Rosamund Elise Kingsley

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Clan Tremere
Position Socialite
Status 6+2
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Bonnie Landry


Harpy Kingsley, Fall 2017
Harpy Kingsley, Baltimore 2016

Apparent Age: *Currently about 13*

   * Early teen, sometimes seeming older or younger dependent on the situation.

Concept: This is what happens to Ghouls who find purpose.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Gabriel Serras (2009)
Adored by Prince Katja Nothing (2010)
Cherished by Sovereign Prince Frederick Gold (2017)
Cherished by Primogen Victor Smith (2010)
Selfless by Prince Jericho Fenix (2013)
Timely by Primogen Tom Anderson (2013)

  • Dignified Member of the Camarilla (Dignitary Merit)
  • Scion of the Camarilla (Reputation)

Character Information

Known History

Rosamund prior to December 2016.

It is largely unknown how it came to be that Rosamund was Embraced; Her demeanor is sporadically naive; a young girl brought into our world long before the stress and care of the world could touch her features. She appears to be approximately in her teen years, though some have tried and failed to find the truth of her past - if she even knows it herself. Despite her youth, her service and loyalty to not only the Camarilla but to Clan Tremere both as a Servitor and as a Kindred have seen her to a higher station than most, even to be seen as a Dignitary of the Camarilla.

Rosamund was seen as a Servitor (Ghoul) within the domains of Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Sheboygan, Green Bay, and Chicago. She arrived in Milwaukee in early 2009, and was embraced sometime in the later fall of 2009.

  • Primogen of Chicago (2009-2010)
  • Primogen of Hartford (2015-2016)
  • Harpy of Hartford (2016)
  • Keeper of Elysium, Hartford (2016-2017)
  • Harpy of Hartford (2017-July 2018)
  • One of the last standing Camarilla citizens of Indianapolis





Gabriel Serras



Cadogan Kingsley

Character Inspirations



  • "You put what in a what's it?" - said as a Ghoul in response to a description of "Glamazon" making.
  • "Die, you piece of Moon Puff." - said to a Lasombra while evaporating their blood from their body.
  • "Toaster...toaster, toaster, toaster, toaster..." - random
  • "If I wanted your opinion, I'd ask your Sire for it."
  • "Juliet was dumb, and they both could have lived. I'm not that dumb. I want to win."
  • "You came for me. That's all that matters."
  • "Personally, my favorite way of playing politics is to sit down and shut the fuck up."


  • Rosamund Kingsley is not really a Tremere. She's a Toreador.
  • She's a Brujah. They poached her.
  • Rosamund Kingsley is an Assamite infiltrating the Tremere.
  • Rosamund Kingsley cannot be staked by other Brujah.
  • Rosamund Kingsley is cursed by a ghost that pushes her down stairs.
  • Rosamund Kingsley isn't really a Kindred.
  • Isn't as innocent as she (and everyone else) make her out to be.
  • Rosamund Kingsley is so abused she's not really a person anymore - she's a conditioned automaton.
  • Rosamund Kingsley was poached by Clan Ravnos as revenge on the Milwaukee Tremere.
  • Rosamund Kingsley was taken to Rome from Chicago in 2010 by His Arbiter Eleganciae. Whatever happened during the week-long visit, she has never expressed. But, the glimmer in her eye tells stories...
  • Rosamund Kingsley is sometimes mistaken - sometimes, nearly tragically - for Rosamonde Kurlein. When will people learn she's not that idiot?
  • She has developed a serious crush on Matthias Roman.
  • And Mercy St. Isaac
  • Rosamund Kingsley was named Matthias Roman's "Chess Champion" and presented with an electrical glowing wand as a prize.
  • Rosamund Kingsley stopped an entire Domain from being blown out of existence after having a vision and acting on it.
  • Rosamund Kingsley only buys Hello Kitty apparel to supply it to Luther Rommell, so he won't be embarrassed with his obsession.
  • Rosamund Kingsley has an obsession with older men.
  • She has a major crush on Luther Rommell.
  • Rosamund Kingsley once dressed up as Peter Premysl for a vacation at Diagon Alley.
  • Hazzan Marwan threatened at Nonclave in 2013 to murder her and do unsavory things with her corpse or ashes.
  • Is infernal, just like the rest of Clan Tremere.
  • Is really Elias Beecher's sister.
  • Was left to die by Qelyn Ellyllon and the Domain of Phoenix when she was kidnapped by a Sabbat Lasombra who attempted to sell her to the highest bidder.
  • Was subsequently saved by the Giovanni, who wanted to force her into indentured servitude as repayment so they could tap her skills as a Medium.
  • Is in love with a Nazi.
  • Did we mention she's Jewish?
  • Is said to have visions that very few acknowledge or listen to.
  • Was recently labeled as *Incompetent by the Primogen of Hartford during a political coup.
  • Had her *Incompetent removed by the Harridan's Office after it was revealed 2 of the Primogen were essentially Sabbat and the prior Harpy, Nova Cassidy, was attempting a power play.
  • Has been seen lately spending quite a lot of time following a certain blacksmith.
  • Has been seen speaking almost cozily to Sebastion Han.
  • Can sing better than even some Toreador.
  • It's rumored the young Tremere is slowly losing her grip on reality.
  • Changed her name to Seabiscuit.
  • Has rapidly lost her Humanity lately.
  • Hasn't been the same since Sebastion Han was murdered.
  • It's not Han, it's the blacksmith.
  • Was almost assassinated by Loyalists at the Northeast Conclave as retaliation for the death of Sebastion Han.
  • Or maybe fate just randomly put her in the way.
  • Was introduced by Sovereign Prince Gold to others as his Wife at Glitter & Gloom 2018.
  • Was seen removing her Jewish headgear and jewelry and shaking like a leaf.
  • Has not been seen since the funeral of Sovereign Prince Keefe.
  • Was murdered by Clan Ventrue out of vengeance.
  • Ran for her life from Clan Assamite.
  • Is embarrassed to attend another Northeast Event after last year's kidnapping.
  • Was murdered by her deadbeat husband because he couldn't handle his own jealousy.