Peter MacNamarra

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Clan Ventrue
Position Primogen
Status 3 + 1 + 1
Domain Stamford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Geoffrey


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Alias(es): PMac, Pirate Peter

Real Name: Peter MacNamarra

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Computer Hacker/Cyberthief

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by then-Prince Duane Freeman of the Greater East Bay
  • Diligent
  • Honorable
  • Respected as the Childe of Caliban Whitmore (Prestigious Sire)
  • Revered as Primogen

Character Information

Known History

Peter began his career as a ghoul to the relatively well-known Ventrue elder, Caliban Whitmore, in the domain of Berkeley, CA. Caliban was often seen in the company of Father Thomas Monchramant, a Toreador elder of some repute (rumoured to have been friends with Montano himself), and with Rhys de Charlemagne et Calais, a Malkavian, and former Archon in service to Madame Guil of Clan Toreador. Why, previsely, Caliban chose Peter as a ghoul isn't public knowledge, and it isn't something Peter likes to discuss. What is known, however, is that Peter is the nephew of the leader of the O'Mearra family, which controlled all of the Mafia in the East Bay at the time.

Peter was embraced in early 2004, very shortly after both Former Archon Rhys de Charlemagne and Caliban Whitmore both disappeared. The last Kindred Peter was seen in the company of before his embrace was Peter Shen, also a Ventrue, who had served as Caliban's right hand man, and stepped in to his shoes when Caliban disappeared. At that time, Duane Freeman was Prince of the East Bay, and he welcomed Peter into the Accounting with open arms. Shen's tenure holding Peter's accounting lasted for the better part of two years, although he also passed through the hands of Lady Cecily Drusseau Ashenhurste, former Prince of Stockton, and Jack Rogan, former Seneschal of San Francisco. At the end of two years, he was presented to Duane, and granted his Acknowledgment.

Very quickly after he was welcomed into the Camarilla, MacNamarra left the East Bay, bound for the small territory of Shropshire, England, with the hospitality of Queen Anne Bowesley. While in the UK, he stayed with Regina Whitmore, his sire's other childe, and wife. Not much is known of what the two did, but Peter returned from the UK a far more confidant Kindred, willing to exhibit the power the Embrace had conferred onto him.

It was at that point that Thomas Stoker, Sevire in service to his sire, Peter Cole, who was an Archon to His Arbiter Eleganciae, Titus Petronius Niger of Clan Toreador, decided to tamper with Peter's life and career. Finding out that Peter knew of the existence of Gossipnet, the Toreador communication network built by Clan Nosferatu, Stoker decided that Peter was a liability, and tried to kill him. He was prevented by swift intercession coming from none other than the Justicar himself, requesting that, instead, MacNamarra be delivered to his estate in Rome for questioning.

Not wanting to incur the ire of the Justicar, Stoker agreed, and Peter found himself woken up by the potent vitae of the Justicar himself. After being questioned, Justicar Petronius released him, but Peter often made return trips to Rome, staying at a villa near the Justicar's estate. When asked why, Peter always answers. "Even the most potent and eldest among us need someone to do their taxes. I was more than happy to lend my assistance. No, this doesn't mean I have an inkling of the resources of His Arbiter Eleganciae. I know only what he permitted me to know, and it was an honour working for him."

At that time, Peter was a regular at the courts of both the East Bay and San Francisco in California, and was most often seen in the company of Ailsa Monchramant, childe of Father Thomas Monchramant; and Laura Wu, childe of Former Archon Rhys. The three regularly got together to discuss the most effective solution to whatever threat was facing the East Bay at the time, and were recognized for their actions quite often. All good things, however, must come to an end, and Peter returned once more to Lady Regina Whitmore's side, and the United Kingdom, in late 2008.

When he came back from that sojourn, returning to the East Bay, Peter had secured himself a spot in SIS, formerly known as MI-6, as an electronic securities expert. He was loaned to the United Nations during a particularly delicate set of negotiations in UN Plaza in the Civic Center of San Francisco, and when his job was done, he returned to the UK. In late 2013, he found himself on assignment to the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, a far cry from the urban centers he was used to in the United States.

He arrived during The Long Night, a mideival-style "recreation" tournament hosted by Sovereign Imperial Prince Kelly. Then-Sheriff Madison Langley found herself troubled by the spectre of a thought-dead foe, along with several other visitors, and Peter offered what assistance he could to both her and the Keeper of Elysium, Justin Ashe. "It seems impolitic and rude of me to request to spend any extended period of time in this domain and keep my resources to myself. Such selfishness is not the virtue upon which the Ivory Tower finds its strength and stability, and it is my pleasure to be able to render any aid to you."

Over the next couple of months, Peter assisted Madison several more times, both while she was Sheriff, and when she became Seneschal to Kelly. Finally, when Kelly named her Marquis of the Lehigh Valley, Peter was asked to step in and replace David Reigns as Sheriff, retaining the services of Reigns as a deputy. Which is where we find him now.


None that he'd ever mention.


Prince Joseph Gallagher
Kelly Half-blood - Deceased
Madison Langley - Deceased
Justin Ashe
Sheriff Jake Hemingway
Ion Korzha
Primogen Dr. Lane Jacobi
Primogen Cameron Fagan
Primogen Vincent "Scooter" Pompeii
Alicia Knight
Jack Rogan
Marquis Hamilton
Jayden Black
Laura Wu
The Monchramant family
Rosamonde Kurlein
Charlie Kesh
Former Archon Rhys de Charlmagne



Caliban Whitmore (Presitigious Sire), childe of Simon le Beau


None that he talks about.


Regina Whitmore

Character Inspirations

Neo from the Matrix (before he takes the blue pill)
Just about any computer hacker who would rather spend time with a computer than a person.
Al Capone.



"I speak shitty Columbian drug cartel." - Peter, when talking to Archon Rishi Massoud


Peter is trying to become a Decker a la Shadowrun, and has even looked into the technology to get a datajack implanted.
In the interest of becoming a Decker, Peter has programmed SkyNet to incite Dunkelzahn to awaken and defeat it.
Peter has called dibs on becoming Harlequin if that should ever happen.
Peter's got a huge crush on Madison Langley, apparently he falls for any woman who rules a city. First Kathrin Braddock, then Kate Davidson, and now Madison. At least this one's a Brujah?
Chances are he'll buy her a flashy red sports car, take her to the opera, and find some way to play World of Warcraft on his phone for the entire date.
Rumours that he bought Kate Davidson the Hope Diamond before she was made an Archon are exaggerated. It was a plain white diamond he bought her.