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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 6
Domain Portland, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Vanessa



Real Name: Ophelia

Apparent Age: 16

Concept: Suicidal Vampire

Physical description: Echo doesn't seem to be any older than 16 years old. She has long straight purple hair that falls to the lower part of her back. When she smiles or speaks her fangs are visible. Her skin is carved in a henna designs with crafts 3 scarification. Though she appears to be young she is quite pretty with 7 appearance based traits. Recently she has been seen wearing a black lace blindfold because rumor has it her eyes were carved out.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged: Rufina Hendrickson Portland,OR 2005
  • Brave
  • Competent
  • Enlightened
  • Hardcore
  • Insightful

Character Information

Known History


Appeared in Maine in 2014. She quickly showed herself useful to Prince Keefe in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine and was appointed Primogen. Her humanity took a downturn in 2016 and she began spending more time in the domain of Portland, Maine, eventually moving her residence there.

Malkavians Only

Echo's presence on the MMN is often perceived as a small black bird with feathers dipped in gold dripping with blood. Often a strong scent of blood and whiskey lingers in the air.




Echo & Andrea, 2017


  • Malkavian Antitribu


  • The Blue Eyed Boy



  • "You were a forest,/ your lungs filled with/ butterflies and magic,/ your heart a hidden lake/ and the souls of/ a thousand ancient trees/ resting beneath your skin./ And then, one day,/ someone came along/on a windy day./ And lit the match/ that started/ a devastating fire." ~Nikita Gill
  • "Don't fuck with fire unless you're ready to get burned." Echo
  • "I not ready for this. I forgot my big girl panties in Portland." Echo

Echo: "Annette." Andrea: "Who?" Echo: "Annette." Andrea: "We don't have an Annette do we?" Another citizen: "No. A. Net." Echo: "Oh... That makes so much more sense."


  • Echo used to have other personalities, but she killed them.
  • Practices a new form of magic: Lunamancy.
  • Moved to Portland for inpatient therapy with Andrea McDermott.
  • Was abandoned by her clan after Glitter & Gloom 2017, though no-one knows why.
  • Is having an affair with Andrea McDermott.
  • Has a "fucking spaceship."
  • Is an Apostate Setite
  • Is an Apostate to the Baali
  • Is an Apostate to the Ventrue (WHY???)
  • Is an Apostate to the Malkavians
  • Is the blood mistress of Stephen Roark.
  • No, Stephen Roark is the blood mistress of Echo.
  • She's slowly corrupting the Ventrue of the Northeast, making them addicts and breaking their minds.
  • If she's not wearing