Ainsley Good

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Clan Brujah
Position Former Archon
Status 5
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Bonnie Landry


Ainsley Good, 2016

Alias(es): Lady in the Blue Dress, Archon/Former Archon Time Lord, the Doctor/Lady Doctor, That Damned Kairos."

Real Name: Ainsley Lyle

Apparent Age: Late 20-something

Concept: Research Architect/Librarian turned Survivor

Physical description: Curvy build, lightly curled brown hair, glasses - dressed impeccably. Except when she's not.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhart
  • Profound by Alexander P. Keefe of Lewiston, ME
  • Brave by Elder Jerry Bonard of Portland, ME
  • Loyal by William Orange of Oakland, CA
  • Loyal by Archon Theo Bell
  • Dedicated by Justicar Manuela Cardoso

Character Information

Known History

Not Dead Yet


Staff of Archons and Agents of the Justicar Manuela Cardoso Office of the Brujah


David Weiss
Oliver Freigh
Fiona MacGregor
Hannah Martin
Gary Kowaleski
Deborah Parker
Lilyan Townsend
Gabriel McMillan
Luther Rommel
William Orange (deceased)
Bartlebe Good (deceased)
Saul Good (deceased)
Marianne Wyse (missing)


Harry Fisher
Adam Stonebrooke
Hazzan Marwan
Tommy Truelove
Art Morgan


Reputedly, Bartlebe Good (deceased), though many rumor she is really the childe of Saul Good (deceased).





Character Inspirations

  • Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG-1
  • Eponine from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo
  • Coldplay's "The Scientist"



  • "It's a wonderful sentiment - yet it's three years too late." - Ainsley to others after the announcement that the Changed are to be considered Brujah, Baltimore 2016.
  • "It's okay, Ainsley - we saved a seat for you at the back of the bus." - Said to her by Trevor Kilroy during a recent fight in Portland.
  • "I can't help it, Archon Rosa Parks." - said to her by Trevor Kilroy.
  • "Hey, it's okay - she's a Time Lord™!" - said by Seneschal Deborah Parker


  • She's said to be calmer than her Sire or Grandsire ever was - but beneath it all, there's an anger to rival the meanest of Brujah.
  • They say she was Embraced with a book in her hand and a pencil behind her ear.
  • Rumor changes as to whose childer she is - Bartlebe, or Saul.
  • She rocks that blue dress like Angelina Jolie rocks those lips - makes you want to kiss her.
  • She's wearing a wreath of laurel in her hair to signify her love of all things Carthage.
  • She only hangs out with other Brujah Archons.
  • She secretly wishes she wasn't Changed.
  • She's known as the "Rosa Parks" of the Changed, despite snark from Harry Fisher.
  • She and Harry Fisher are lovers.
  • She answers any questions of what she's been up to with "super secret Brujah things."
  • Some say she was in love with either Saul or Bartlebe - or possibly both.
  • She is just a giant nerd who never should have been a Brujah.
  • She is using a mysterious lover to hide a relationship with Andrea McDermott of Portland, Maine.
  • She is fond of re-decorating Bathrooms, with her fists.
  • Married a goddamn tool of a Toreador, much to the chagrin of some.
  • Isn't on good terms with other members of Manuela's staff.
  • Was just used as an Archon for her Temporis and ditched when the job was done.