Vincent Velario

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 5
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Jim Gross


Vinny Himself

Alias(es): Vincent Velario, Vinny Vee, Vinny Bagadoughnuts, Vinny Lazarro

Real Name: Not known publically

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Political Lounge Singer

Character Description 6'2" with dark brown hair and everchangeing facial hair. He is well built but not stocky or overly muscled

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Vinny is a famous singer who lives in Baltimore MD where he held Praxis April 2011-July 2012. He is known as a Loyal friend and a fierce fighter. He spent most of the 50's and 60's in Las Vegas as a featured singer at casinos run by the Giovanni. He then did some traveling before settling down in the Mid-Atlantic in 2005.


Deceased Allies


The Sabbat




Character Inspiration

Dean Martin and the Rat Pack


  • "I'm Gonna Live Until I Die" - Sinatra
  • "Out of this World" - Davis Jr
  • "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You" - Martin
  • "Embraceable You" - Martin


"Sinatra? That Hack? I'm the best ever to come out of Hoboken."
"When Vinny and I actually sat down we came to an agreement, and I know him to be a man of his word and honour!" – Jed Adams 07/10/10
Random Guy: "I am looking for Bob, a friend of Ralphie's" Vinny: "Was he 6' and Black? I killed him."


  • Vinny hates what people call art nowadays.
  • Vinny is largely disgusted by the rest of his clan for their frivolity and lack of organization.
  • He's biding his time as Prince. He would much prefer to be an archon.
    • Current and former archons think this is hysterical
  • Was seen in a Jacuzzi tub wearing a dress and Prada shoes.
  • Vinny has been heard/seen defending Ryan Easley's virtue with a fervor unmatched by most.
  • Vinny is in a secret relationship with Eva Luna and/or Roxy Codone
  • Vinny can't pull the trigger.
  • He has a list of Toreador he will kill on sight
  • He is a coward that relinquished his Praxis even though everyone was trying to help him.
  • Is completely insane.