Dugan McKinney

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 0
Domain Kenosha, WI
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player John Moser


Dugan McKinney

Alias(es): Dugan McKinney

Real Name: Unknown (even he doesn't remember)

Apparent Age: early 30s

Concept: Ruthless Brujah thug with "personality"... and a Praxis.

Physical description: Most of Dugan's original Irish features have been distorted over the years by the unkind effects of his Embrace (Obvious Predator, Touch of Frost, Eerie Presence). Most people that encounter him note his distinct lack of a smile and an inability to get most humor. If he's smiling in your direction, you'd best back away.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History




Leyla Hunter
Niccolo Caravacci
Katja Nothing-Llyandryn
Spectre Nothing-Llyandryn *deceased*
Oliver Freigh
Preston Jonas DeWinter *deceased*
Edward Stark
Matthias Blackstone *deceased*
Anton the Mad Bomber
Matthias Warren


Serenity Nevermore


Unknown even to him


None (Childer are a pain in the ass)


None he's aware of

Character Inspirations


Motorhead - The Game
Rev Theory - Justice
Volbeat - A Warrior's Call
Papa Roach - Kicked in the Teeth



Dugan is rumored to have met Final Death, killed at the hands of the Justicariate.
Dugan is rumored to have met Final Death, killed at the hands of the Sabbat.
He once talked a Sabbat member into going into Torpor.... and then executed him.
He hates the Tremere.
Dugan has some amazing luck, escaping multiple assassination attempts with not so much as a scratch.