Mikhail "Misha" Petrovich

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 3
Domain Dayton, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Alex Rushing


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Alias(es): Misha

Real Name: Mikhail

Apparent Age: early 30's

Concept: Jaded idealist

Physical description: Short and slight, with very Slavic features. He has dark brown eyes and thick, coarse brown hair.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Elias Beecher, former Prince of Dayton, OH
Knowledgeable by Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna, Prince of Hartford, CT
Unyielding by Madison Langley, Marquess of The Lehigh VAlley, PA

Character Information

Known History

Mikhail (Misha to his friends), was Embraced in the last days of Prince Michaela's reign as Prince of New York City. His Acknowledgement was marred by Misha losing control of his Beast while trying to prove his knowledge of the Traditions - a situation that earned him the emnity of his Sire.

He made his residency in Minsk for several decades, striving to seperate himself from Kindred politics, his Sire, and to hone his love of writing and preference for mortals. Misha traveled to Dayton when his broodmate, Anya, declared Praxis. He acted as Harpy and feuded with both the Brujah of "New Carthage" and the Malkavians who stirred his Clanmates into fury.

When Elias Beecher declared Praxis of Dayton in the wake of Anya's disappearance, Misha was one of the few residents of Dayton to resist the Tremere encroachment. He was stripped of his Acknowledgement and banished from the Domain, and while he has been Acknowledged once again, the surly Brujah refuses to have anything to do with the Kindred of the region.



Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna
Lauren Galloway
Saul Good


Johnny Creed
Franklin Gaunt


Pyotr Marikovich



Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna

Character Inspirations


My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade



  • Misha fights like a girl.
  • Misha hates his broodmate, but follows her commands for some inexplicable reason.
  • Misha has never gotten into a fight.
  • Hates gatherings of vampires.