Isabella Visconti

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Clan Toreador
Position Primogen
Status 5+1+1
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player The Stef


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Alias(es): Lady Isabella; Isabella Visconti; Claudia De Winter

Real Name: Isabella Galeazzo Visconti

Apparent Age: Late Teens, Early Twenties

Concept: Dancer, Painter

Physical description: Lady Isabella Galeazzo Visconti is a petite, charismatic Italian Kindred with dark green eyes and long curly strawberry-blonde hair. Her appearance is alluring and seductive. She moves gracefully like a ballerina with an air of a dignified diplomat. Her rich voice is accented Milanese representing her native Milan. Despite her youthful appearance, her eyes bear an age and experience few can match. She is often seen wearing a silver and diamond crusted clover pendent necklace, and a small rectangular ring diamond ring. Isabella smells faintly of Lavender.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Francois Villon, Prince of Paris, France
  • Seen as Valiant to the Camarilla by Thomas Jager, Former Prince of Cincinnati, OH
  • Seen as Precieuse as she is most beloved to Prince Villon's Domain by Francois Villon, Prince of Paris, France
  • Seen as Influential for aiding the Domain and the Prince of Chicago by Devon Taylor, Former Prince of Chicago - now Archon to Justicar Lucinde of Clan Ventrue
  • Seen as Beloved within the Camarilla by Virgil Deems, Sovereign Prince of San Francisco, CA
  • Revered as Primogen, Clan Toreador - San Francisco, CA.
  • Dignified (Honorary)

Character Information

Known History

Isabella was acknowledged in Paris in 1500 under Prince Francois Villon.

There is little known of her between her Acknowledgement and the late 1990’s. There are rumors aplenty (see rumors) during that time.

In the Fall of 1999, she established herself in Gary, Indiana under the name Claudia de Winter. She was quickly accepted into the Court becoming Lesser Harpy of Gary and Whip of Clan Toreador. She traveled around the Midwest befriending many, influencing Toreador Clan projects, and gaining the attention of many powerful Kindred such as Justicars (Malaphar, Madame Guil, Masako), Archons, Princes, and Harpies. As her popularity grew both artistically and politically, she was chosen to serve as the Chief Herald for the Springfield Conclave in 2000. At the close of the Springfield Conclave Madame Guil announced that Claudia de Winter was dead and Isabella Galeazzo Visconti was alive and awake.

Guil’s announcement would set off a chain of events that would result in Isabella leaving Gary, Indiana and moving to Washington, DC. During her time in the MidAtlantic she served as Keeper of Elysium and then Harpy under Prince Anna Nevermore of Washington, DC. Isabella continued to travel in the MidAtlantic region and the Northeast. It also became very clear, the Tremere had their eye set on the Italian.

At the request of her Mentor, she entered into full-time service to Madame Guil. The night she agreed to enter service she was led away by the Tremere and seen on the arm of Malaphar, then Justicar to the Tremere.

She was in service for several years until Guil’s death in 2005. She returned to public life for the Judicial Conclave of Tobias Hunter in Las Vegas, NV. Justicar Maris Streck declared Isabella had repaid her debts to the Justicars and was free to return to Clan Toreador. Once the conclave was over she visited San Francisco, CA and has resided there ever since. Shortly after establishing herself in San Francisco, CA, Prince Francois Villon) called upon her services as a Diplomat, and became an Attache to France (in the United States). It’s not entirely clear if Isabella is still an Attache, or not to this day.

She resides in San Francisco at the pleasure of Sovereign Prince Virgil Deems as his Primogen of Clan Toreador.

Isabella is the niece of Giangaleazzo (aka The Prince of Milan)

Former known positions/roles:

  • Served the Justicariate as the Secretariat-General, what is now called the Harridan.
  • Served as an Archon to the Toreador Justicar.
  • Former Harpy of San Francisco, CA.
  • Former Keeper of Elysium of San Francisco, CA.


Not a part of one



Shade (deceased)


It’s complicated



None that she is aware of

Character Inspirations



Johnathan Gwynn: "You know, when we first met, I thought she was just a straight up bitch. Now, I've come to realize the truth: She's just been with the French for too long."

"You're a Toreador, I think you use emotions like a weapon." 'A certain Archon'


  • Francois Villon wrote a poem about Isabella, she might have been a Muse at one time.
  • Spent time as a ‘Still Life’ on Francois Villon’s wall in a glass box.
  • Moved from Gary, IN to Washington, DC after losing a bet to then Archon Lord Alexander Townsend
    • Is moving out of Gary, Indiana really losing, though?
  • Won Prince Virgil Deems away from Susanna Angel LaRouge
  • Former Archon Alexander Townsend's ex. While she is involved with new Kindred, she still pines for him and hopes for his return to society.
  • Her ass is Ventrue Clan Business
  • Frenzied in front of a certain European Prince.
  • Was lovers with her childe, Mallory Jones, who is murderous over the fact that Isabella is now with Virgil Deems.
  • Her charms have enticed more than one Prince of the Camarilla. Prince Katja Nothing has hosted a slumber party or two in her honor.
  • As a Harpy, she has started a war with the Tremere Harpies specifically in Northern California
  • Hates Giovanni so much she frenzies at the mention of them.
  • Seems to have moments of insanity which is covered up by her allies.
  • Seen in England and France during WWII.
  • Will flirt for presentation.
  • Will flirt for _____
  • Was recently the Golden Rule in a new power threeway.
  • Has since become a lesbian and is having a secret love tryst with Andrea McDermott
  • Gave a grand performance of Swan Lake at the San Francisco Grand Elysium in 2017 and looks much older than she used to.
  • Virgil Deems doesn't actually love her.
  • Is mysteriously young again, botox is one hell of a drug.
  • Seems to know everyone, especially high status, highly influential Kindred.
  • It's not a party until Isabella walks in.
  • Might be Sailor Moon.
  • Seen in Dubai recently, unabashedly dancing with joy.