Kathrin Braddock

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 0
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Kristi

Kathrin Braddock has left the Camarilla.


the wild and crazy chica herself

Alias(es): None public

Real Name: Kathrin Josephine Braddock

Apparent Age: late 20’s

Concept: Highly competitive business woman and socialite.

Physical description: Short, with redhair with green eyes.

Detailed Status:

Known History

She arrived in California in 2007. She quickly rose to power. She became Prince of Greater Berkeley in February 2011.



Anyone that agrees with her current agenda. She is very close with members of her court and citizens of the domain.


The Bitches of Berkeley

Everyone loves Kathrin. EYERYONE!!!


He is around somewhere.




There might be some around

Character Inspirations

The Roast of Shanghai Kelly

Prince Braddock welcomes everyone and starts the roast.


The Man who Sold the World, David Bowie
Cocaine, Eric Clapton'
She's Your Cocaine, Tori Amos'
Rehab, Amy Winehouse'
Someone that I use to Know, Gotye' Kathrin's love life


the good one
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"Cocaine is a hell of a drug" - Rick James


None of them are true.

  • Kathrin's true love is Kate Davidson
  • She once got Lady Elizabeth high on X.
  • Is called the "Snow Queen" for a reason.
  • Cocaine addict.
  • BFF to Kate Davidson
  • Has most of the Princes of the Bay Area wrapped around her finger.
  • For some reason no one wants to be in a private meeting with Kathrin.
  • Is a home wrecker
  • Has a fondness for peacock feathers
  • Fucked an enemy's husband in their wedding bed.
  • Kathrin Braddock and Winston Warchild love affair was ended by a secret society with in clan Ventrue.
  • Expert at revenge.
  • Every Tremere Prince that did not take her advice lost his praxis that night.
  • The Kuei-Jin call her 'The Iron Rabbit'
  • mal shi dog named 8ball
  • Is in a debate with Kate Davidson on who the good one is
  • Temporarily exiled the Kuei-jin for "whining to daddy" Virgil Deems
  • Kathrin thew a huge coke fueled party after hearing that Elissa Maxwell died.
  • Loves the water.
  • Kathrin is a follower of Lilith.
  • The reason why followers of the dark mother keep on trying to recruit her is because she is such a huge bitch.
  • Has spies everywhere
  • Never misses court. When ever she has the domain is on fire and all of the other supernaturals start taking over.
  • Is a little bit to close to confort with the other local supernaturals.
  • Her coke parties are so great that other supernaturals crash them.
  • Supernaturals crash court thinking that it is one of her coke parties.
  • Is haunted by the ghost of Vivian Davenport
  • Is planning a trip to Spain after hearing they lead the world in cocaine use.
  • Apparently during one of her coke fueled orgies a ghoul of hers ran off to Toronto and became Mayor.
  • Basically gave the Camarilla the finger, said "I'm out, bitches!", dropped the mic and disappeared at her last Court in Berkeley, CA.
  • Went to hell, cut a deal with the devil, died again.