Ambrosio Valez de Leon

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Clan Brujah
Position Seneschal
Status 5+2
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Ian Paxton


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Real Name: Ambrosio Valez de Leon

Apparent Age: 34

Concept: Brujah Scholar

Physical description: 5'11" Dark brown hair and eyes. Pale due to humanity, but otherwise olive complexion. Speaks in a thick Spanish accent. Always wears a rosary around his left wrist, and a strange silver pendent around his neck. On his left palm there is a scar of an inverted crucifix matching in every detail the crucifix at the end of his rosary.

Detailed Status:
Revered (Positional)

Character Information

Known History

Ambrosio claims to have been born in the late 1400s in Spain, and early on joined a holy order of knights. He excelled and quickly rose to the rank of Knight Commander. He claims to have sailed to the New World with the conquistadors, but beyond that, not much is known of his mortal life. He arrived in Baltimore January 2011 and quickly established himself among the populace.

Not long after his arrival in Baltimore, Ambrosio was granted the position of Brujah Primogen. He quickly showed himself to be an aggressive, forward thinking leader. Often times he has played devil's advocate with the council, challenging them to examine their own decisions and motives. It's unknown whether he ever actually gets his way, but he is always seen leaving the Council chambers with a smile on his face.

In September 2011, Ambrosio was named as the first Camarilla Ambassador to the Giovanni.

Despite holding three positions, that of Primogen, deputy Keeper, and Ambassador, Ambrosio somehow seems to find the time to be heavily involved in his Clan's global happenings.






Theadora Carlisle


Anabel Bransford

Desta Adwa


Nikolaus Athanasius

Character Inspirations


Volbeat- Being 1

Avenged Sevenfold- Lost

The Cult- She Sells Sanctuary

Five Finger Death Punch- Hard to See

Pantera- Fucking Hostile

Deftones- Passenger

The Agonist- Thank You Pain

As I Lay Dying- Defender

Haste the Day- When Everything Falls


"The woman, she stick it in her 'Hoo hoo' and it vibrates! It's all the rage among mortal women."

"This is SO much better than Scrabble!"

"Come with me, I am Spanish!"

"If you don't shut the fuck up, I will put a wall through your face."

"No, it's Ambrosio. You say it with fire, with vigor, with Passion"


Used to be a member of the Society of Leopold

Is still a member of the Society of Leopold

Katja Nothing wants to design a cologne for him to promote. The concept for fragrance notes - tigers, wood smoke, naga jolokia pepper, sweat, and motor oil, to name a few - are a bit odd.

Ambrosio frequently communes with a Kraken and is currently teaching it how to read.

Several kindred have insinuated that Ambrosio has made an extremely powerful enemy. He denies this vehemently.

He helped slay Entrerri Giovanni.

It is said that the heavyweight title match between the egos of Paul Walker and Ambrosio is scheduled for Midwinter 2013. Ambrosio is currently working tirelessly to stave off the impending Mayan apocalypse "prophesy" so that a champion can be determined.

The "Most Interesting Man in the World" is descended from Ambrosio, due to his time in the conquest of the New World.

Is also known as his alias, "The worlds most interesting pirate".

Once got busy in a Burger King Bathroom.

Once seduced a nun.

Is dead.

Owned a horse. Loved that damn horse. Talked about it all the time.