James MacPherson

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Clan Assamite
Position Prince
Status 6+3
Domain Dayton, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player [1]


Upload Loves a good Kaboom.

Jimmy MacPherson

Real Name: Lost somewhere between Dublin and Ellis Island

Apparent Age: mid-20s

Concept: Former IRA Stoner scientist

Physical description: 5'7" Irish guy

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Conail Finnegan (Ventrue), Prince of Belfast, Ireland
  • Loyal by Angelus MacGregor (Childe of Haqim), Primogen of Dayton, OH
  • Influential by Lliam MacPherson (Childe of Haqim), Primogen of Columbus, OH
  • Feared by Prince Jason Mathison (Tremere) of Columbus, OH
  • Diplomatic by Prince Hugo Valentine (Tremere) of Columbus, OH
  • Honorable by Prince Hugo Valentine (Tremere) of Columbus, OH
  • Exalted, Well-Known and Famous as Prince of Dayton, OH

Character Information

Known History

Moved to the states around 2002 at the request of his brother Liam. Liked to stay out of the spotlight and tinker with household chemicals, explosives and pharmaceuticals. Much of his personality changed drastically in 2006 after many of his clan were executed at the Columbus conclave.


Has been accused of being in a shadow cotorie by Calliope Van Horne.


Wolfgang Ruehe
Kelton of Bruce
Jack Smith
Bradley Lazarion
Hugo Valentine
Jason Mathison
Ziata Viducci


Traitors to the Camarilla


Depends on who you ask...



Character Inspirations



"I guess you could call me part scientist, part urban pharmacist."
"Few things can't be fixed by judicious applications of flammable materials and a match."
"Wait til you see what I put in these soup cans!"


  • Has been Embraced twice.
  • Has a twin brother.
  • Is blood bound to a Tremere.
  • Is a world class bare-knuckle boxer.
  • Hates his clan.
  • Has extensive Dominates in his head to make him serve any Camarilla prince unquestioningly.
  • Is a pyromaniac.
  • Has a schoolboy crush on Selene Lazarion.
  • Isn't actually Irish.
  • Is an accomplished blood magician.
  • Is not really a blood magician, but has Chimerstry and might be a Ravnos.
  • Can fly.
  • Was trained as a ninja for 30 years before being Embraced.
  • Is from a small middle-eastern country called "Dirka Dirka-stan" and had to teach the local populace how to make "bangers and mash" as a ghoul.
  • Claims to be an awesome-ite rather than Assamite or Childe of Haqim, since he is as Middle-Eastern as any pale, freckled guy with bright red hair can be.
  • Will kill anyone, any time, anywhere for Amaranth.
  • Is a Tremere who is ranked beneath Hugo Valentine.
  • Has a caustic sense of humor. No really, if it isn't funny, he spits acid at you.