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"We're a focused and niche aspect of a position that's existed since the Camarilla began, with a different, dare I say, a more civilized arsenal of tools to draw upon." - Corkie Pelligrino
"The Furies are always watching."
"...There's negative status for that."
"You can't take penicillin to get rid of negative status."
""Ain't no party like a Fury party, 'cause the party don't stop 'til everyone is covered in feathers and feels a little bit afraid of Mz Corkie." - Luni the Wise
"I am Prosymnus."


Below is a list of those Kindred who hold the position of Fury.

Current Furies

Disgraced Furies


  • Furies will pack-bond with anything.
  • The Public Furies take turns being "Good Fury" and "Nice Fury" on alternate weekends.
  • Buying presents for the secret Furies isn't proven to help anyone...but it's not proven to not work, either.
    • I hear the secret Furies like bath bombs.
  • If you want to impress a Fury, be clever. If you can't be clever, be funny. If you can't be funny, flattery will have to do.

The Rules

  1. The Furies will not refer to Domains as 'Dumpster Fires'.
  2. "The Harridan didn't say I can't" is not sufficient reason to strip a Justicar of status.
  3. "Harder, Daddy" is not an appropriate public response from a Fury in reaction to the Harridan stripping standing.
    1. Especially if it's that Fury's standing being stripped.
  4. The Furies must receive permission from the Harridan before granting negative status for fashion violations.
    1. The Furies are permitted to exercise their best judgment when considering stripping standing for fashion violations.
  5. The Furies may not refer to their agents as 'The Avengers'.
    1. Nick Fury is not available to adjudicate scandal.
    2. Nick Fury is not on the Harridan's payroll.
    3. Wearing an eye patch does not make it acceptable for Furies to yell 'motherf***er' in the middle of Conclaves.
    4. The Furies may not tell people that The Harridan works for SHIELD.
    5. Or SWORD.
    6. The Furies are no longer permitted to watch movies from the MCU.

Inspired Works of Art

Don’t hate me, cause you ain’t me.
Kindred want to bait me.
Even though I serve in a social capacity.

I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus

I am a shepherd for Kindred stranded in a scandalous sea.
Chosen by the Harridan to ferry them back to an honorable society.

I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus

I am a Kindred, just like you.
Livin’ and servin’, just like you.
Don’t hate me, cause you ain’t me.
Come and serve with me.
Then you’ll see.
How great our society works in a social capacity.

I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus
I am Prosymnus

~Isabella Visconti


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