Jakob Phuridae

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Clan Ravnos
Position None
Status 0
Domain Unknown
Coterie The Bowling League, DMH (rumored)
Society None
Path Paradox -
Player Derek Howard

This Character is no longer a member of the Camarilla.


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Alias(es): Hank, Frank, Saul Good, and many more...

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid to late Twenties

Concept: Charismatic musician turned brooding anti-hero

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Acknowledgement removed 4 January 2013 in conjuction with Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt lifted in March 2013

Known History




  • Micky Giovanni
  • Brandon Dunsirn
  • Caradoc
  • Datillo


Jakob has claimed all of these as his sire at least once:



He has lost count of the pile of clanmates that claim to be his "brother" or "sister"

Character Inspirations


  • "The Rocky Road to Dublin"- The Chieftains
  • "Running Up that Hill" - Placebo
  • "Scheherazade: Symphonic Suite After The Thousand And One Nights, op. 35: The Tale Of The Kalender Prince" - José Serebrier


  • "Let me ask you something. What is your purpose?"
  • "Like my old friend used to say...it may be time to return you to the cycle."


  • Has a fleeting Irish accent, which begs the question of its authenticity.
  • Jakob is nothing but a multiple personality of Saul Good
  • Jakob despises the Camarilla.
  • Jakob is infernal.
  • Jakob has died five times. He just won't stay that way.
  • Jakob is a Cardinal in the Sabbat under a different face and name.
  • Jakob is the eldest childe of Ein Salerno and, therefore, an Assamite.
  • Jakob has a "pet" Tremere who is teaching him the secrets of House and Clan.
  • Jakob is not truly Ravnos; he is one of many personalities of an elder Malkavian.
  • Despite having died many times, Jakob keeps returning to life ... and the Justicariate wants to know why.
  • Jakob is the Ravnos Inner Circle member. His childe, Aidan, is the secret Justicar.
  • Jakob is rumored to summon and control the spirits of the dead.
  • Jakob is not Kindred, but is an aspect of the Moirai (the Greek Fates); he is an avatar of Atropos, she who cuts the thread of life.
  • Jakob recently had a falling out with his traveling companion, Jon-Apolo de Soult.
  • Jakob is really the Alternate Identity of a Justicar.
  • Jakob HATES Malkavians...except one. The who and the why is a mystery.\
  • Jakob may have been murdered by his clan in January 2014 for crimes against the Ravnos