Paul Walker

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Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Status 3+3
Domain Kenosha, WI
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Jimmy!


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Real Name:

Apparent Age:

Concept: Magnificent Bastard, Byronic Hero

Physical description: A 6'4" frame with broad shoulders and dark hair. Paul's demeanor varies from genial to threatening, but will often smile regardless of his mood.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Ariadne Ancelletto
Relentless by Prince Lena!
Loyal by Prince Zphonco Davinovich
Tenacious by the Kenosha Primogen Council
Honorable by Justicar Jaroslav Pascek
Fearless by Justicar Jaroslav Pascek
Exalted as Prince of Kenosha
Famous as Prince of Kenosha
Well-Known as Prince of Kenosha

At one point, Paul had been seen as Audacious, Brave, and Loyal by Justicar Cock Robin

Character Information

Former Archon, former Prince, former member of a notorious coterie. Contributor to numerous battles, investigations, and war efforts. Participant in numerous scandals, plots, and underhanded deals. Possible savior of the world.

Having survived dismissal, a judicial conclave, and more than a few political setbacks over the years, Paul found success despite adversity. Whether through careful calculation or luck, Paul made a career of knowing just how far to push the envelope, but in the end, his luck ran out. Found guilty at a judicial conclave held in Milwaukee in January of 2013, he was put to death in the presence of close friends and loved ones by his former mentor, Justicar Pascek.

Known History


Paul serves as deputy sheriff in Chicago under Francis Merivein, and later Brujah Primogen.

During this time, a conflict brews between Paul and the domain's Scourge, Joseph ibn Fallah. To settle the matter, Prince Devon Creed orders the two to fight a staking duel in front of a large gathering of kindred, with the loser to be put to death. Paul, the underdog, narrowly avoids a series of blows that would have ended the fight, and manages to punch through his opponent's armor, landing a shot which cleanly impales Joseph ibn Fallah through the heart cavity. However, as the Scourge remains standing, it is clear to all present that the contest had been rigged against Paul. Enraged, Paul's clanmates swarm the circle, and declare an end to the contest. Weeks later, Devon Creed orders Paul to participate in a second duel which ends without a decision.


Paul is made Harpy of Chicago.

During the infamous Kenosha Hive Dive of '05, Paul and Jacob Raize are given command of a small unit of shock troops designated to be the first wave of the attack on the hive. The unit, composed primarily of neonate Brujah and Gangrel, also includes a number of political enemies of Prince Steven MacNeil, causing Paul and Jacob Raize some degree of unease. After Prince MacNeil assures them that a second wave would be close behind, they begin their attack as ordered.

The second wave, however, is never dispatched, and Paul and Jacob Raize soon find themselves fighting for their lives, but continue to press forward to the hive's center. Having cleared the way for the Prince and his entourage, Paul and Jacob are given leave to retreat with their wounded. But while retreating, the unit is attacked again, and Paul is rendered torpid while saving an Assamite member of his unit from capture. Hearing of Paul's capture, Prince Devon creed leads successful a counter-attack into the hive, and rescues Paul. Despite numerous losses on the Camarilla side, Paul own unit emerges with zero casualties.


Paul is replaced as Harpy of Chicago, but in April, takes praxis of Kenosha, WI, following the wassail and untimely death of former Prince Johnathon Carter. "Archon Jean Val Pierre, I have had just about enough of your proclamations. You have no authority to command a Prince to leave his domain. If you have an investigation, it is up to YOU to complete it... Both your duty and my greater standing command that you get up off your chair, get on that plane that I've had waiting in Prague for nearly two weeks now, and come see me to get your answers... Stop being an armchair Archon, and do your own legwork." -Excerpt from a response made by Paul Walker, former Prince of Kenosha, 2006

Several months into his reign, Archon Jean Val Pierre, in service to Justicar Jaroslav Pascek, announces that Paul is under investigation for undisclosed charges, and commands Paul to leave his domain to report to him in Prague. Paul refuses, insisting that an Archon does not have the power to summon a Prince of greater standing from his domain. He tells the Archon that the onus is on him to come to Kenosha to finish his own investigation, adding that Archons are not Feared and Empowered for the purpose of cowering behind their desks (this exchange likely gave birth to the term "armchair Archon").


As the weeks wear on, and neither refuses to budge, Jean Val Pierre controversially proclaims that Paul is impeding his investigation, and seeks to invoke his powers as Archon to remove Paul's status. Paul, outraged, argues that Val Pierre has overstepped his authority, and demands that a Judicial Conclave be held in Kenosha to decide the matter. Justicar Pascek obliges.

At the conclusion of his conclave on April 25th, 2007, Paul is found guilty by Justicar Pascek, who overturns the jury's original verdict, citing corruption. For failing to find Paul guilty, Justicar Pascek places the entire city of Kenosha under ordeal. Paul is taken away as a prisoner.

"A Judicial Conclave, called for and presided over by Justicar Pascek of Clan Brujah, proceeded in the domain of Kenosha, Wisconsin in the United States of America on the Twenty-seventh night of April, in the year Two Thousand and Seven of the Current Era. His Excellency has seen fit to make known to all who enjoy the protections of the Camarilla the judgments that have been issued as a result of that event. Paul Walker of Clan Brujah has been remanded of his position as Prince. Mr. Walker will henceforth be known to the Camarilla as an infamous public figure, bearing Notoriety in the eyes of our august sect.... Paul Walker, take note: You will endure the full weight of your punishment with pride, for His Excellency, Lord Justicar Jaroslav Pascek, allows your existence to continue. You have been granted a generous opportunity to prove yourself and to become a model Camarilla citizen, and your betters among the Camarilla will watch you with careful eyes in order to measure your success or failure...." -Excerpt from an announcement made by Anton Zakharov, former Commissar, 2007

Three months later, Paul reappears in the Midwest, having been released from Prague. After spending some time surveying his former domain, Paul makes a second trip to Prague. A week later, Paul returns with news that Justicar Pascek has agreed to lift the ordeal, and that Paul will join his staff serving as his Commissar, replacing Anton Zakharov.


At the Minneapolis Conclave in 2008, Paul is the chosen speaker and clan elect for Clan Brujah. While making a speech which argued the sect is not yet ready to grant full membership to the Children of Haquim, Paul is interrupted by Justicars Titus Petronius Niger and Lucinde and asked to explain why the issue should be tabled, when Lady Lucinde had expressly stated that it was not an option. Paul offers little argument for the Justicars, thanks them for their input, and takes his seat. Paul later returns to the podium to support the reinstatement of a Gangrel Justicar.


In July of 2009, the Nosferatu Shade, a high-ranking member of The Dead Man's Hand, murders Tasha X, the Prince of Chicago. In anger, Justicar Cock Robin declares vengeance upon each member of The Dead Man's Hand. As Paul, a known member of the coterie, has been seen the same night attending a Grand Elysium in Columbus, OH, the Justicar and his entourage make his way to Columbus to begin their purge.

Having arrived, Cock Robin secures Rite of Destruction from Prince Hugo Valentine, and sends his Archons to bring Paul to appear before him. Paul, typically candid about his membership in The Dead Man's Hand, boldly enters the main hall of the Elysium, wearing a shirt which openly proclaims his allegiance to the coterie, an illustrated grim reaper holding a hand of aces and eights.

Paul attempts to assuage Cock Robin's anger at the death of Tasha X, insisting that her death was a tragedy, it was not the act of the coterie as a whole. Unconvinced, Cock Robin moves to attack Paul, but is restrained by Archon Saul Good. Mark Decker, Chief Archon to Justicar Art Morgan also intervenes, placing himself between Cock Robin and Paul. Unwilling to be protected, Paul tosses Mark Decker out of his way, and resumes his discussion with the Justicar.

Though noticeably more restrained, Cock Robin is adamant that Paul be punished for the actions of his coterie, but tells Paul that he would be permitted to chose the city where he would die, allowing a two week stay of execution. Having told His Avian Excellency that he will present himself in Memphis within the appointed time, Paul is permitted to withdraw, and is quickly pulled into a meeting with his clan.

Hours later, Paul emerges from the meeting, flanked by an entourage of his clan numbering around 30. He approaches Cock Robin and declares before the entire court that he is cutting ties with the Dead Man's Hand, and renounces the group by tearing apart his Dead Man's Hand shirt in front of the assembled kindred. Cock Robin accepts his departure from the coterie, and in front of the City of Columbus, grants Paul the status of Brave and Loyal. "His Avian Excellency, Justicar Cock Robin bids me report on Paul Walker, who presented himself to be judged based on his actions and his loyalty to the Camarilla. Mr. Walker has renounced any membership or loyalty to the coterie known as The Dead Man's Hand and following investigation has been released to the Camarilla by this Office at this time. Paul Walker's public declaration, in front of not only his Brujah clanmates, but to the Camarilla as a whole, was a significant statement of both courage and loyalty. Choosing the right path is not always easy, but when those who abandon such corruption repent, they may be looked upon with mercy. Those who seek personal power over the ideals of the Ivory Tower will find no such mercy." -Anastasia Prokofiev, Secretariat to His Avian Excellency Justicar Cock Robin, 2009

The next week, Paul keeps his appointment to visit Cock Robin in Memphis. Cock Robin's staff conducts a thorough investigation, and announces Paul is cleared of any wrongdoing associated with his time spent with The Dead Man's Hand.


In addition to his duties to Justicar Pascek, Paul picks up additional work as Kenosha's Tremere Primogen, having been appointed by Prince Stick DeSylvia. Paul rapidly establishes himself as a reformer, helping his Tremere constituents build relationships with the other citizens, and teaches them how to make a greater contribution to the city through non-thaumaturgical means. Paul even helps his predecessor regain his Acknowledgment, coaching him through a challenging second accounting. Paul is so successful, his colleagues on the Primogen Council unanimously proclaim him the best Tremere Primogen the city had ever had. Despite Paul's success in the position, Clan Tremere quickly sends a replacement.


At the beginning of February, in his 4th year of service to Justicar Pascek, Paul is promoted to Archon.

In July of 2011, Paul attends the Columbus Conclave in the retinue of Justicar Pascek. During the discussion on the Followers of Set, Paul interrupts the speaker for the Setites, tears her speech in half, and dismisses her from the podium. At the conclusion of the Conclave, Paul was granted the honor of escorting Lady Justicar Lucinde from the proceedings.

Four days later, Paul captures an assassin who claims to have been sent after him by the Followers of Set.

In November of 2011, Paul arrives to the domain of Hartford, CT with several allies to take part in a group effort to destroy Aralu, the Whore of Bablyon. The coalition brings together members of both the Camarilla, the Sabbat, the Anarch movement, and even involved help from a member of the Carthagenian faction. During the struggle to bring her down, Aralu attempts to remove Paul's heart two times, but Paul is able to resist somehow. Aralu was later destroyed.

One week later, Paul is dismissed from service by Justicar Pascek.


Paul attends the 2012 Midwinter gathering, escorting Anya, the Prince of Hartford. Later, the two of them participate in the raid on Chorazin, and their group is one of the first to reach the Baali Moloch's inner chamber. Other groups also converge. However, just as the actual fight with Moloch is about to begin, the ancients Troile and Marhabal appeared, and dispatched Moloch themselves, sparing the coalition forces a battle with a Baali Methuselah. Paul and his allies are reportedly the ones who convinced them to turn on him. After his dismissal, Paul had spent the following months gathering information and locating a number of powerful elders to make this all possible.

The night after the battle, the sect's assembled Princes voted to grant Paul the status Relentless for his contributions.

At the end of the Midwinter gathering, a number of Ventrue led by Archon Kate Davidson accused Paul of wrongdoing, and sought to take him into custody. Furious, Paul, backed by a substantial crowd, argued with her in full public view, denouncing her charges and refusing to acquiesce to her demands, as well as flippantly calling into question her capabilities as an Archon. The situation was put to an end when Archons from Cock Robin's office intervened, telling the Ventrue that Paul had an outstanding appointment in Memphis which took priority. Paul left the Midwinter gathering of his own volition, and has since been living in the domain of Hartford, CT.


Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna
Sheldon Goldstein
Theadora Carlisle
Ambrosio Valez de Leon
Tommy Truelove
Lucia Walker
Liam Walker
Brighton Hughes
Tony Maietta
Isabella Rodriguez
Alex Giovanni
Antonio Salerno
Mike the Gangrel
Vega Giovanni
Mars MahlGhoul
Ein Salerno
Kevin Wynn
Dean Famularo
Oliver Freigh
Tiffany Cole
Stick DeSylvia
Fetus Kevorkian
Krieger Klein
Svidi the Iron Horse
Sebastian Marconius
Evangeline Luna
Hugo Valentine
Katherine Zilthai
Jacob Black
Jordan Nevermore
Alabastor Haroukin
Olivia Reed Brannon
Saul Good
Lan Blackwood
Marianne Wyse
Jakob Phuridae
Jon-Apolo de Soult‎


Tasha X
Jacen Pompeii
Leonius Agrippa
Lady Elizabeth of York
Kurran DeSylvia
Garrett Dannington



...and many others


The distinction between friend and enemy is often a blurred line for Paul, who often fights with his friends, and enjoys the support of his enemies.


Naomi Walker (deceased)
Lucia Walker
Liam Walker
Alan Walker

Character Inspirations

Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights
Alan Shore from Boston Legal
Banksy, Street Artist, filmmaker, and social commentator
Erwin Rommel, WWII General
Lord Byron, Romanticist writer
Thomas Fairfax Rochester from Jane Eyre



  • Katja Nothing: "Mr. Beecher, is there a Thaumaturgical ritual that the Tremere can do that would make Paul wrong for 10 minutes?"
    Elias Beecher: "I'm sorry, Prince Nothing, there are some things that are even beyond our Thaumaturgical ability."

  • "...Prince Nothing, I'm afraid all of our Thaumaturgical research has come to nothing. Clan Tremere has been trying, and we still can't design a ritual that can make Mr. Walker wrong."
    Elias Beecher

  • "It's good to see you in a jacket and tie tonight, Archon. Had you opted for another casual day, I would have offered to escort your lady myself."
    Paul to his friend Archon Leonius Agrippa, spoken before Lady Justicar Lucinde

  • "I will reiterate for you... stay the hell out of my clan's business, or I will find you, crush your head like a grape, and perform extispicy on your entrails. If you enjoy the council of seers so much, ask them if I am kidding."
    Paul on the Camarilla list, "obviously" kidding.

  • "Paul, I rather like you sometimes."

  • "[You think] I'm the establishment? I don't think I've ever been so complimented."
    Paul, to his fellow Brujah

  • "I do not have Hannibal here, nor do I have Menelaus. I have... you... Paul. So go organize my army."
    a certain Brujah elder, said the evening before the raid on Chorazin.

  • "Someone asked me the other day if I was happy I didn't have to deal with this kind of thing any more. I told them I always have to deal with it; I just lack the sanctioning now."
    Paul, regarding the recent appearance of a demon.


  • The only prank Adrian Serra is known to have pulled was on Paul. After a long-running feud with Evangeline Luna cooled, Paul remarked to Adrian how boring his life was sure to be. Adrian offered him conflict, but Paul brushed Adrian off with a wave of his hand. For years, Adrian undermined Paul, damaging his reputation with lies and exaggerations. Paul confronted Adrian about this in Milwaukee. The punchline was delivered, and it was pointed out that Paul had actually requested conflict of this nature. Although Paul (and perhaps some of the Kindred assembled) may have learned a lesson in careful consideration of what one wishes for, the rift in the once close friendship between Paul and Adrian never fully mended...

  • Paul belonged to a shadow coterie composed of other dismissed Archons, a few Anarchs, and a Sabbat member or two.

  • His childe, Naomi, was kidnapped and diablerized in Columbus by a treacherous Ventrue named Guy Auvergne.
    • For the sake of maintaining he temper and also to preserve the state of Elysium at the recent Ohio Grand Elysium, Paul insisted that Guy Auvergne not be pointed out to him. He was able to make it through the weekend without incident, but does not consider the matter resolved.
    • Others think he was too much of a pussy to avenge his own child when given the chance.

  • At the end of the raid on Chorazin, the ancient Marhabal called out Paul's name in front of everyone. He bore a grudge against Paul for unknown reasons.

  • Between the time of his dismissal and Midwinter, Paul managed to engineer the implosion of the Carhagenian faction without the resources of a Justicarial office.

  • Paul learned to harness the power of Jack Sebastien's enormous jealousy and resentment towards him. Such is its intensity, Paul no longer required blood to rise at night or to activate most disciplines.

  • Paul was infernal.

  • Paul was dismissed from service as Archon to Justicar Pascek for getting too chummy with several members of the Rebellion.
    • Paul was dismissed from service as Archon to Justicar Pascek for knowing too much.
    • Paul was dismissed from service as Archon to Justicar Pascek for knowing too little.
    • Paul's dismissal was a subtle masterstroke on Pascek's part. He has Paul working on a variety of missions that he doesn't want to get himself officially involved in.

  • Paul was somehow connected to a mass vision experienced by Clan Malkavian.

  • Elias Beecher and Paul had a contest to see who can save the world the most times.

  • Paul attempted to have Dugan McKinney assassinated at a clan meeting in Iowa, and was really pissed someone else got the kill shot on Dugan.