Rafael Caine

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Clan Toreador
Position Prince
Status 5
Domain Westchester, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Nick L



Alias(es): Caine, Sifu, Raf

Real Name: Rafael Monroe
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Concept: Kung Fu Noir, Ancillae coming to age
Physical description: (Appearance 9 = Gorgeous x8, Elegant 1)
6'2, not as fashionable as his brothers and sisters. Quite content wearing casual clothes ranging from jeans, and simple shirts.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged (Prince Anya)
Dutiful (James Norton)
(Childe of a Prestigious Sire)

Character Information

In recent nights

For some reason most have a hard time keeping track of this kindred, even remembering his name can be difficult at times. The barely known kindred seemingly has made his mark officially inheriting the Praxis of Westchester, NY.



Porcupine syndrome


Seems reluctant to discuss such things in detail when asked.


Elsa Linden




Amelia, Nova Cassidy, Adria Rockefeller, there's more I'm sure...

Character Inspirations

Spike Spiegal (CowboyBebop), Commander Shepard (ME Trilogy), Alexander III of Macedon (Historical person)



"This stops" - Rafael


  • Horrible with money
  • Shy
  • Taught Bruce Lee
  • First student of Yip Man
  • Lived the life of an autarkis for 50 some odd years
  • Birthed Jeet kun do
  • Broke his sire's heart when he disappeared without word so many years ago.
  • Has a twin brother from his mortal days. That very brother recently resurfaced as a member of the rebellion.
  • His brother is the very reason Rafael disappeared, and lived a life of solitude for so many years.
  • Bred as an Archon 60 years ago, suddenly withdrew from training and disappeared 10 years after a most dreaded incident known as "The Night of Scattered Petals"
  • Is quite happy with the simple status of being acknowledged. Reluctant to get involved in kindred politics. Regardless how he feels, he keeps finding himself in several positions as of late, and miserable.
  • Obsessed with his training.