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Clan Brujah
Position Deceased (Formerly Prince of the Lehigh Valley)
Status 0 (Formerly 5+3)
Domain Lehigh Valley, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Kelly


At her bar 2013


Real Name: Yeah, Right

Apparent Age: Late twenties

Concept: Flair Bartender with Hookups; Camarilla Idealist

Physical description: Madison stands just above five feet tall, with a small but wiry frame. Her mid-length dark hair is usually pulled back into a loose ponytail, and on her own time she typically dresses in tight, revealing tops, fitted jeans, and black steel-toed boots. She dresses more formally at gatherings since taking the throne, but she still almost always sports her trademark red leather jacket with a gold metal owl pendant hanging from one shoulder. She often ties several bandannas around her left ankle. She's rarely seen without earbuds in. When she smiles it's more of a smirk that rarely touches her intense and somewhat haunted blue eyes. Her pale skin and cold demeanor suggest that her beast is close to the surface.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Connected by Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Passionate by Sovereign Prince Mattias Roman of Northern Virginia
  • Brave by former Prince Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna of Hartford
  • Respected by Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly of Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Exalted as Prince of The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Well-Known as Prince of The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Famous as Prince of The Lehigh Valley, Pennsyvania

Character Information

  • Gorgeous x3
  • Fame x1: Bartending
  • Natural Leader
  • Dynamic Personality

Known History

Glitter and Gloom 2013

Mortal History: Aimless but Passionate

  • Modern upper-middle class upbringing, studied Political Science at Lehigh University
  • Dropped out to couch surf with underground bands and travel, lived it up in the nightlife scene, enrolled in bartending school
  • Established and ran her own bar on the outskirts of The Lehigh Valley, developed a network of contacts, allies, and other hookups from behind the bar, and caught her sire's eye with her dynamic personality

2013: Young, Eager, Idealistic

  • After her debut into Kindred society, Madison realized how little structure was in place in The Lehigh Valley and began working with local neonates and ancillae to restore stability to the domain.
  • Immediately began fighting, taking on an evil mage: Prince Kelly named her *Connected
  • Continued to hunt down all manner of monsters including (rumored) her own doppleganger: Prince Kelly named her *Loyal
  • Became Sheriff of The Lehigh Valley
  • During first month in office, lead an investigation that implicated several local Tremere in horrific crimes
  • Attended Nonclave, where Prince Matias named her *Passionate for assisting with an investigation during the festivities
  • Answered Prince Anya's call to Hartford against the Rebellion and was named *Brave for leading a raid against a blood feast
  • Answered Prince Slash's call to Cleveland against the Sabbat, where she literally brought the roof down on their enemies
  • Traveled extensively throughout the Mid Atlantic and Northeast, Helped host a Tourney in her home domain
  • Continued to lead investigations at home against increasingly strange supernatural activity

Prince Rook's Court 2014

2014: Getting Louder

  • Promoted to the position of Seneschal
  • Continued to build and strengthen her young court
  • Became more vocal and involved in national Clan discussions, including the fallout from Anya's and Slash's disappearances and Bartlebe Good's and Galina Petrova's executions, rallying "the next generation" of Brujah after the Year of Fire
  • Appointed Marquess of The Lehigh Valley
  • Publicly denounced Marissa Holbrook as Marissa Ashford, a defector to the Rebellion
  • Helped facilitate the North American Brujah Summit at the Nonclave gathering
  • Recognized as *Respected by Prince Kelly for her burgeoning leadership and its positive reflection on the domain
  • Placed Keeper Peter Macnamara under Ordeal for displeasing her liege (later lifted)
  • Blood Hunted David Reigns for multiple breaches of The Masquerade after he fled justice
  • Destroyed the final incarnation of Lucien Rex at the Scranton Tourney

2015: Duty, Responsibility, and Honor

  • Witnessed in heated discussions with Sovereign Prince Rook and Archon Hannah Martin
  • Became part of a Justicarial Investigation into her liege, Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly Half-Blood
  • Was rumored to be hiding or imprisoned in Annapolis during the initial stages of the investigation
  • Released from Oath of Fealty by Kelly 5 February 2015
  • Claimed Praxis of The Lehigh Valley on 6 February 2015
  • Named Brujah Clan Speaker, Clan Representative, and Deputy Sheriff for the Global Conclave in Baltimore 2015
  • Lobbied on behalf of the Children of Haqim in their efforts to obtain full membership in the Camarilla
  • Forcibly removed a neo-Carthaginian emissary from the Conclave before she could finish her statement
  • Testified at the Judicial Conclave of Kelly Half-Blood and witnessed his execution at the hands of Lord Justicar Paseck
  • Was stripped of her *Loyal name by Lord Justicar Pascek for her association with Kelly's crimes


Sworn 26 May 2014:

  • Madison: "I swear fealty unto you, Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly Half-Blood. Your command is my desire, and your request my desire.May my service always please you, and may my sight grow dark if it does not. As the tides to the moon, my will to yours, my liege."
  • Kelly: "As the sea to the river, as the tree to the seed, as the mountain to the stone, so do I now recognize you to me. From this day forward, I take you as my vassal. I pledge to you glory and riches. I pledge to honor your service as it deserves, and to reward loyalty in kind. As the moon to the seas below, my will to yours."

Released 5 February 2015:

  • Kelly: "Madison Langley has served her protectorate well and truly. I hereby release her from her oath to me and bequeath unto her those lands which she has previously held in trust."


  • Madison declared Praxis over The Lehigh Valley 6 February 2015
  • Kelly's execution at the hands of Lord Justicar Pascek was announced 28 March 2015


Madison Langley met her final death in late April or early May, 2015. Stories say that the Tottenkinder's magic struck out at her with Tottenkinder's dying breath, and her Beast, already close to the surface, consumed her. She is lauded as a hero for ridding the Lehigh Valley of one of the biggest threats it has ever faced, and she will be mourned for years to come.


Madison, Jayden, and Zackary at the Lehigh Valley Tourney 2013

Former Court Officers:

Other Local Allies:

Madison and John Q Public

Regional/National/International Connections:



Lucien Rex (deceased)

Connor Collins
Marissa Ashford


Corbin Langley


None Yet Acknowledged


Edward Langley (deceased)
Ethan Langley (deceased)
Joseph Gallagher (disowned)

Character Inspirations

Ellen and Jo from "Supernatural"
Faith from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
That kick ass bartender from the old Baltimore game site


Grooving out at a gathering


"Madison Playlist #1


By Madison:

  • "Yeah, so we're in a steaming pile of political shit. I get that. All I'm saying is how about we walk out of here with a plan once we're done bitching about it?"
  • "All anybody can tell me is that I'll get used to it. I don't WANT to get used to it. This shit SHOULD piss me off. If it's out there then I'm glad I know about it and of COURSE I'm going to fight it - but that doesn't mean I have to, or even should, accept it."
  • "They tell you not everybody survives the Accounting. That not everybody is strong enough, not everybody is cut out for this. The ones who get bit and then don't make the cut are cautionary tales at best. DAMNIT! The world shouldn't be so fucked up that good people just lay down and die!"
  • "What higher power do I place my faith in, to get me through the night? Well, I have faith that I make a mean Long Island Iced Tea."
  • Deputy: "Sheriff Langley, perhaps we can subdue her without knocking her out? I mean she's pregnant." - Madison: "Bro, her face ain't pregnant!"
  • "We've been grieving. And plotting. And venting. And scheming. And debating. And arguing. And asking questions that may or may not have answers we can find. And it's been loud and messy, but for what it's worth, it's been damned encouraging. So no, I don't think we'll be shutting up any time soon."
  • "When you tell me you care about something, that you're going to take a stand with me, you don't fucking bail as soon as things get hard. What do I want from you? I want you to back up your words with actions. That's what I expect from people I respect."
  • "In a perfect world, every Kindred who puts the stability of this domain over their personal agenda would be my ally. This isn't a perfect world, this domain is dangerous, and we are selfish creatures. So you tell me - where does that leave us?"
  • "I gender identify as Brujah."
  • "Remember how I said in this domain you learn or die? Welcome to the deep end, kid. Sink or swim. If you need anything, just survive long enough to ask."
  • "How have I made it this far in only a year? I look around for the Kindred I fought beside when we were all just getting started, and then I remember - I'm the one that didn't die."
  • "We can be humane without being human. Tolerance is not a foregone conclusion in our society, and we need to approach this situation with the caution of Kindred, not the modern democratic notion of freedom. We are discussing our very blood, not gay rights."
  • "In your grief and your rage, you lost track of time while the world moved on. You wear your jaded ennui like a badge of honor. Hypocrite."
  • "Say Carthage again, bitch!" - shortly before killing a neo-Carthaginian
  • "Yeah. Okay."

About Madison:

  • "I think you're trying to be a good person. I also think you're in over your head, and so you're forgetting that lately. In the meantime, though, keep yelling - it actually helps me think more clearly."
  • "In a way, my suspicions about you are like a compliment. You're pretty much the perfect Brujah. It's too good to be true."
  • "I know we just met and all, and I get that I'm pissing you off...but I just can't shake this vibe like you've dealt with worse tonight. This week. This month. So, I guess you don't have time for my bull shit, then."
  • "Who's that? She is...forceful."
  • "Did you just select who's coming on this mission based on which of us are morally capable of killing in cold blood? I - I think I just fell in love with you."
  • "Watching Madison literally bring the roof down on our enemies while giving them a boot stomp in perfect timing to the well laid out plans of Slash as you all came in from the air like the 101st Airborne Division, the SWAT like team from the rear quietly surrounding the exits and the BAMF Group charging in literally on fire as we drove through the front door, without a life on our side lost, should be the new mental definition of Brujah."
  • "No. FUCK that. I have seen too many neonates thrown into the meat grinder by their Elders in the name of duty. I'm not going to let that happen to you."
  • "I am proud. I see much in you, and know that you are going to be a great leader of our Clan someday....what I really see, and what I really want to continue to see, is the future of our Clan."
  • "I am impressed with your grit and admire your capabilities of seeing things in a clear light. Not that other Brujah don't, but you've shown a lot of growth over the past couple of years and should be incredibly impressed with yourself. I don't want to see anything bad happen to you."
  • "What she said."
  • "You're no fun." - Archon Malcolm Durrett
  • "You are the reason I am once again loyal to the Camarilla. You reminded me of what it can be. Thank you."
  • "This Domain has never been stronger or more together than it has been under your leadership. And its citizens have never feared for their safety with you present."
  • "You are the only reason I feel safe in your Domain. You are the reason I stay."
  • "Ah, Madison. The audacity of youth combined with the zeal of a missionary. You amuse and amaze me at every turn....I hope you keep that passion and near unique ability to focus it on things that actually can make a difference. I truly do. It must be hard."


Madison's sire has wassailed.
Madison is Using a D&D Monster Manual to research the "crazy shit."
Madison's bar, The Rabble Rouser, is actually the D&D Tavern where adventurers can meet up and find quests.
Madison was sold to Prince Kelly when he asked her Clan for more Brujah in his domain.
Madison is really her doppelganger that successfully killed the original.
Madison hates Anarchs.
Madison Who is John Q. Public?
Madison is currently on a crusade to purge all of Clan Tremere from The Lehigh Valley.
Madison's red leather jacket is like catnip for Toreador. They just have to pet it.
Madison has a fan club in the Rebellion.
Madison has a habit of staking mortals.
Madison strictly adheres to Justicar Jaroslav Pascek's edicts.
Madison has been seen lately in the company of Archon Peter Premysl.
Madison is a minion of Archon Jacob Black.
Madison's ongoing feud with Joseph Gallagher is just a facade for more complicated Clan issues.
Madison's residency was once the prize in a duel between Prince Kelly and Prince Rook.
Madison's company on a date was once the prize in a duel between Prince Kelly and a Sabbat admirer.
Madison met privately with Justicar Art Morgan at Nonclave 21014.
Madison was Prince Rook's prisoner while he orchestrated Prince Kelly's downfall.
Madison's escort to the 2015 Conclave was Peter Premsyl. What are they up to?