Ilera Parker

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 4
Domain Los Angeles, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Kristi K
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Alias(es): Ilera, Katrene

Real Name: Ilera Katrene Parker

Apparent Age: mid-twenties

Concept: musician, artist

Physical description: Very beautiful. Five foot five inches tall. Startling blue eyes that seem to see beyond whatever she looks at. Waist length hair that she changes the colour of depending on her mood. Generally seen in simple yet beautiful clothing. At times dresses like a college student when she is tired of attention.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Marshall Rolands, Prince of Manchester, England
  • Admired by Marshall Rolands, Prince of Manchester, England
  • Seen as Resourceful to the Camarilla by Rohan Massoud, former prince of Los Angeles
  • Seen as Cherished by Dominic, former prince of Los Angeles for services to the domain.

Character Information

Known History

Born in England, she migrated to at the turn of the century. While she was working in a nightclub in New York in 1910 as a singer an Anarch Toreador took a liking to her and embraced her. Little is known of her years with her sire. In 1918 she returned to New York without her Sire. She got work in a club owned by the Giovanni. While there her Mentor found her and took her under his wing, bringing her into the Camarilla. She stayed with him until getting done with her accounting. She has then traveled all over the North American and European Camarilla territories studying. There are few places she has stayed in long enough to call home. The most recent of these being Chicago,and Los Angeles.


Not a part of one



None that she is aware of.


deceased. That is all that is known.




None that she is aware of

Character Inspirations



  • "Seriously, don't do anything that I am going to regret later."
  • "Where there's a will... well there's probably a corpse too."
  • "Why shouldn't we go into the woods?"
  • "So who wants to trick him into going into the lake?"
  • "Fucking Fae!"
  • "You went where? How much damage did you do and how much do I owe people?"


  • She is an Anarch;
  • She isn't really a Toreador;
  • She is blood bound to a Sabbat;
  • She is infernal;
  • She traffics with fae creatures;