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Clan Ventrue
Position Justicar
Status 12+5
Domain Berlin, Germany
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Ventrue Coord Office


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Apparent Age: Late Teens

Concept: Hunter-Killer

Physical description: Innocent looking with intense deadly eyes. She is always dressed in business suits of the most current fashions and is always seen with gloved hands, without exception.

Source: This NPC is a canon White Wolf character.

Detailed Status:

Exalted as Justicar
Just as Justicar
Formidable as Justicar
Respected as Justicar
Well-Known as Justicar

Character Information

Known History

Lady Lucinde is the childe of former Justicar Severus and served him as an Archon. She has served every Ventrue Justicar since in the same capacity until she was chosen as Justicar. Lucinde became Justicar on August 18th, 2004 (1998 in the canon material). She always has a group of Archons with her and is one of the more enigmatic and inaccessible of the Justicariate. She is also a staunch enforcer of the traditions.

Much different than her predecessor in terms of etiquette, Justicar Lucinde requires no other “title” other than Justicar. It is, however, expected that kindred follow proper protocols to address her, exactly what those protocols are, however, are the subject of debate.

Archons in Service to Justicar Lucinde




  • "This is why you're my favorite."
  • To speaker at the 2011 Conclave, who spoke of Giovanni being indispensable in the defense of a Camarilla city: "Do you mean to tell us that your Domain cannot stand without the aid of independent clans?" Silence from the speaker. "Oh, do not worry. You do not have to answer."
  • To a man offering flattering words concerning her appearance, especially how fetching she looked that particular evening: "I look like I'm sixteen."


  • In Atlanta she suddenly left the gathering with her group of Archons
  • She hates men
  • It is whispered among Elders that she has spies in many courts keeping watchful eye on the loyalty of Princes
  • She beheaded an Anarch in Columbus with a single swipe of her hand, after he claimed to be Ventrue
  • Justicar Lucinde requires no other “title” than Justicar
  • Justicar Lucinde suffers from a debilitating mental illness
  • Justicar Lucinde expects others to follow strict protocols when presenting themselves. Some of these guidelines and procedures are as follows:
    • No one is allowed to touch the Justicar. The Justicar does not shake hands, or kiss a lady's cheek.
    • Any presents for the Justicar are accepted by her Archons
    • No Caitiff may approach the Justicar
    • No one may ever interrupt the Justicar
    • No kindred of less than 9 Status is allowed to look the Justicar directly in the eye
    • Kindred of 1 Status do not speak to the Justicar unless spoken to
    • Kindred of 2-7 status may address the Justicar as "the Justicar Lady Lucinde"
    • Kindred of 8 Status or higher may address the Justicar as "Justicar Lucinde"