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Clan Nosferatu
Position Archon
Status 6 + 2 + 3
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Sooper


Plaguerat at the 2011 Glitter and Gloom event.

Joe, Sherman, "Hey, you, with the buttons" according to His Halcyon Excellency, various others known only to other Nosferatu

Real Name: Joseph Sherman

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Director

Physical description: (masked) chubby dude with a beard. (unmasked) chubby dude with a beard, covered in open sores, oozing pus, bruises, and flaps of torn, granite textured skin.

Detailed Status:

Loyal by word of Evelyn Landrake
Loyal by word of Justicar Warwick
Tireless by word of Prince Rook
Trustworthy by word of Justicar Cock Robin
Victorious by word of Justicar Warwick
Empowered, Feared, and Loyal as Archon
August (Honorary)
Dignified (Honorary)

Character Information

Known History

Plaguerat has served in various positions in the Camarilla, including Primogen, Whip, Scourge, Sheriff, Warlord, Seneschal, Prince, was a deputy Keeper of Elysium at Nonclave 2008, and currently serves as Archon to the Nosferatu Justicar.










Character Inspirations

Kevin Smith, Watching far too many movies



  • CJ Holmes on Plaguerat: "A nos you can work with, well, could work with. F&*king shame he got made an archon and now I can't talk to him about anything interesting anymore."
  • "Hey Plaguerat, you're an Archon now, that means you can fix our problems. Right?" - Numerous neonates
  • "Despite what you may have heard in internet musicals, the hammer is not my penis." - Plaguerat
  • "He's pretty much the only one I can prove gives a shit." --Slink_X


Wears a trenchcoat covered in pins. Added a bullseye to the back of the coat while he was Prince of Winchester.

Carries a battle maul with him everywhere he goes.

He recently won a Halloween Costume contest he did not know he was entering.

Plaguerat, despite being an Archon, smiles regularly.

Plaguerat is a misspelling that he's not bothered to correct anyone on. It's actually "Plaquerat", as he is an embraced orthodontist. He was only brought into service to CockRobin to help him with his speech impediment. Problem is, the Justicar mistook what his title was too (and that's not been bothered to be corrected either), as he thought Plaq(g)uerat was an ornithologist. Plaq(g)uerat's entire kindred existence has been predicated on people skimming what they read.

He's only an archon because no other nos wanted the job.

The dispassionate personality is a load of bull to get people to underestimate him. Truth is he loves violence.

He's not on humanity, but his familial features help hide this.

Plaguerat is the late Jenny Talia's mortal older brother. That's why he put up with her antics.

Plaguerat is actually an alias used by several people.