Morgan Trevani

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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 6+3+2
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie ???
Society M.U.T.E.
Path Humanity ???
Player Ben R.


[Morgan Trevani

Alias(es): Dr. Wizard
Uncle Morgan

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 30s/Early 40s

Concept: Mathematician/Analyst

Physical description:6'6", close cut salt and pepper hair and beard, hazel eyes. Typically dressed in slacks, button down, and vest with pocket watch

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Nanuk
Knowledgeable by (former) Sovereign Prince Fiona MacGregor
Dedicated by (former) Sovereign Prince Luther Rommell
Resourceful by Sovereign Prince Rook
Valorous by Sovereign Prince Carola Van Hooves
Resourceful by (former) Sovereign Prince Evelyn Landrake
Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla
Dedicated as a M.U.T.E. Specialist
Cherished as the Seneschal of Annapolis, MD
Esteemed as the Seneschal of Annapolis, MD
Trusted as the Seneschal of Annapolis, MD

[Stygia, Morgan's Familiar

Character Information

Quiet and generally polite, Morgan generally spends most of his time watching and paying attention, before deciding to do something. He is also known for being the Prince's interrogator, emerging from conversations with enemies of the domain with the necessary information for the domain to defend itself. Rumors have started to emerge regarding Morgan having a darker side to his dealings with others, from members of his clan to other supernatural creatures. He shows up, seemingly at random in various domains, where he usually has a brief meeting, and then assists with whatever needs taking care of, only to report back later that the problem has been resolved.

Known History

Morgan put in his first public appearance at Kindred gatherings in January of 2015 in the domain of Annapolis. He spent some months as Deputy Sheriff with Sheriff Viktor and Sheriff Vitale Koslov. Morgan was appointed Keeper of Elysium in January of 2017, and joined M.U.T.E. a few months later. After stepping down briefly to rebuild his humanitas lost in the defense against the Daeva, he again returned to the position of Keeper of Elysium.
Morgan rotates Stewards every few years, preferring to find and train younger, newer Kindred without some of the preconceptions of an older member of the Camarilla. This has led to many of his former Stewards receiving officer positions in both Annapolis, and neighboring domains. He has been appointed as Steward to assist with Masquerade issues at several large Kindred gatherings, most notably several Glitter and Gloom events held in Baltimore, MD. Morgan has been asked publicly several times if he's having intimate relations with a number of powerful Kindred. His answers range from a simple, "No." to, "Well, I guess that depends on your definition of intimate." In the last year or two, Morgan has been known to gift prominent members of the Camarilla with very exotic pets, ranging from Cerberus hounds to dragons of various types. In recent months, Morgan has been seen in several prominent domains on the arm of a variety of Kindred ladies, and his absence from the West Coast gatherings may be because of a lover's quarrel, rather than politics like he keeps telling people. Most recently (2023), Morgan helped coordinate a performance of his clanmates that caused Sovereign Prince Rook to publicly renounce his well-known distaste for the Tremere clan.
In November of 2023, Morgan was named Seneschal of Annapolis, MD...replacing Soren le Maudit. Morgan is known for his preference for "efficiency", usually displayed as massive amounts of pre-planning and out of the box thinking.


None known

[Morgan and Seraphina


Cassandra Swan
Sonya Nowagowski
Anastasia Koslov
Zinnia Green - Deceased
Doctor Annabelle Adams - deveased
Saskia Dietrich
Nadine "DJ Stompade" Bonaventure - deceased
Gary Kowaleski
Carola van Hooves
Mia Gunn
Cameron Clark
Dominique - Deceased
The Queen of Shadows
Naomi Roth
Evelyn Landrake
Seraphina Charfour
Dr. Adrienne Stratton, PhD
Larissa Muller
Quinn Lionsigh


Trish Solomon


Not spoken of


None known of


None spoken of

Character Inspirations

Charles Epps in Numb3rs
Patrick Jane in The Mentalist
Percival Rose in Nikita
Hari Khapur Michaelson in Heroes Die


Nina Simone, "I Put a Spell on You"
Judy Garland, "Amazing Grace"
Sam Tinnesz, "Legends are Made"
The Score, "Glory"


  • "Because the universe sings..."
  • "Strega della stella di mattina..."
  • "Would you like me to run that through the program?"
  • "I'm happy to help out...but if I had some more specific information, I would be more effective..."
  • "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” ~ George Bernard Shaw
  • "Auntie Sera, it's important that we take care of you because if we don't have you then Uncle Morgan will be disappointed in all of us and that's just not something anyone has time for right now. It's in the best interest of house and clan to make sure that you're okiedokie." - Cassandra Swan
  • "To be a monster is to be a hybrid signal: a lighthouse, shelter and warning at once."


  • Dragons?? Dragons.
  • May be in some way related to Doctor Annabelle Adams.
  • Likes to be sleeping with at least one of his underlings/minions, and that probably explains why they are mostly female.
  • Has been seen in public with Cameron Clark, doing something with his hands that she was very interested in.
  • Is sleeping his way up the Tremere clan ladder, and his superiors are supposedly weak-kneed at the attention.
  • Has been seen talking to strange entities, and possibly making deals with them.
  • May be working as a servire to Justicar Lotharius.
  • Morgan's first proposed solution to problems is usually some form of Dominate, which may explain him successfully sleeping with his minions.
  • Stopped being Keeper in Annapolis briefly because his version of maintaining the First was to blood bond and condition all parties involved.
  • Tremere Only: The Annapolis Chantry has the unofficial name of the Chantry of Mercy, at least since Morgan was made Regent there.
  • Is apparently teaching members of his clan (female ones) how to assassinate people. If he shows up somewhere with a woman, someone is in trouble.
  • Has been the actual Keeper of Elysium at the last half dozen Glitter & Gloom. He's announced as a Steward so he can get Masquerade work done.
  • Is usually seen being Seraphina Charfour's arm candy.
  • Is working with members of his clan scattered around the globe in some sort of Tremere-only task force.
  • Uses a gutting hook as an athame.
  • Makes pets for people. It's definitely magic, but which kind?
  • Shows up places, has a meeting, and then stuff happens, usually to the benefit of the domain.
  • Is the manager of an all-female group of Tremere performers.
  • Is no longer required to file reports with his superiors. His right eye has been enchanted so his elders can see what he's doing when they want, like a security camera.
  • Turns his supposed allies into pets, after breaking them to accept the leash of his will.