Rachel Dubhan

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Clan Toreador
Position Archon
Status 6+3+3
Domain Memphis, TN
Coterie None
Society Josians
Path Humanity 0000
Player Jessica


IMG 0248.jpg

Alias(es): none publicly known, many suspected

Apparent Age: late twenties to mid thirties; she gives the impression of someone who may be older than you think at first and simply "looks good for her age"

Concept: Artist, socialite, humanitarian, and tenacious investigator

Physical description: 5'4, golden blond hair, hourglass figure, green eyes, fair skin

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Marc Gaulin, Prince of Swansea
Predominante by Erdota Urmen de Corazon, Prince of São Paulo
Influential by His Arbiter Eleganciae Titus Petronius Niger, Justicar of Clan Toreador
Valiant by Alexander P. Keefe, Sovereign Prince of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Victorious by Stanford Warwick, Justicar of Clan Nosferatu
Noble by Lotharius, Justicar of Clan Tremere
Empowered​, Feared​, and Loyal as Archon to Justicar Stanford Warwick
Feared as Josian Arbiter
August as Luminary of the Camarilla
Respected as Scion of the Camarilla (Reputation)

Character Information

Rachel Dubhan at Midwinter 2013

Rachel Dubhan has an enchanting voice. She speaks with an English accent (received pronunciation) slightly tempered from long years in the United States and much world travel. She appears to be high on the Path of Humanity and has warm skin and a heartbeat. She is generally clothed stylishly in dressy outfits. She always wears a long silver chain with some sort of pendant at the end, usually tucked into her clothing. Her other jewelry often has some sort of Christian symbolism, but she's never been known to wear or carry a crucifix.

While most people would describe her as beautiful, she does not have the stunning, near supernatural beauty possessed by many of her Clanmates. She thinks of herself as a plain woman who knows how to highlight her best features with makeup and the right clothing.

She has hosted a number of successful parties before becoming an Archon with themes ranging from Courtly Love to Steampunk.

Rachel Dubhan is a talented actor, sculptor, ballroom dancer, and writer. She rarely performs or displays her artwork before Kindred audiences, and she has mentioned that she uses more than one pseudonym for her "public" works.

Few rumors circulate in the mortal world without eventually coming to her ears due to her vast influence in nearly every spectrum of society. She has a vast knowledge of Lore, including some taboo topics. Her understanding comes from a mixture of study and firsthand experience.

She is known to have the knowledge or Faith required to banish demons.

(Assmiates Only) She is known as a friend to Clan Assamite.

Known History

Glitter and Gloom 2015

Rachel Dubhan came to the Domain of Middle Georgia from the UK in late 2007. She quickly distinguished herself by playing a crucial role preventing the Domain from being destroyed by Lupines. She served as Seneschal when her close ally, Ivan Sjekna of Clan Gangrel, took Praxis of Middle Georgia.

In late 2008, she convinced the Primogen Council to mandate that any Kindred who killed a mortal would owe a Blood Boon to the Primogen who controlled the feeding grounds in which the killing took place. The action was backed by the Harpy and Prince. This unanimous support of the Primogen Council surprised many citizens of the Domain, including some of the other officers. Many had felt that passing the proposition would have been impossible, since the lower Humanity Primogen would never support it. Since Dubhan met with each of the other Primogen privately, it is not publicly known exactly how she managed to convince all of them.

The Followers of Set had long plagued the Domain of Middle Georgia. In March of 2009, Prince Ivan Sjeckna decided to lead members of the Domain into Statesboro, a known Setite stronghold. This party was unprepared for the strength of the sorcerers who dwelt there. While the Camarilla suffered no losses, they were forced to flee. The next month, Statesboro was hit with a heavy storm. Stories of strange phenomenon resembling a column of fire over the city and numerous missing person reports came out of the city. At the next Court, a noticeably lower Humanity Seneschal Dubhan reported that every Follower of Set who did not flee had been killed. She has never given precise details about what happened, and several Camarilla members doubt the true extent of her involvement. She seemed to regain her Humanity rather quickly and expressed vague regret about her actions there.

Rachel Dubhan and Gary Kowaleski at Glitter and Gloom 2017.

Rachel Dubhan and Ivan Sjekna had a falling out, and she stepped down from the position of Seneschal in August 2009. Prince Sjekna relinquished his Praxis that October. She remained an active part of Middle Georgia, primarily known for her skills in gathering information.

She served as Harpy of Atlanta in 2009 and 2010. Her most notable actions in that position were hosting the 2010 Atlanta Gala and declaring that the Brujah Justicar's attempt to strip Status without invoking his own was invalid. She voluntarily relinquished her own Status to demonstrate that her actions were not derived from selfish motivations. She stepped down from Harpy of Atlanta shortly after once again accepting the Primogen seat in Middle Georgia, feeling it was not ideal to hold positions in multiple Domains.

At the end of April 2011, she left the Domain of Middle Georgia suddenly. She told few why she was leaving, simply saying that personal duty required her to travel elsewhere. She returned several months later, saying that her absence was due to fighting infernalism. The full story of her travels is not publicly known, but few if any Kindred seem to have asked for details.

Rachel Dubhan at the 2012 Moonlight and Magnolias Ball in Atlanta, GA

During the 2011 Battle of the Potomac, she stood on the front lines and was instrumental in banishing the demon, even continuing to fight after being turned mortal. She held a metal cross and spoke in Latin which seemed to cause the demonic entity to lose its ability to manifest. The demon swore it would kill her and exerted its full effort to do so. It was not successful.

After serving as Lesser Harpy of Middle Georgia for over 3 years, Rachel Dubhan was appointed as Harpy of Middle Georgia in January 2012. She also hosted the 2012 Georgia Gala along with Seneschal Lilyanna Salvatore. She helped host several successful events at the large gathering in Atlanta in September 2012.

She spent a great deal of time traveling in 2013, and it was one of the few periods during which she did not hold an Camarilla position. She mentioned Germany and and a few other locations, but said little about her business there. It could be that she had secrets, or it could be simply because no one seemed particularly interested.

Since becoming an Archon, she always wears a piece of jewelry bearing a certain coat of arms.

She referenced research into the historical interpretations and applications of the Path of Humanity.

She was again appointed Primogen of Middle Georgia in early 2014. She was heavily involved in the Toreador efforts leading up to the 2015 Conclave of Baltimore, though the exact details of her work are not publicly known.

After the abdication and disappearance of former Sovereign Prince Brian Faulkner and Seneshcal Lilyanna Salvatore in April 2016, Marzio Rosselli claimed Praxis. Some suspect Rachel may have had something to do with the change, as she had publicly expressed concerns for the Domain with implied criticism of the former leadership. Prince Rosselli named her Seneschal shortly after taking Praxis.

She became an Archon to Justicar Warwick in November 2017. As she later joined the Josians, many of her activities are now part of classified missions and thus are not matters of public knowledge.

She was part of the team that defeated the Baali Hive in Adana, Turkey in 2019.

She was heavily involved in battling the infernal Ebon Legion, which culminated in a war against the forces of hell deep in the Amazon Rainforest in 2020. In particular, she played a critical role in the miraculous purification of a demon lord during a mission in Algeria.

She took part in the destruction of the Abomination Annalise Rowland in Annapolis in February 2021.


She is not a part of any publicly known coterie.


Toreador at the 2012 Middle Georgia Gala

(Feel free to add your PC if you think it would be publicly known)

Rachel seems to have many allies among her fellow Toreador.

She always greets Gary Kowaleski as if he is one of her closest friends.

She has worked closely with many Assamites, though many of them have been lost in conflicts with the Camarilla's enemies or no longer attend gatherings for personal reasons. She appears to have a favorable attitude toward the Clan.

She also tends to work well with Tremere, particularly Douma Charoum.


(Feel free to add your PC here too, if you think it would be publicly known. I would certainly be interested to find out.)

Rachel has been zealous about fighting Infernalists and thus has earned several demonic enemies.
She was near the top of the hit list for the Sabbat when they held Warner Robins. They seemed to view her with a complex mixture of terror and disdain, which she took as a compliment.


Corset Book small.jpg

The identity of Rachel's sire is not publicly known. Many assume it to be Justine Westshire, because Rachel was under her Accounting. However, she never refers to Westshire as her sire, which could indicate that Rachel is in her line, but not her direct childe.
It is also possible that she is related to the LaRouge/du Lac/Lake line of Toreador somehow. Several individuals among the Roses likely know the truth. Overall, few in the Camarilla seem to care.


Emerald Dubhan (adopted Brujah, deceased)
Kori Dubhan



Character Inspirations

Originally it was "Toreador with an English accent that has an art form I can at least fake." The character has grown quite a bit since then.

Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis
An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
Dorcus Lane from Larkrise to Candleford
Deborah, Judge of Israel (recently)


Rachel Dubhan, roasting marshmallows over the burning effigy of Shade at her 2010 Bonfire Night party.

"Vade retro satana!"

"I am loyal to the ideals of the Camarilla."

"We call our leaders Princes, because the law is to be King."

"All I ask is that you do not murder innocent mortals. I do not feel this request is difficult or unreasonable."

"It is not my responsibility to ensure that he repents. I am only required to remind him that repentance is yet possible." - said about an infernal Kindred shortly before his execution

After listening carefully to Lupine howls:
Rachel: "It's alright. They are leaving now."
Abigail McCormack: "How do you know?"
Rachel: "Oh, I speak a little Lupine."

"We've already won. The only thing in question is if we will survive."

"I am not a coward. I have faced twenty Lupines single-handedly for Middle Georgia. I fought upon the streets of Statesboro while smoke blotted out the stars and the only light was the fire and lightning from the fingertips of sorcerers. I was not afraid to enter satanic temples to face the abominations lurking within. I was not afraid to go toe to toe with the fomorii that crept from Lake Sinclair. The problems currently facing Middle Georgia are not the worst I have seen. No terror could drive me from the city I call home."

"Ms. Dubhan, you are a light in the darkness, a burning flame of hope. Why do you laugh?"
"Our kind generally doesn't find light and flame very comfortable. I thank you for the compliment."

"Rachel Dubhan is responsible for more runaway decency, courage, and other things that generally get you killed than any other Kindred I know." -David Blanchett

"I knew that she believed in God. I just saw that God believes in her." -anonymous Kindred after witnessing a confrontation between Rachel and infernal forces

"Pride springs from supposed success in the high aim: with attainment itself comes humility. [...] Ambition would only be higher than others; aspiration would be high." - George MacDonald

Rumors, Gossip, and Reports

Rachel Dubhan rarely keeps her disapproval secret

General Rumors:

  • She has the ability to free infernalists from their contracts. She has established a halfway house for ex-infernals.
  • She cares more about mortals than Kindred.
  • Rachel gets along surprisingly well with lower Humanity Kindred. She also seems favorably inclined toward most Tremere, or at least still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Rachel is the prettiest princess.
  • She's not as well-liked as she thinks she is. A lot of people are just looking for good places to out the knife.
    • But she's more loved than most would think. Those who truly value her are rare, but loyal.
  • Rachel Dubhan hates Corkie Pellegrino because she is jealous of Corkie's shoes.
  • (Toreador and Assamites)
    • She had developed Combo Disciplines which help protect mortals. She is willing to teach them to Toreador and Assamites.

Rumors about her history:

  • While never claiming Praxis herself, before she became an Archon she had a key role in determining who would be Prince of Middle Georgia for over a decade.
    • During her time as a resident of Middle Georgia, no attempt to take the throne has succeeded without her support.
    • She may have had a direct hand in the changes, though just how much her actions decided matters is subject to speculation.
    • She arranged to have Brian Faulkner abducted or killed after deciding she could no longer tolerate him as Prince.
  • She is part of a once prolific line of Toreador. It's anyone's guess why she didn't take any of the family surnames.
  • She used to go by a different name, but changed her identity due to some trouble involving politics, demons, or both.
  • Rachel didn't do anything in Statesboro personally. She manipulated Lupines and Mages into doing her dirty work.
  • Her "nemesis", the Toreador anti-tribu Alexei, showed up to Prom at the 2012 GA Gala. They shared a dance.
    • Not only did they share a dance, she pulled him back to the floor with Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" played just so the other Cammies could sing the chorus to his face.