Calvin Butler

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Clan Tremere
Position Prince
Status 6+4+2
Domain Stamford, CT
Coterie None
Society E-Division
Path Humanity 000
Player Kevin O


Prince Calvin Butler 2017

Apprentice Calvin Butler

Alias(es): Calvin Butler

Real Name: ?

Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Concept: Political Nerd

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged (2013)

Adept (Former Prince Valiente, 2014)

Resourceful x2 (Former Prince Valiente, 2014, 2015)

Trustworthy (Former Seneschal Dantes, 2016)

Dedicated (Justicar Maneula Cardoso, 2017)

Well-Known (Prince)

Exalted (Prince)

Famous (Prince)

Distinguished (Prince)

Insightful (E-Division)

Respected (Scion - Prestigious Sire)

Tremere Only: Regent of the Second Circle - Member of House Validus

Character Information

Known History

Embraced in 2013 in Hartford, CT and assigned to the Stamford Chantry in 2014 with his broodmate Claire Ward after a few months of introductory lessons by their sire, Fredrick Gold. They arrived just as the new Domain of Stamford was being settled in by the new Prince Che Valiente. Calvin was chosen as Primogen for Clan Tremere which he served as faithfully until the beginning of 2016, when former Prince Valiente relinquished his Praxis to him. He has been the Prince of Stamford since February 2016 and has since been struggling to cope with the burdens and the isolation that comes with leadership.



Che Valiente

Kingston Lennox

Dawood Marwan

Joseph Von Hildebrandt

Peter Premysl

Lane Jacobi

Vincent Ivey

Rufus Castor


"Hannibal" of the Neo-Carthaginians

"The Prince of Smoke and Ash" of the Daeva

While not true enemies, he is envious of his broodmate Claire Ward and of his Gangrel Primogen Angeliz Valez for the attention they receive from his sire and his best friend, respectively.


Fredrick Gold


Alastair Sinclair


Claire Ward


Character Inspirations

Every nerd in an anime that pushes up their reflective glasses and acts like a know-it-all


"Inhuman" by Aesthetic Perfection (

"Every Breath You Take" by The Police (Prefer the Minor Key cover by Chase Holfelder:


  • "You've already demonstrated an inability to comprehend my logic, so I would recommend not continuing to embarrass yourself by trying to decipher it publicly."
  • "That was actually really kind of him, all things considered." - Rufus Castor responding to a Camarillan commenting 'Prince Butler is mean'


Has recently Embraced his first Childer, Alistair Sinclair, who was his first ghoul as well. Rumor has it that the "final test" to earn the Embrace was actually a poker game. Alistair won.

He has apparently been acting strangely since the death of his former Seneschal, Tess Montgomery.

Most rumors agree that Calvin Butler is a puppet prince. But most rumors can't agree on who exactly the puppetmaster is. Between his loyalty to the Pyramid, his devotion to his sire Fredrick Gold, his dedication to his best friend Che Valiente, and his fear of an ancient Methuselah that lurks in the shadows, nobody knows who is truly running the Domain of Stamford.

His real sire is Seth Dolan but Fredrick Gold is helping him keep that a secret.

Tremere elder John Reiss owes him his life but Calvin refuses to claim a Life Boon over him.

He is secretly a Follower of Set apostate that was corrupted by Joseph Hildebrandt.

Hates his broodmate Claire Ward for being Embraced only a few months after him and without working through years of being a ghoul first like he did.

He is in love with Che Valiente and often lavishes Che with expensive gifts in an attempt to sleep with him.

Calvin is actually still a ghoul and that's why he is able to harness the power of sunlight without being harmed.

Studies magic that make people trapped or stop moving because of his subconscious abandonment issues.