Lilyan Townsend

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Clan Toreador
Position Archon
Status 6+3 +3
Domain Dubai
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Janel Norris



Apparent Age: Originally 20 though recently it appears she has aged to 25-26

Concept: archeologist British socialite

Physical description: Lily is 5' 7" with the fair skin of woman raised in wealth. She has a slim curvy build and bright blue eyes, the very picture of loveliness. Her soft brown hair is streaked with vibrant blue dyed highlights and falls to her hip in loose ringlets, though it is usually tied up in elaborate ways. She moves with grace and poise and is impeccably dressed at all times. Her upper class British accent seems to carry with it an enchanting quality. Gorgeous x3, Alluring, and Seductive.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Mukhtar Bey, Prince of Cairo, Egypt
  • Cherished by word of Patrick Cross, former prince of Westchester, NY
  • Inspiring by word of Sheniver Dubois, Former Prince of DC
  • Praised by word of Johnathan Evans, Former Prince of Greater NY
  • Invuctus by word of Frederick Gold, Former Prince of Hartford CT
  • Loyal by word of Tygerius Prince United Arab Emirates
  • Dignified
  • August
  • Respected as Scion of the Camarilla (+1 Reputation)


  • Feared
  • Empowered
  • Loyal

Fame x4 Exceptional Painter Pre-Raphaelite style with a grize' and glaze technique

Character Information

Known History

  • Acknowleged 1921 Cairo, Egypt
  • Traveled through Europe in post WWII
  • Moved to Westchester NY in 2004
  • became a famous painter 2006
  • Harpy of Westchester NY for 3 years
  • Formerly Prince of Westchester NY
  • Moved to MD after the death of Joe Evans
  • Returned to the North East in 2016 taking up the position of Seneschal for Prince Gold shortly thereafter
  • Became a Josian solicitor in Marchs 2017 and was quickly promoted to Magistrate 8 months later
  • Became a Ventrue Archon March 18, 2021






  • Unknown to most


  • none


Sariel of the Sefirot (aka Cameron Poe)

Character Inspirations

Rachel Weisz as Evy Carnahan in The Mummy trilogy


Eminem: Beautiful Pain
Flogging Molly: The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Florence and the Machine: Cosmic Love
Bjork: Come to Me
Frou Frou: Holding Out for a Hero
Sara Bareilles: Fariytale Sara Bareilles
Imogen Heap: Canvas
Florence and the Machine: Heavy in your Arms
The Cranberries: No Need To Argue
Jeremy Messersmith: A Girl a Boy and a Graveyard
Poe: Haunted
Linkin Park: Leave Out All The Rest
The Pierces: Secret
Mumford& Sons: After the Storm
VNV Nation: Illusion
Mumford & Sons: After the Storm


"While I am the master of violence in stilettos it's always good to be prepared." Lilyan Townsend

"You were quite priceless as a statue, I had several offers to buy you."~Rook Prince of Annapolis

"by the Edge of Lilyan townsend's Blade, Clan Toreador has risen to heights that would never have been possible by mere politics alone." ~Mr. Ettian Valroux


  • Lily is rumored to be something of a defender of the Toreador, quick to come to the aid of younger clanmates
  • Is, in fact, the fairest of them all.
  • Is rumored to be part Fey.
  • Rumored to have married Rictor Barnes
  • Is rumored to be the childe of Gabriel Sefirot
  • It's rumored she's a master swordswoman on par with Archon Ophelia and Madame Guil
  • Has not attended a Kindred gathering in the Hudson Valley for years
  • Rumored to have been turned to Jade twice
  • Rumored to have fought Hadrian in hand to hand combat
  • Rumored to hate Setites
  • Rumored to be known as "The Jade Tank"
  • Rumored to have married Johnathan Giovanni
    • I hear they've split up.
  • Rumored to be in love with Saul Good.