Alabastor Haroukin

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 3
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Maht



The Blue Rabbit, The Black Rabbit (CoH Only: The White Owl)

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: The Fixer

Physical description:A tall athletic frame wrapped in pure snow white skin. His hair color is typically seen dyed in shades of red or left white. His eye color is a natural red shade.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Alabastor first arrived in the United States on the night of the Grand Masquerade Ball in New Orleans in 2010, after which he established his residency in Baltimore and quickly set his place as Primogen for the clan with no contestion from the clan.

He is seen all over the country, hopping from domain to domain to help where he is needed. Most nights he can be found in the Mid-Atlantic, but he seems to suffer from wanderlust and will occasionally leave his domain for extended periods of time for reasons unknown.

At the Grand Masquerade Ball of 2011 in New Orleans he was seen wearing a Black Rabbit mask, leaving many speculations as to the meaning behind the mask.

At the Midwinters Ball of 2012, he was seen with Razi Massoud on his arm as his date for the evening.

Has fallen silent in recent nights for reasons unknown. No one in his domain have seen him since June 30th when he claimed to be "entertaining" a large group of clanmates.


Cirque des ténèbres (allegedly)


Mei Lii (Deceased)
Johnny "Spades" Malone
Verlic Marr
Rishi Massoud
Lucas Grunwald
Masako Hara
Rachel Dubhan
Olivia Reed Brannon (Presumed Dead)
Julius Cole
Edward II
Marcus Cole (Deceased)
Kaylin Winters aka Hikaru (Deceased)
Razi Massoud
Bjorn Sigurdson (Deceased)


  • Lucrenzia Haroukin
  • The Nameless One


Lucrenzia Haroukin


Lazul Haroukin



Character Inspirations

  • Griffith from Berserk

  • Otoha from Karas


Get out Alive by Three Days Grace (The Haroukin Bloodline)
Goodbye by SR-71
I Hope You Die by The Bloodhound Gang (My Sire)
Illusion by VNV Nation
My Selene by Sonata Arctica
Paid in Full by Sonata Arctica
Shy by Sonata Arctica
The Cave by Mumford and Sons

Black Rabbit
Mephistopheles by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Moving Mountains by Two Steps From Hell
Seizure of Power from The Resident Evil Soundtrack
Self-Deception by Winterstahl
Symphony #9 by Beethoven

Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall
Dustbowl Dance by Mumford and Sons
Eagleheart by Stratovarius
Four Seasons: Winter by Vivaldi
Kenya by Weebles (why he drives those he's pebbled to crazy)
Roses by Poets of the Fall
Time of Dying by Three Days Grace
What is Eternal? by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
White Rabbit by Egypt Central


Am I Not Human by Two Steps From Hell
Blade Fighter by Two Steps From Hell (Whirling Dervish)
Dancing Mad by Nobuo Uematsu
Dragon Rider by Two Steps From Hell
Flag in the Ground by Sonata Arctica
Fullmoon by Sonata Arctica
Goodbye For Now by Two Steps From Hell
Hunting High and Low by Stratovarius
Hurt by Johnny Cash
In the Middle of the Night by Within Temptation
The March of the Swordmaster by Rhapsody
Sons of War by Two Steps From Hell
Stamp On the Ground by ItaloBrothers
Strength of Ten Thousand Men by Two Steps From Hell (Fighting his Sire)
The Cage by Sonata Arctica
The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars
Through the Age of the Dragon by Miracle of Sound (fighting the infernal)
Undying Love by Two Steps From Hell
White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons

Down In This Hole by The Builders and The Butchers
Little Ben by Two Steps From Hell
On My Own by Three Days Grace
Dark Harbor by Two Steps From Hell


  • "You can't hide eyes like that from me." - Olivia Reed Brannon
  • "I do not have a childer. As far I am concerned, this one was embraced by a lawn chair." -His response to being told he had a childer
  • "You will hold your tongue, you Loyalist lawn chair!"
  • "I will give my strength when I have none, my body shall be the shield from the maw of the world, I shall not turn when I am needed, and in the end I am nothing, but I shall never be forgotten"
  • "My fury will shake the very foundation of the Eagle's Nest!"


Black Rabbit.JPG
  • He was mistaken for the Brujah Justicar.
  • He is not really a Child of Haqim.
  • He tells Harpies to shut up.
  • One of his clanmates has blackmail material over him.
  • He is actually a Toreador.
  • Is not liked by his clan.
  • Pretends to not speak English well so that he can socially disarm potential rivals.
  • Alabastor was a master swordsman in his mortal life, before his hand was broken by a rival for a woman's affections. Now he avoids his former favorite weapons, and still pines for the lady.
  • Only two people have pulled the mask from the Black Rabbit and lived.
  • He is actually a Baali posing as an Assamite to steal their secrets.
  • Alabastor encourages a clanmate's alcoholism with the hopes he can take advantage of her.
  • Is the secret weapon against the Infernal, but no one can control the power inside him to use it.
  • Deems his children not worth remembering.
  • Is the alleged "Ring Master" of the Cirque des ténèbres.
  • If he acknowledges you as a true friend, you will die in a month.
  • Is responsible for Kaylin Winters aka Hikaru being infernal.
  • Alabastor's mild-mannered and socially awkward personality is merely the facade of a cunning and vicious predator.
  • He has taken Bjorn Sigurdson's place as the Einherjar Assamite.
  • (CoH Only) Is a loyalist infiltrator sent to the Schism by the Mountain.
  • (CoH Only) Allegedly earned his freedom from the Mountain dy defeating his sire in single combat