Jessica Moore

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Clan Toreador
Position Sheriff
Status 6+1+2
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Eliana


Overlooking the city

Alias(es): Lady Jessica Moore, Nina Moses
Real Name: Jessica Nina Moore (one would think)
Apparent Age: Early to mid 30's
Concept: Dedicated Mother
Description: Height: 5'10”
Body Type: Over weight
Hair: Shoulder to mid back, Dark Brown and wavy
Eyes: Dark Brown with glasses
Skin: Slightly tan

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged: Prince Annabella of Quebec City
Respected : Elder Lady Laila 2011
Indefatigable: Sovereign Prince Virgil Deems 2019
Delicious: Sovereign Prince She Who Burns as the Sun 2020
Resolute: Sovereign Prince Evelyn Landrake 2021
Refined: Sovereign Prince Rook 2021

Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla 2019
August as a Luminary of the Camarilla 2021

Positional: Feared

Character Information

Known History

FB IMG 15338873622604977.jpg
She lost her family in a war, and now calls her clan her family. An avid learner and advocate for the arts, she had repeatedly made herself available for all young Toreador that are lost and in hope for a bit of guidance. She has shown considerable skill as a painter, musician and is a woman with an impeccable memory. She tries to serve her city and family with the best of her abilities...

She was mentored by Archon Alecto and Jeremiah Chesterfield

Archon Incisus, Dorrian Grey, Lady Jessica Moore

For most she is a worthy friend to have, from her combat prowess to dedication to keeping the peace. Often she can be found watching over Lucy or Silvanus.

She was married to another Toreador, Conwell Bellatrix. Together they rebuilt churches and created a foundation for the homeless. Since his death, she has carried on his ideal.

Since that time she's been diligently ensuring the safety and thriving communities of poor and unfortunate. A reputation that has shown her to be someone the young and inexperienced can turn to, and someone the old and wiser can rely on. She can be seen traveling up and down California visiting or assisting different domains if they need or request.

After the fall of Amador, she has served as a Sheriff to the late Kathrine Braddock during her time as Prince of Greater Berkeley CA. Then later as Braddock's Seneschal. With the death of Archon Alecto, Lady Jessica moved to San Francisco. For sometime now she's resided in San Francisco, and has served as one position or another since 2013. Currently the position of sheriff has been held by her since 2017.

A brief moment

A singer by trade, her voice seems to calm even the angriest of kindred. Beyond her voice it is her blades and skill with a blade that she is respected for. Tales of dragons and demons fleeing from her, she seems to embody the ideals of knights long ago. She has been seen walking side by side with le Roi in Paris, relaxing alongside justicars and chatting with the harridan.

Recently awarded status "Resolute" from Sovereign Prince Evelyn Landrake and is no longer seen as "Adored" by the late Prince Tristan.

Awarded "Refined" from Sovereign Prince Rook and is no longer seen as resourceful by former harpy Leo Gianelli.




Virgil Deems
She that Burns As the Sun (Sunny)
Isabella Visconti
Archon Incisus
Archon Pomona
Laura Wu
Winston Warchild
Victoria Velario
Evelyn Landrake
Cameron Clark
Charlie Kesch
Gary Kowaleski
Charlotte Deems
Natalia Korsakov

Missing Allies

Liam Dunsirn
Lucy LaRouge
Morgan Furen
Seamus Garrigan

Deceased Allies

Will Penn Godfrey
Archon Alecto
Conwell Bellatrix
Mark Richardson
Nasir al Din


”I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


Maggie Strom


No known childer, has been known to call Lucy LaRouge her daughter, Will Godfrey her son, Silvanas Smith and Theo Kellis her nephews, Nikita bint Nasir as her niece.



Character Inspirations

Sense and Sensibility [1]
Le Portrait de petite Cossette [2]
Black Dahlia [3]


Active Spotify list [4]
Dream Theater - Anna Lee [5]
Vienna Teng - The Tower [6]
Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes [7]
Missy Higgins - The Sound of White [8]
Regina Spektor - The Call [9]
Shivaree - Goodnight Moon [10]
Svcrina - Battlefield [11]


"He's young, and inexperienced. Let me train him and perhaps he will find his calling" to Chesterfield after a young Toreador had pushed his luck one too many times.
"My sword is at your side" to Prince Braddock and a few others.
"May god put your soul to rest."
"I will be your knight, my Prince"
”I'll bring the ... ARTillery”


Protects the local church that some have a hard time entering.
Patrols the city aimlessly.
She likes bubblegum.
She loves to drink
Flirts with elders
Is an art caretaker.
Paints the dead
Hangs out with Furies and Archons.
Attended a Grand Elysium as the date of Augustus FitzGerald.
Her art rivals the work of one of her mentors
Is fond of Mark Richardson
Is Prosymnus.
Is currently being courted by Rook
If Theo Kellis is her nephew does that make her a Boreal too?