I'd rather be at your side” - Graciam Monteiro, Prince of New Enoch
        “You not worth anything, but I like you!” - Elka Leeloo, Primogen Malkv of New Enoch
        “I find it strange because you do not fear death” - Cardeal, Prince of Niterói.
        “All Ravnos should be 'cariocas'” - Fildora, =X

        “O Senhor é mesmo um Ravnos?” – Lucas Corazon, Ancião Toreador
        “Se eu morrer em combate, prefiro que eu esteja ao seu lado.” – Graciam Monteiro, Príncipe de Nova Enoque
        “Você num vale nada, mas eu gosto de você!” - Elka Leeloo, Primogena Malkv de Nova Enoque
        “Me estranha porque você não teme a morte.” - Cardeal, Príncipe de Niterói
        “Todos os Ravnos deveriam ser cariocas”- Fildora, =X


        Sara Kali
        • Dijian have participated in a Valderie;
        • Committed Diablerrie;
        • Never killed Lupines;
        • Possesses the "power" of the Tremere;
        • Wants to be become prince;
        • This service to Rafael Shidliman, Elder Ravnos.
        • They say he owes a favor of life to the clan nosferatu.
        • He is an ally of Portus.
        • Dijian has a debt of life with the clan nosferatu.

        • Teria participado de uma Valderie;
        • Cometeu Diablerrie;
        • Nunca matou Lupinos;
        • Possui o "poder" dos tremere;
        • Quer se tornar príncipe;
        • Esta a serviço de Rafael Schliemann, Ancião Ravnos.
        • Dizem que ele deve um favor de vida ao clã nosferatu.
        • Ele é aliado de Portus.
        • Dijian possui um divida de vida com o clã Nosferatu.