Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD

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Clan Tremere
Position Prince
Status 6+4+3
Domain Winona, MN
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Player Name


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Andrea Stockholm

Real Name: Adrienne Stratton

Apparent Age: 34


Physical description: Adrienne is 5'10" tall, and of wiry build and has fine dishwater-blonde hair. She is at home in a pantsuit, but will change into whatever the tasks of the evening require, be it a bullet-proof vest or an evening gown.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Jennings, Mounte Clair ND
  • Diplomatic by Primogen Issawa of Winona, MN
  • Respected by Prince Leonias Agrippa of Winona, MN
  • Steadfast by Prince Thomas Montgomery of the Twin Cities, MN
  • Impeccable by Prince Mia Gunn of Columbus, OH
  • Knowledgeable by Justicar Lotharius
  • Positional: Exalted, Famous, Well-Known, and Distinguished as Prince
  • Honorary: Insightful as a member of E-Division, Dignified as a Dignitary, August as a Luminary, and Respected as a Scion (only claiming 3 of these)

Character Information

Best described as "Practical, Loyal, and Unconventional," Adrienne is an excellent person to call upon for reconnaissance work or masquerade cleanup, and those in the know may also call upon her to remove infernal threats to the domain. Though mostly deadpan and relatively well-spoken, you never know when Adrienne will throw you off with a subtle pop-culture joke or refer to herself a witch with a sideways smirk.

Known History

Stratton is a well-known biologist under the alias of Andrea Stockholm, having published papers on the topics of blood-borne diseases and ethics in genetic engineering. Accepting a postion at Winona State University in 2003, she teaches nursing classes and feminist studies. Her charity work includes founding a home for abused women and children, and she continues to subsidize efforts to re-educate and establish women in new careers.



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None known

Character Inspirations

  • Dr Dana Scully, of X-files
  • Agent Olivia Dunham, of Fringe
  • Harry Dresden, the Dresden Files series


  • Losing my Religion, by REM


"Just because you can..doesn't mean you should."


  • Adrienne Stratton is rumored to be a Toreador infiltrating Clan Tremere.
  • Once a year Adrienne drowns an adult male and then fully drains and consumes the blood left in the fresh corpse to commemorate her embrace night.
  • Once was heard to say that sometimes you can make pacts with demons where you don't have to fulfill your end. At this point everyone in the room found something really important to do somewhere else.
  • She regularly meets with messenger imps to oversee deliver contractual templates so that the infernal forces can streamline their hiring practices.