Kaylin Winters aka Hikaru

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Clan Assamite
Position NOne
Status 3
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path None 0
Player Lizz Smith


Kaylin at Conclave 08

Hikaru, Kay, Kaylin

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 15 years old. (Her mask age is 23)

Concept: Misunderstood Monster

Physical description: Kaylin appears mostly as a 23-year-old Japanese woman wearing normal American attire. Her appearance changes when she is asked to perform her duties for the sect: a Kabuki mask covers her face, decorated in elaborate fashion of black, red, and white colors, and she wears a free-flowing black silk yukata. She hides her face, but those who have seen her say here eyes look almost mad and red. She has long black hair in both appearances and her arms and back are done up in yakuza tattoos.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged (By Verity)
Valerous (By Verity)
Feared (By position)

Character Information

Known History

Kaylin's True Face

Hikaru's original name is Kaylin Winters and is the childer of Simon Winters. First encounters of her began in Springfield when she was a ghoul. She finished her accounting under the watchful eye of Verity and assisted in her domain for a few years as she was prince.

The change of her name was due to some falling out with her sire. No one knows the reason on why her name was changed exactly. She tends to travel the surrounding domains to give advice as a seer. Other than her travels, no one really knows about her mortal past or how long she was a ghoul to Simon winters.

Kaylin's Masked Appearance

She spent a good amount of her time in the Domain of Springfield serving under Verity. After Verity left she continued her service to Prince Dizzy. While serving as a Primogen of Cups in his office she continued to travel to local domains to help with her "services". She removed herself from the position Primogen of Cups and moved to Peoria. There she served under the prince Reginald Kennedy. After his sudden leave from Prince she now serves as Sheriff under another Ventrue, Prince Dunstin.

She is still there to this day.

Art work of Kaylin and Lewie

It is a known fact that she has a close friendship with the Giovanni, Louis Putaneska. The two met up when they were ghouls and have been allies since they met.

Kaylin is a known Infernalist within the Cam. No one knows how this came to pass or why her sudden change. No one knows how many she has corrupted or killed. The toll only keeps rising.




Verity Valerious
Louis Putenesca
Troy Capone
Julliana Kronnin
Lydia Trent
Children of Haqim


Simon Winters
Billy McCarty


Simon Winters




Alex Winters, Theodore Winters, Numbers, and many more.

Character Inspirations

Azumi, The Audition, Blood the Last Vampire (animated version) Ergo Proxy, Battle Royal, Carver (Slit-faced mouth woman).


Sixx AM - This Is Gonna Hurt
Pop Evil - Monster You Made
Breaking Benjamin-I Will Not Bow
Theory of a Deadman- B*tch came back
5FDF- Never Enough
Stone Sour- Bother Kaylin's song to Lewie
Placebo- Running up that Hill
30 seconds to Mars- The Kill
KoRn- Alone I Break
Blue Foundation- Eyes on Fire (Zeds dead remix)

The Final List of Songs:

Rihanna- Love the way lie
Adele- Rolling in the Deep
The Cranberries- Linger

Current song of emotion:

Avenged Sevenfold- Buried Alive


"Get 'em Ray"- Kaylin Winters

"Let me consult with the tea.... yup it has been foretold, your a dumbass." -Kaylin Winters

"I will not go out on a date with Elias Beecher."- Kaylin. A conversation with her clan at NOLA trying to convince her she should date a "man" around her "age".

"My clan doesn't devour souls" -Kaylin Winters
"..And my clan are angels" -Hatfield
"Fair enough" -Kaylin

"Hey Kaylin, I need to ask you about that Tremere magic you do." -Blake Ryder
"You sa... ajhfdhjjksdajdf" -Kaylin
(Spending willpower) Walks away.

Kaylin drops mask showing her inhumane appearance, 15 year old, asian.
"Man, didn't you sleep with her? ugh." -Jesse Kesch talking to Troy Capone.

"I'm not fighting in the front" -Eldred
"Neither am I, whats the plan" -Rookard
"Hide behind the Assamite" -Eldred

Kaylin walks up to Prince Dunstin and football spikes a werewolf head at his feet.
"That's how we get shit done!" -Kaylin Winters

"Being inhumane allows me to make the hard decisions other kindred are to weak to make. In a way, you should thank me for doing the dirty work, so you can have your hands clean." -Kaylin Winters

"Who is the target?" -Kaylin Winters
"You are." -Dizzy
"Your all going to burn!" -Kaylin Winters

"You are damned. We both are. Forever bound in love... and hatred. Do as you will, I will watch and wait..." -Kaylin Winters


Her Grandsire was Sabbat.
She is on a Path of Enlightenment.
She serves Clan Ventrue.
She is a coward, and flees at the first hint of a physical altercation.
She serves Clan Brujah.
She serves no one.
She was sold to the Giovanni for seven million dollars.
She is a fanatic about protecting the Good family line.
She is a Malkavian, and the "spirits" with whom she speaks are merely the voices in her head.
She is trying to lose her Sire's infamous reputation for treachery, a task of sisyphean size.
It has been said, that while Saul Good was Prince, he held a birthday party for Kaylin when she was a ghoul.
Is a murder machine who is puppeted by the Domain's corrupt werewolves.
Is always leaving conversations to go have "smoke breaks". She smells funny when she comes back.
Collects toes of Clan Tremere.
She is hated by her clan due to her "Young" embrace.
She is Dispossessed in Clan Politics.
Kaylin was framed by Prince Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt and Jon-Apolo de Soult as an Infernalist so that they could kill her.
Attempted to assassinate Archon Jon-Apolo de Soult.
Attempted to assassinate John Cleast aka "The Canuck."