Adrian Waters

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 6+4+2
Domain Duluth, MN
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player [ Dawkin Erceg]


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Real Name:

Apparent Age:


Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Alexander Vargoss, 1929

Ardent by Prince Warrick Armitage, February 2020

Loyal by Prince Adrienne Stratton, 2022

Respected by Primogen Council of Duluth, 08/24/2019

Distinguished as Prince

Exalted as Prince

Famous as Prince

Well-Known as Prince

Venerable as Sovereign Prince, Prince Nova Arpad 06/25/2022

Respected as Scion (Prestigious Lineage: Hardestadt)

Character Information

Known History



Susan Gold

Michael Preston

Sarnait O'Ciardha

Derek Glass

Tavvy Wellis

Roxanne Maddox

Larissa Müller

Genevieve Solomon



Jericho Swain



Character Inspirations



(Speaking about the 1980's) "That was not my decade. I tried to stay inside. Wasn't a fan of the fashion or the finance climate."

"To be Ventrue means to be given greatness, and forever strive to deserve it."


Adrian has a crush on Genevieve Solomon.

Waters is a duck farmer.

There is a picture of Adrian Waters next to the word "Greed" in the dictionary.

Adrian Waters collects curses.

Adrian Waters is a serial diablerist.

Adrian Waters collects kindred bodies to sell to the Fae.

Adrian Waters diablerized two kindred back to back in front of his whole Domain, earning him the moniker, “The Blood Prince.”

Adrian Waters is either secretly defending, or secretly is an infernalist.