Jon-Apolo de Soult

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6
Domain Unknown
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player JW



Alias(es): None

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 34 years old


Physical description: A 34 year-old man with short brown hair and gentle green eyes. He favors designer jeans and tight shirts, which showcase his impressively muscular physique. At 6’ tall, he looks somewhat like Michelangelo’s “David.” In conversations, he is animated and flirtatious, and never seems to take anything too seriously, eschewing the stereotypical formal rigidity of his Clan.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged - Marquis de Versailles for Francois Villon, Prince of France
  • Innovative - Verity Valerious, former Prince of Springfield, Illinois
  • Respected - Isaac Lazarion
  • Dedicated - Verity Valerious, former Prince of Springfield, Illinois
  • Entertaining - Cock Robin, Justicar of Clan Nosferatu
  • Loyal - Philip Walkin, Prince of Springfield, Illinois
  • Empowered and Feared as Archon to His Avian Excellency

(Tremere only: Apprentice of the Fourth Circle under Regent Walkin)

Character Information

Known History

Embraced in Europe sometime in the last century, Jon-Apolo is a recent transplant to the United States. Why he was embraced into Clan Tremere is a matter of conjecture, as his physical appearance sets him apart from the majority of his clan. His congenial and affable nature further distinguishes him from his clan-mates, and makes him popular in the social circles of the Camarilla.

Jon-Apolo is known to be a rake, scoundrel and a womanizer. His often scandalous behavior, while amusing to the Camarilla at large, has made him unpopular within his own clan. Despite his clan’s disapproval (or perhaps because of it), he is often overheard chiding his clan about their aloof and secretive nature, and their lack of social graces.

In early 2011, many Kindred noticed a pronounced change come over Jon-Apolo. His normally devil-may-care attitude was replaced by a quiet, brooding melancholy. Whispers in Elysium speculate that he was deeply shaken by the death of longtime ally and friend Jakob Phuridae. Darker rumors yet hint that he was tainted by encounters with malefic spiritual entities, or that he hunts mortals for some perverse pleasure. Whatever the cause, his actions have given many Kindred cause for worry .... but not for long. Befitting his mercurial nature, Jon-Apolo overcame whatever anxiety had plagued him, and began to concentrate on assisting Prince Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt in the demands of running a large domain.

At the July 2011 Global Conclave held in Columbus, Ohio, Jon-Apolo, along with Kate Davidson, was appointed moderator for the Conclave debate.

To the chagrin of many (including himself), Jon-Apolo was appointed Archon to His Avian Excellency, Justicar Cock Robin, at the MidWinter Celebration in January 2012. Shortly thereafter, he survived an assassination attempt by an infernally resurrected evil bitch.

At the July 2013 Global Conclave held in Columbus, Ohio, Jon-Apolo was among those Tremere who identified the killer of Archon (and his longtime friend) Kate Davidson.


Archons to the Nosferatu Justicar


The Camarilla

Alexis Sutherland-- "A Tremere's Tremere: there is none better."
Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD-- "Beauty AND brains. What's not to love?"
Ein Salerno-- "Our clans may be at odds, but he has proven his honor and his integrity. I'd trust him with my life."
Elias Beecher-- "Lost. So very, very lost. I mourn the child." -- "My dear friend, may your soul know peace."
Francis Merivein-- "Clan Tremere is poorer for his loss."
Jakob Phuridae--

Heaven bent to take my hand,
and lead me through the fire,
to be the long awaited answer,
to a long and painful fight.
Truth be told, I've tried my best,
but somewhere along the way,
I got caught up in all there was to offer.
And the cost was so much than I could bear.

Though I've tried,
I have sunk so low.
I've messed up
Better, I should know.
So don't come around here, telling me I told you so.

Jonathan Hammer-- "A gentleman's gentleman."
Damian Redding-- "I respect him. I don't understand him, or know anything about him, but I respect him."
Isaac Lazarion-- "Efficient, diligent and capable; he just needs to loosen up a bit. Or a lot."
Jennica Sparrow-- "Wild, untamed, beautiful. All of a woman's strengths, with none of a woman's frailties."
Justin Lazarion-- "True dedication beneath a rakish veneer."
Aleister Blackwell-- "He's almost as good looking as I am. Almost."
Matthias Blackstone-- "I like a man who knows how to use his hands."
Stick Desylvia-- "Cool dude."
Alexander Lazarion-- "Nice kid. How far does the apple fall from the tree?"
Oliver Whitkirk-- "Dutiful and useful."
Kate Davidson-- "Utterly charming." -- "My dearest queen, I will miss you forever."
Paul Walker-- "The exception that proves the rule." "I will miss him always."
Chef Ambrose Berry-- "I'm at a loss as to which is deadlier: his chef's knife, or his wit."
Aegis Cole-- "He possesses three qualities I admire: youth, beauty and willingness."
Philip Walkin-- "You say he's rigid, taciturn and cold? Never judge a book ...."
Glenn Young-- "He's the Ventrue version of me."



Unknown, but the suspects are Legion ....





Character Inspirations

Catherine Banning, "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1999)
Alex Hitchins, "Hitch"
Olive Penderghast, "Easy A"
Jean-Luc Picard, "Star Trek: The Next Generation"


"Get Outta My Way" - Kylie Minogue (
"I'm Too Sexy" - Right Said Fred (
"The High Road" - Broken Bells (

Quotes by Jon-Apolo

  • "Please ... call me Jon-Apolo."
  • "I love your outfit. It reeks of taste."
  • "Francis and I have something in common … we both love me."
  • "Can you handle yourself in a fight? Good, because I’m too pretty to be brawling with thugs."
  • "Elias, that is adorable! You know, you're almost as funny as a normal-sized person."
  • "When I said 'Whore of Babylon,' I meant it in the nicest possible way."
  • "Are you sleepy? Oh, it's just your fashion that's tired."
  • "I use Obfuscate all the time. I use it to make myself look like I care."
  • "It's always nice to meet a Tzimisce ... in a public place with lots of witnesses and clearly marked exits."
  • "'Humility' is one of those 'feel good' words that people throw around as if it should mean something, like 'love' or 'sincerity'."

Quotes about Jon-Apolo

"He is the first of a new breed of Tremere: charming, affable, politically skilled and utterly handsome. A Tremere for the new millennium, if you will. What other Tremere achieve through intimidation and firestorms, he achieves with a ready smile and a quick handshake. People just like him. And that is what makes him the most dangerous Tremere of all." -- his Sire

"Jon-Apolo is the only Tremere that I can stand." -- Paul Walker, Brujah iconoclast

"Archon Pretty-boy." -- Archon Pinger

"That Neonate just propositioned the Archon?" "Yes! Supposedly you only need one status to get on the Archon's staff." -- overhead at Grand Elysium, 2012

"Archon de Soult, I have warned you multiple times: this is an Elysium, not a gun show." - Prince Katja Nothing, in regards to certain aspects of the young Archon's physique.

"Don't use your position to taunt me. I have no fear of you. I'm a Prince. For my eyes, you are only a slave, not more. A high standing slave, of course, but a slave." -- Prince Mullah Yussef Muhammad Al-Fayyed


  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have no expertise with his clan’s trademark gift, the magical discipline of Thaumaturgy.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult, despite being connected with many powerful and beautiful female Kindred, is rumored to be gay.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult has an unnatural fondness for a world-famous brand of chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have had a clandestine affair with Cock Robin that lasted the better part of a century, but which ended tragically when the Nosferatu became Justicar and decided the young Tremere was a liability to his position.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult was a Tzimisce ghoul and that Clan's trademark fleshcrafting is the reason for his unearthly appearance.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult once attempted to seize Praxis of Luxembourg but European Toreador forced him to flee the continent.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have ruthlessly murdered an angel.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is an angel, and one day he's going to kill a lot of us.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a Brujah who is infiltrating Clan Tremere.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a triple-agent, but for whom is unknown.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a Ravnos who is infiltrating Clan Tremere for the Toreador.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to guard a dark secret for the Lazarion family.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a grand-Childe of Arcades Daemos.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to kill children for sport.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is a Sabbat sympathizer.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is a Tremere antitribu.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult was not selected as a moderator for the 2011 Global Conclave; he was planted in the position as a spy for the Justicariate to control the course of the debate.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be Lady Justicar Lucinde's favorite Tremere.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have been very friendly with the Sabbat at the New Orleans Gathering in 2011. Perhaps too friendly.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a sadist.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to be a Tzimisce infiltrating Clan Tremere who mimics Thaumaturgy through a judicious use of Koldunic sorcery.
  • No one can be that friendly! What ulterior motive does his friendliness hide?
  • Jon-Apolo has blood bound Jakob Phuridae so that the unstable Ravnos will always come to his aid.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have requested the Rite of Destruction from the Prince of Columbus during the 2012 Grand Elysium.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to have requested the Rite of Destruction from the Prince of Milwaukee during the 2012 MidWinter Celebration ... and again in 2013.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult wears black because he is in mourning over the death of a longtime friend.
  • Jon-Apolo de Soult is rumored to not be an Archon, but rather a different, and quite secretive, position instead.
  • Still the prettiest!