Jack Sebastien - Deceased

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Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Status 5+2
Domain Unknown
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Jack Sebastien


Jack Sebastien.jpg

Alias(es): None

Real Name: Jack Andrew Sebastien is his only known name.

Apparent Age: Mid 30s

Concept: Angry Don Quixote screaming at the windmills.

Physical description: Nondescript white male.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Determined, Honorable, Influential, Loyal, *Empowered, *Feared

Character Information

He's just this guy. This angry, angry guy.

Known History

He was a Brujah.

He was killed by friend of Tommy Truelove and Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna, former Prince, former Archon, Elias Beecher.

He died hating all of you for being fucking terrible. He hopes there's a hell so he can wait for your there to continue yelling at you.


None. He died alone.


They will forget him.

There is at least -one- that will remember Jack for a long time to come...


Some died before him. Too many will live after him.


A pile of ashes. Jack says that his sire was an anarch Brujah that embraced Jack and dumped him.


Unknown. There was one Kindred that claims Jack embraced him one night in Vancouver while in the middle of a drug haze. Jack never publicly declared this anarch his childe. The anarch was killed by Qelyn Ellyllon, a Tremere.


Jack has referred to a broodmate that was in the Sabbat and attempted to kill him. Due to Jack's relationship with his sire, while he suspects there are broodmates out there, he has no knowledge of them, or a real desire to find them.

Character Inspirations

Originally he was a throwaway character. His back story was very minimally fleshed out and the idea behind that was based on what Tom Hanks' character in Saving Private Ryan said, in which who he was before the war wasn't important, it was where they were now that was. Jack was pretty vanilla, and a stereotypical Brujah who had a passion, a sense of justice, and an inability to keep his mouth shut when he saw something he thought was wrong. He was the Gordon Ramsey of the Camarilla. Impossibly high standards and a love of shouting at people who failed to live up to them. Which was all you.


“Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

The Roast of Shanghai Kelly



Current Theme Song -

The Saddest Music in the World

Past Songs -

Right Where It Belongs - NIN

Foo Fighters - Walk

T.O.N.E-z and Gangstagrass - Long Hard Times To Come

Agrippa's Special Song for Jack

Gang Starr - The Militia

Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go

Curve - Fait Accompli

Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide

Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

The Tragically Hip - The Darkest One

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

Touched - VAST

NIN - We're In This Together Now

A Pain That I'm Used To - Depeche Mode

The Sinner in Me - Depeche Mode


"You can't do what I do."

I already know the answer, I just want to hear the lie.

"I think we can agree to disagree." Thea
"I think we can agree that you're a fucking moron."

"If there's one thing I've learned in 6 and a half years as an Archon, never fucking assume the completely stupid isn't possible"

"I thought you said he was smart?"

"I'm fine. Everything is just peachy, the world is my oyster and there are so many new opportunities ahead of me. The future is stupid."

"Did you really just answer me with 'nuh-uh'?"

"What was your status?"

"My name is Tanner."

"What did you just say?" "Really?" "Seriously?" "You're kidding right?" "Stop right there, think about what you just said, and let's try again." "Can you count to six?"

"Before you answer that question, remember that I'm a Brujah, that means I have a short attention span, and shorter temper."

"Be the Brujah."

"Kurlien says insert hobby here is supposed to help me with my temper. I don't think it's working, I just want to punch something."

"You really do take insults to the next level." - Archon "Cindy Brady"

"That guy has balls the size on Montana. Too bad he has the popularity of Northern Alaska." -Johnathan Gwynn

"I didn't realized I stuttered."

"Stop. Before you finish that sentence, remember who you're talking too. Be very careful about what you say next. Please. I really don't want to have to deal with the paperwork."

"Loved you in 2Fast 2Furious." - To Paul Walker at Midwinter 2005.

That really is none of your business.

"Oh my fucking god, I fucking hate [noun]."

"Creating a list doesn't need a Conclave, just leadership, not passive aggressive crowd-sourcing."

"Come on, did you see Lena!? She's sitting right there." At a rant after Lena's eyes were removed as punishment by a Justicarial conclave.

"If you let her go from whatever this is, I'll come back."

"Bought and paid for, Jackie Boy."


He's dead.

Retired Rumors - Now with Context

  • He hates you. He hates you a lot. You're doing it wrong. - You still are. If you kept it in the shadows, didn't tell everyone what you did or what was done to you, were willing to pay boons to keep things quiet, apologized, you likely wouldn't be in trouble. If you actually remembered your accounting and why the Camarilla does the things it says it's supposed to do rather than believe "we're all evil monsters so it doesn't matter what we do" the sect would be in a stronger place and much more fun place.
  • Punched Ravachol in the face over a girl. - Ravachol was his Brujah Harpy when he was Prince of San Francisco. The girl was Cat Foster. Jack punched him for revealing a weakness and tool that could be used against Ravachol and Jack's Domain. Plus Ravachol said "I luuuuuuuve her" and Jack thought Love was stupid.
  • He's no longer on "vacation." - Was ordered to take a 'vacation' by other Archons to Lucinde after a very public spat on the Cam list. He ended up being right in the end. Just not how he chose to express it.
  • Is suicidal. - There was a period of time where he was very fatalistic, feeling that the only way out of being an archon was to die.
  • Has Obtenebration. - Paul's wet dream
    • Learned Obtenebration from Dean Famularo - Jack was sad Paul didn't get the joke. But then, Jack doesn't think Paul is very smart.
  • Once attempted to murder Justicar Titus Petronius Niger. - Haven't we all?
  • Has a long memory and uses it frequently, usually in ways that make dumber kindred very uncomfortable. - This depresses Jack most. People seem to forget things really quickly. LIke their accounting. And what sect they belong too
  • He's blood bound to Lucinde, Archon Trask, Archon Griffyne Lake, Tiffany Cole, the Ventrue Clan, some guy named bob... - Jack has been thought to be blood bond to everyone at some point.
  • He's Lucinde's stick that she uses to stir the pot when things get dull. - Even with the 'vacation' he's been given a long leash to bark at people. And is frequently right.
  • He's never really killed anyone, just got the hornets buzzing to the point they kill each other. - This may be a very true story. Jack is usually on the outside when two groups decide it's time for one to be murdered.
  • Jack is an apostate of Set. - Only on the high holy days.
  • Has never been thought to be a Setite. This makes Jack sad and feel left out. - Only on the high holy days.
  • Jack thinks you are a Setite. - Oh my god! How does he know your dark secret?
  • Is Lucinde's favorite Archon. - Was. He enjoyed being her favorite archon too.
    • It's not that Jack is Lucinde's favorite but more her pitbull. - Brujah have interesting reactions on leashes.
      • Pitbull or not. He's still her favorite. - Was. He probably quit when it was revealed that Paul was her new favorite.
        • So. That happened.
  • Likes to abuse his Amex Black card. - Lots and lots of shoes... hmmm
  • The stress of the Camarilla not getting any better seems to be getting to him. - He will also admit that he was getting shrill in some of his responses.
  • Loses fights on purpose to expose the hypocrisy of his opponent. Chances are, he always has the upper hand. - He's expressed a philosophy of anyone can be a thug or beast. if their only way to deal with him is violence, then he's proved his point and they'll be dead soon and no one will remember them
  • Quoted the Bushido to screw with the Takanos, but has lately come to believe it. - The Takanos were a brood of Japanese Brujah that terrorized Northern California for a time. They were driven out and killed and no one remembers them. Jack was conclaved and made an Archon.
  • Once told a Brujah "elder" to fuck himself in order to be knocked unconscious during a rant so he could "stop having to listen to the whining." That elder is dead now. - See above about losing the fight. He hated that guy, and can't remember his name. Gor? Yar? Eugene? No one remembers him.
  • Everytime he sees a red-head with green eyes, he thinks he's going insane. - This combination has come up a LOT in his unlife
    • It's not that he thinks he is going insane when he sees red hair and green eyes, he's just insane. - He gets that a lot. It's because he keeps trying to have things make sense and no one wants to let that happen.
  • Has a stormy relationship with Queen Anne. - She doesn't have green eyes or red hair, but there's something there and he's waiting for her to admit it.
  • Has a good relationship with most Ventrue, actually. Especially Kate Davidson.
  • Told Pascek to his face that his archons sucked and he needed to do something about them. - This isn't a rumor. He's kind of vocal about it.
  • Called Jon Sebastian (no relation) a Caitiff because Jon told him to bend and take Ctarinov's deal. - Jack believes that Brujah are passionate about what they believed in. And Jack was passionate that he didn't want a Toreador who was made an Archon as a joke sent to his domain while he was still Prince to deal with the volatile situation of the Kuei Jin, that another Justicar had already dealt with. Ctarinov, as always, put his personal interests ahead of the good of a sect or by not interfering in a domain where the Traditions were being kept. Jon Sebastian (no relation) told jack to ignore his beliefs, ignore his Brujah identity and cave to a bully. Jack called Jon Sebastian a Caitiff for that, for saying not to be the Brujah, and bow to Ctarinov as submissive sheep was the way Brujah should be.
    • Because of that, calls most Brujah he thinks aren't worthy of notice Caitiff. - Any Brujah that says 'whatever, they don't care', any Brujah that bows in submission out of fear, any Brujah that says they don't have anything they believe in, he calls Caitiff regardless of sire or what some warlock ritual says.
  • Johnny "Wasn't-a-Giovanni-but-now-is-a-Giovanni-Again" will not forgive him for the slights he endured at Jack's scalpel-tongue in San Francisco. - Jack wishes he could remember, probably it was calling him Johnny Camarilla. Fun side note - Jack is one of the few Kindred that think the Giovanni should be scared that Johnny has gone back to the Family. He's pretty sure that the Giovanni kicked him out because of his Pro-Camarilla stance conflicted with their tight happy relationship with the Sabbat, and now that Johnny's back, he's going to want revenge for the hell of the past few years.
  • Despite his position as Archon to Lucinde, it is rumored that a famous German Prince wants to see Jack back as Prince of San Francisco. - A lot of people have ideas of what they want him to do next. Right now he's enjoying hunting and killing Vampires in Skyrim.
  • Something recently changed. He's gone from seeming slightly happy to very emo. - He got better?
  • Green-eyed Red Heads seem to play a large role in his life. - This has been addressed
  • Seems to be really effected by the 'death' of Katja
    • She got better.
      • Did he? -duh duh dunnnnnnnn. Kind of. He diablerized down to 8th while in frenzy when he thought she was dead. He didn't feel good about it (honestly? diablerie tastes great, no wonder elders are against it), but he didn't really shy away from the reasons why he did it when caught.
  • Jack is actually a romantic, and has a heart of gold. Don't call him on it, though. He'll probably just break your face. - He doesn't like introspection and doesn't care when others do it for him.
    • He makes possessive jealousy look positively adorable, somehow. - There's been some broken arms.
  • Is jealous of the underwear model - or was. Damn, Leo was suave.
  • Golden Rule - Fun tidbit. Liz of York and Leo Agrippa are dead now.
  • Home - Breaking Benjamin
  • Break Your Heart
  • If Shanghai Kelly is Foghorn Leghorn, then Jack Sebastien is the Chicken Hawk - 'I say, I say, I say, I don't know what's wrong with that boy'
  • Was conclaved before Paul Walker made it mainstream. - A lot of what Paul does and gets away with, Jack did first. Or Dean. There's little original in Paul, and that's what really makes Jack sad.
    • The big difference between Jack and Paul? Jack doesn't edit the negative rumors off of his Wikipage. - True story. Paul's page is a delicious bio of revisionist history by an very unreliable narrator. Next he'll be saying he invented Vampires.
  • Couldn't take the job after the Faultless Justicars fucked up again - The backroom deals that make the sect worse instead of better was too much to bear. He doesn't mind hypocrisy as long as people are aware of it. When they're hypocrites and think they're on the side of angels, he can't help but point it out.
    • Believes that Justicar Lucinde is under the bad influence of some of the 'higher-up' Archons. - He prays this is true, and has nightmares it isn't
  • Paul has recently(?) learned to harness the power of Jack Sebastien's enormous jealousy and resentment towards him. Such is its intensity, Paul no longer requires blood to rise at night or to activate most disciplines. - See what I mean about the lack of originality? He may as well quote Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory talking about Wil Wheaton
    • Jack really only thinks about Paul when Paul is talking about him. - and even then it's to point out how Paul is more of a Ventrue than Jack is.
      • Sadly, that happens way too often and at inconvenient times. - Jack has no idea what this means. Someone is wrong on the rant list!
  • Would put rumors on Paul's page, but that would hurt Paul's feelings. - and doesn't want to deal with another three nights of Paul going on and on and on about how awesome he is as Paul tries to cover up the truth again.
  • Got a copy of Skyrim and hasn't been seen in months. - post leaving Lucinde's service, Jack floundered. He liked being an archon, he like shouting at people and trying to help the smaller kindred get a fair shake. And forcing people to listen to him when he shouted.
  • He's an archon again, but to Pascek - That was some nice horsetrading. He was willing to sell himself back into service to save Katja. Something Anya wasn't willing to do for Paul.
    • wonder what that cost Pascek. - Not a lot.
      • Lucinde probably paid Pascek to take him - Pretty much.
  • He may be more bothered that his own clan tried to kill him than he let's on - sadly, it wasn't the first time. He did give them their shot at him though.