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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 1
Domain Savannah, GA
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Eli


Axel of Clan Brujah

The Big One, Huntsman, The Iron Fist, The Hulk

Real Name:

Apparent Age:
Late Twenties to Early Thirties

Warrior Seeking Redemption

Physical description:
He is a tall man towering over most topping out at over seven feet. He moves with a predatory grace of one having spent far more of his life wary of the next attack then with the calm pace of one that has known lasting peace. The wariness is tempered with a confidence and a gaze that seems to demand others take note and live up to the expectations within his dark hued gaze. While he is not without his own attractive aesthetic, his appearance is more likely to inspire wariness then appreciation.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Rufina Hendrickson of Portland,OR

Character Information


Known History

Axel appeared in the Domain of Athens shortly after the start of the "Year of Fire". There his career was marked with outbursts of protest followed by displays of loyalty. He served there as deputy before the city fell to the Anarch's and then briefly as a spy before aiding in its return to the Camarilla. After which he was Sheriff, Scourge, Sheriff, and even Briefly a Prince. An Unnamed force barred him from the domain and he withdrew his claim of praxis to move on to Savannah.


None known.



Tatiyana Krajnik
Aaron Beckett
Damien Chase
Leslie Malcolm
Temparia Price


Nope, Nada, Zero, Ziltch. Love absolutely everyone.


Doesn't speak of her other then as Her. Grandsire though: Dade Journa


Yeah, that is just not a good idea.




Character Inspirations

  • Balian from Kingdom of Heaven
  • Leon from Leon the Professional
  • La Mariachi from Desperado
  • Lan from Wheel of Time Series
  • John Preston from Equilibrium
  • Samuel Vimes from Disc World Series



Anarch Era Begins

Return of the Camarilla


End of Praxis/Going forward

The Coastal Empire



"Violence, you're doing it wrong."
"This is me being nice."
"I'm fairly certain this is in fact as good as it gets"
"Its bad when my approach is the most gentle"


  • He shows affection with throttling.
  • He is a modern day warlord.
  • He loses more hats that way...
  • He was once mistaken for the Hulk.
  • He once summoned a god, and pissed of a goddess.
  • He can't stand to be touched.
  • He has a personal vendetta against Mother Church
  • Was once given an awesome hat but that went to shit in a hurry.
  • Can eat his weight in schnitzengruben.
  • Has been named as The Evil Queen's Huntsman. Beware.
  • Once fell from a horse when he was young. That's how the San Andreas fault line was created.
  • A theatrical autobiography about Axel is set to be released soon. It's called "Godzilla."
  • There used to be a street named after Axel, but it was changed because nobody crosses Axel and lives.
  • He once urinated in a semi truck's gas tank as a joke. That truck is now known as Optimus Prime.
  • Can light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.
  • Once punched a cyclops between the eye.
  • He has chosen his new Khaleesi...
  • His nickname is "One Tree Hill" but people call him "CW."
  • Axel is a Diablerist