Aegis Cole

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 3
Domain Buffalo, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Chris Pokrandt


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Real Name:

No, Really... It's Aegis Cole. Why is that so hard to believe?

Apparent Age:



Sex Fiend Rock Star

Physical description:

Tall and thin, with curly red hair, brown eyes, and a moderately athletic physique. He is usually dressed in designer jeans and a button down shirt; how closed his shirt is at any given time is dependent on how much alcohol he has ingested. A complete social butterfly, he moves through crowds with a spring in his step, an easy smile on his face, and generally half a dozen admirers trailing behind.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Aegis Cole was raised in an orphanage until the age of 18, when he learned of his heritage. Moving to Philadelphia to search out his roots, he discovered a caring family who never had known of his existence. As years went by, he became closer and closer to them, eventually receiving the Embrace from his cousin Julius Cole in early May, 2012, on his twenty-seventh birthday. The fact that he has at least a nominal membership in the 27 club has not escaped his notice.

He is the front-man of his band, Under Construction. They have been touring for years before Aegis' Embrace, and are planning on continuing to tour once he has settled into his new life. Aegis has gotten quite good at hiding his vampiric nature, and is proud of his ability to uphold the Masquerade.

He feels strongly about his humanity, and tends to recoil whenever confronted with kindred who have allowed their Humanity to slip further and further down. He does, however, love to hear stories of battles and intrigue against the Sabbat and Infernal.

After being released from his Accounting at the 2012 Grand Elysium in Columbus, Aegis decided to strike out on his own in Buffalo.

July 2013 - Bloodhunt successfully completed by Humphrey Dufrane


Prince (Mommy) Julius Cole
Sheriff (Daddy) Lucas Grunwald
Seneschal Rue Massoud
Archon Jon-Apolo de Soult
Julian DuLuazon
Olivia Kennedy Cole (broodmate)
Kira Sakai
Lesser Harpy Lana Jiles
Jak the Malkavian
Kurt Pilit


None, at the moment...


Prince Julius Cole


Olivia Kennedy Cole
Ian Cole
Zackary Cole

Character Inspirations

Captain Jack Harkness
Russel Brand
Trent Reznor
Iggy Pop
Tony Stark
Any OWbN player who ever said "I blow aegis." You all know who you are.
Barney Stinson
TPO Aegis Cole


Let Me Be Your Armor-Assemblage 23
Flashy Man- Electric Six
Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart- Electric Six
Dirty Looks- Electric Six
Rock and Roll Evacuation- Electric Six
Slave Girl- Goo Goo Dos
Control- VNV Nation
Epicentre- VNV Nation
Illusion- VNV Nation
Fearless- VNV Nation


Cold- VNV Nation
Bitches - Mindless Self Indulgence
Issues- Mindless Self Indulgence
Don't Trust Me- 3OH!3
Trial by Fire- ThouShaltNot
Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO
Party Hard- Andrew W. K.
Party Party Party- Andrew W.K.
Take It Off- The Donnas
Closer- Nine Inch Nails


Porn Star Dancing- My Darkest Days
Move Your Body- My Darkest Days
Casual Sex- My Darkest Days
Search and Destroy- Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Dance Floor Metaphor- The Cruxshadows
Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship
The Church of Hot Addiction- Cobra Starship
Nice Guys Finish Last- Cobra Starship
Do It With A Rockstar- Amanda Palmer
Jukebox Hero- Foreigner


(After getting Potently backhanded through a wall.) "...I'm Okay... Ooh! Look! More Wine!"
"I'm where the party's at."
"I want the gift! What is the gift?" Said before two Daughters of Cacophany hit him with Melpominee.
"I'm Aegis Fucking Cole. Remember that."

Quotes about Aegis Cole

"There are holes in your argument. And you've probably fucked them."
"That Neonate just propositioned the Archon?" "Yes! Supposedly you only need one status to get on the Archon's staff." -- overhead at Grand Elysium, 2012
"My opinion of him is weird, I'm not used to not being pissed off." From Julian DuLuazon to Olivia Kennedy Cole.
"He's as pretty as pie. And just as deep." Henry Lamontaigne.


He fears committed relationships more than the Final Death itself.
Said to be in a few committed relationships, and once bedded Final Death!
He is very close with his Sire and her husband, referring to them as Mom and Dad.
Don't tell Olivia, but he's actually Mom's favorite.
It's said that he once stole a bag of fast food from under the very noses of a large gathering of Sabbat.
When trying to get in Rue Massoud's pants, got cock-blocked by a bunch of Nosferatu.
Claims he can bed anyone whenever he wants, yet was turned down by more than a few people.
His laid back rock star attitude is a ruse. He's really clever and makes plans that take months to come to fruition.
That last rumor is false!
Aegis finds Marley Crowley's Masks sexy. Good thing he brings his own lube!
Learned to take a hit by fucking a Gangrel.
Looks more humane than any Cole has a right to be.
Was bloodhunted in the domain of Buffalo based on the words of a Werewolf. No wonder people think the domain is a joke.