Mégane de Lamare

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 4
Domain Unknown
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 0000
Player Marina Gottardi


Mégane as portrayed by player


Blanche la Fleurette (Mademoiselle la Fleurette) - her stage name during La Belle Époque, as première-danseuse of the Paris Opera Ballet

Pérola Fleury - the name she uses among mortal society since 2016

Terpsichore, the Masked Dancer - stage name she adopted since 2016

Dancing Rose - the name of her artistic productions company

Apparent Age: 19

But she can look younger or older than that, depending on her attire and makeup

(Podendo variar para mais ou para menos dependendo de como ela está vestida ou maquiada)

Concept: Prima Ballerina

Physical description: Mégane’s appearence is that of a stunningly beautiful girl in her late teens. Not tall (5’25), with a rather slender yet curvy figure, however rare this might be for a ballerina. She has pale, porcelain-like complexion and long, loose raven curls. Ever smiling, her face is delicate and doll-like (whenever she isn’t wearing makeup, she looks even younger than her apparent age), with rosy cheeks, crimson lips and big, deep violet eyes,

Mégane tem a aparência de uma belíssima jovem no fim da adolescência. Não muito alta (mede 1,60), possui uma silhueta relativamente magra, mas de curvas acentuadas, o que é bastante incomum para uma bailarina clássica. Tem a pele branca e lisa como porcelana e largos cachos negros que lhe descem pelas costas. Sempre sorridente, seu rosto é delicado como o de uma boneca (quando não usa maquiagem, ela aparenta ser ainda mais jovem do que sua idade aparente), com bochechas rosadas, lábios rubros e grandes e profundos olhos violeta.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Marquis de Villeneuve, Prince of Marseille

Loyal by Dimitri de Castella

Resilient by Lady Valérie de Lamare

Well Connected by Dimitri de Castella

Relevant Merits:

Enchanting Voice (Voz Encantadora)

Eat Food (Ingerir Comida)

Friendly Face (Aparência Amigável)

Blush of Health (Rubor de Saúde)

Powerful Gaze (Olhar Poderoso)



Fame x4 as a performer and artistic producer

Known History

Mégane de Lamare

A proud Artiste, through and through. Mégane was discovered in Paris, where she used to be one of the most promising ballerinas in the Opéra de Paris under the stage name Blanche la Fleurette. She often boasts about her many artistic accomplishments and the many operas, ballets and musicals she starred as time went by. One of her favorite things to claim is that she was the first French Odette and Odile. C’est-à-dire, she was the one who starred the Swan Lake ballet in its first Parisian rendition.

As for how she treats the others, Mégane is loving and ever-smiling, treating most people by tender nicknames and seeming to genuinely care about everyone. She seems to always be surrounded by people, as expected of such a charismatic extrovert. Her accent is always present whenever she speaks, although it might be faded or not, depending on how much time she’s been spending with her family lately.



Sophie de la Vega

Marduk Armorieri


Manon Lechat (deceased)





Character Inspirations

Carmen (Carmen)

Misaki Fujioka (Another)

Odette & Odile (Swan Lake)

Nina Sayers (Black Swan)

Margaery Tyrell (A Song of Ice and Fire)


Habanera – Bizet’s Carmen

March of the Toreador – Bizet’s Carmen

Swan Lake’s main theme (act 2 Ouverture) – Tchaikowsky

Odette’s variation – Tchaikowsky’s Swan Lake

Odile’s variation number 1 – Tchaikowsky’s Swan Lake

Kitri’s Act 1 variation – Ludwig Minkus’ Don Quixote

Sonata Claire de Lune - Claude Debussy

Comptine d'un Autre Été

Kleid Aus Rosen – Subway to Sally

Isolated – Chiasm

I'm a bitch I'm a lover - Meredith Brooks

Superficial - Neuroactive

Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling feat. Lizzy Hale

Applause – Lady Gaga

Chandelier – Sia

Passion and the Opera - Nightwish

When You’re Good to Mama – Chicago

Bang – Anitta

Garganta – Ana Carolina

Layla – Eric Clapton

Sing - Blutengel

Survivor - Destiny's Child

Show Must Go On - Queen


-Yes, a good memory usually comes with grudges. And my memory, my love, is great.

-Sim, uma boa memória geralmente vem acompanhada de rancor. E a minha memória, meu amor, é ótima.

-I only look like I’m made of porcelain. It’ll take much more than that to strike me down.

-Eu só pareço de porcelana. Vai precisar de bem mais do que isso para me derrubar. -

-Power, for me, is having a crowd before me, clapping and screaming for me. This is the type of power I always cared about.

-Poder, para mim, é ter uma multidão à minha frente aplaudindo e gritando por mim. É com esse poder que eu sempre me importei

-Thank you for trusting my sanity that much.

-Agradeço pela confiança em minha sanidade mental.


-Mégane had a twin sister who was a member of the Sabbat

-She was very close to her late cousin Ames de Lamare, who was outted as an infernalist shortly before his final death. No one seems to question whether she knew about it before or not, but even if she didn't... how much of his influence still remains in her?

-She was once kidnapped by fairies.

-She actually fucked a fairy.

-She basically fucked her way to the throne of São Paulo

-All of her officers were actually her lovers

-She vanished into thin air while she seemed to be living her very best moment. No one seems to know why.

-She was secretly murdered by Carola Van Hooves

-She was once again kidnapped by fairies or whatever