Blackwood X

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Prince
Status 6+3+1
Domain Joliet, IL
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Dragon Alexander


Copyright Meredith Gerber 2011

Kalo Kascht, Blake Wood, Medera Negra, Madeira Preta, Legno Nero, 黑木, الخشب الأسود, Μαύρη ξύλο, Черный лес, Numerous others if you believe he's been around for centuries.

Real Name: Blackwood X

Apparent Age: Late 30's

Concept: Grumpy Nos Elder

Physical description: Blackwood’s mask projects a man in his mid 30’s; shaven bald, a slight bulge in his belly and a nondescript round face. He is almost always seen wearing jeans, a dress shirt, black trench coat, a cane, black fedora and a carry on luggage case. While not unkempt, there is always a “frumpy” look about him.
Underneath his mask is quite different. Blackwood looks like a 75 lbs. dehydrated corpse with leathery skin drawn tightly over wiry muscle and bone. Sunken in solid black eyes, overgrown angular bone structure and porcupine quills for hair are seen when he decides to let others view his true appearance.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Feared, Knowledgeable, Resourceful, Respected, Trusted. +3 Prince Positional, +1 Reputation, "He knows everything.", Fame x3 Kindred Society, "He knows everything." Also a Prestigious Sire.

Character Information

Known History

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"Yeah... Coteries get killed. Consider me a consultant that helps with field work from time to time."


Preston Nevermore
Dolby Nevermore
Kate Nevermore
Thomas Marixxx
Warren Ellis
Adrian Serra
Katja Nothing (Deceased)
Masako Hara
Lana Taylor


What enemies Blackwood has had in the past have a tendancy to... disappear.




Yoshida X (Deceased)
Victor X (Deceased)
Wayne Ardmore
Snaps X
Syndrome X
Trent X
Stephen Vimes



Character Inspirations

Ya know that kooky old hermit guy that everyone kind of dismisses because he's unconventional and not a threat, just there to watch the youngin's get their game on and help out from time to time? Yet everyone goes to when they have no clue how to deal with something? That. And Grumpy Bear.


Hello Zepp” – Charlie Clouser
Batman Theme” – Danny Elfman
Sing, Sing, Sing” – Benny Goodman
Monster” – Skillet
Maple Leaf Rag” – Scott Joplin
Moar Ghosts n Whatever” – Deadmau5
Hide and Seek” - Amuro Namie
Zoot Suit Riot” – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
The Entertainer; The Sting version” – Scott Joplin
You Can’t Bring Me Down” – Suicidal Tendencies
Dick Tracy” – Danny Elfman
Out There and Back” – Paul Van Dyk
"I Don't Believe in Love" - Queensryche


Elder Marathon "If this is a Brujah Meeting, why is that Nosferatu here?"
Silas Christian "It's Blackwood, he's going to find out anyway."

Curious Kindred "So who is this Blackwood guy?"
Devon Taylor "Blackwood... he thinks he's Batman."
-Blackwood peers around Devon Taylor's shoulder in obfuscate, sending the player into an athsma laughing fit.-


“He talks about historic events like he was there in person, because he was.”

“He breaks into Tremere buildings for fun, and gives them tips on how to improve their defenses.”

“He’s got such an impressive library, the Vatican calls him to see it their information is correct.”

“Archon Nick Tept has dominated Blackwood to appear every time he hears his name 3 times to make sure Blackwood is not spying on him.”

"He is so well connected, he has Justicars and Priscus on his speed dial."

"Is a damn fine mechanic."

“Blackwood beat out Michael Crawford for the part of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ but turned it down since he didn’t think the part was written accurate enough.”

"He's held every Camarilla position a Nosferatu can hold at one time or another for the city of Chicago, including Malkavian Whip and Primogen."

“When he says ‘a werewolf, a faerie and a mage walk into a bar,’ he’s not telling a joke, he’s telling you from personal experience.”

“He makes a mean tequila sunrise.”

“He’s got such mad hacker skillz, he sent Vista back to Microsoft the night he got it… fixed.”

"He is the most intersting Nos in the world."

"He was hand picked to be the Nosferau Clan Elect by His Lord Luminecent Justicar Lucian of clan Malkavian for the 1998 Conclave - Chicago, IL"

(Nosferatu only) "He jumped into a Niktiku pit to save a fallen Nosferatu and made it back out with him."