Che Valiente

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Clan Brujah
Position Arbiter/Archon
Status 6+5
Domain Stamford, CT
Coterie Astradhari
Society Josians
Path Humanity 0000
Player Lex Lopez


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Ring Leader

Physical description: With tanned skin and dark hair, Che's island heritage is obvious to anyone looking at him. He smiles often and has a disarming demeanor. He's a bit of a strong man and can be imposing when displeased. He has a preference for white shirts and jeans and occasionally wears silver jewelry when out in public.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged 1
Relentless 1
Inspiring 1
Dedicated 1
Victorious 1
Feared 1
Feared - Josian 1
Feared - Archon 1
Empowered - Archon 1
Loyal - Archon 1
Dignified - Dignitary 1
Foretold - OEF 1
Destined - DFG 1
Scion - Reputation 1

Character Information

Known History

Che doesn't share much about life before becoming kindred. The circumstances of his embrace are something that he likes to discuss even less, though he seems to have some grudge with his sire.






  • Seamus Dunsirn (Infernalist)
  • The Prince of Ash and Smoke
  • The Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon
  • The NeoCarthaginians
  • Hannibal




Character Inspirations

  • CM Punk
  • Desperado
  • Zorro
  • Magneto



"I need you to free me of this burden. Accept it, learn from it and when you have learned its lessons, transcend it."

"I can't make you strong. At some point you'll need to man the fuck up and stop pretending to be the men you wish you were."

"I didn't have a father either you know. He died fighting at the bay of pigs for politics that he mistook for an honorable cause. We had to find our own way and didn't make it out unscathed. My father taught me the dangers of putting politics and glory before the things that are really important. What did your dad teach you?"


  • He would go to any lengths for those he cares about. Some say this is both his greatest strength and his biggest weakness.
  • Che is scared that he is exactly like his sire. Or maybe worse.
  • Che and his sire are on bad terms and the last time they interacted, things erupted into violence.
  • He hates the Changed and believes that they are an attempt to supplant the Brujah that was manufactured by the Clan's enemies.
  • Che is secretly a member of the Anarch Movement and works to sabotage Camarilla domains.
  • Che was embraced when Anya carried her infamous sword.
  • Che is secretly a member of the Sabbat.
  • He was once a prince of Stamford and stepped down abruptly with no explanation.
  • Also he has had a bit of a time keeping planes and was stranded on an island for 3 months being chased by a heavily armed Daeva cult.
  • Calvin Butler is just a puppet prince, Che being the true power behind the throne of Stamford.
  • The sword held by her sire is now in his possession and is the reason behind his erratic behavior.
  • Che is Anya's puppet so she can keep hold of her power in the region through manipulating her childe.
  • He is blood bonded by the Brujah Justicar and that's why he keeps defending her.
  • He secretly works to support the Daeva and his apparent leadership against them it's just fake so he better control the outcome of the resistance.
  • His Protean form is a Squirrel.
  • Foamy the Squirrel is his Youtube Alt ID