Maris Streck

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Clan Malkavian
Position Justicar
Status 11+5
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Malkavian Coord Team


Apparent Age: mid-20s

Concept: Justice Incarnate

Physical description: Slim, short woman in the prime of her apparent life, although her stern facade belies her youth. She prefers clothing in the Victorian style: modest and generally dark in color. Her presentation is impeccable except for her unruly, touseled hair and her eyes constantly seem to shift focus. She is rarely seen in public without a hooded coat or cloak. She generally speaks English with a hint of an Austrian accent, although has been known to drift into her native tongue when piqued.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Admired
  • Adored
  • Cherished
  • Connected
  • Esteemed
  • Honorable
  • Influential
  • Loyal
  • Praised
  • Trustworthy
  • Exalted as Justicar
  • Formidable as Justicar
  • Just as Justicar
  • Respected as Justicar
  • Well­-Known as Justicar

Character Information

Known History

Maris Streck spent over 200 years quietly moving from Domain to Domain throughout Europe, utilizing her unique talents to procure jobs as an investigator from many of the most notable Kindred in the world. She became known as the foremost investigator in the Camarilla, doggedly and brilliantly unearthing information about anyone she was hired to pursue. Her dedication, specifically, to the concept of Justice became her benchmark: a standard of the highest order to which her adherence never flagged.

She achieved a reputation not only for quality, but also discretion, and was able to steadily amass a quantity of Boons of unprecedented value. Rumors say that one day, in 2006, Maris was overcome by the inspiration to move her life in a new direction. This may be true, as she was named the new Justicar to Clan Malkavian in early 2007 when former Justicar Lucian was granted reprieve to pursue a Princedom in the North Aegean Islands in Greece.

As Justicar, she took the skills she had honed as an investigator and put them to use forming her team of Archons. While not mercenary by nature, the Malkavian Archons (occasionally referred to as "Malchons" out of hearing from the Justicar) operate under a very traditional Prestation system: favors are never free, and the cost goes up if they are forced to ask before one offers. That said, the Malkavian Office is generally known for both its fairness and its dedication to Justice. In other words, one does tend to get what one pays for.

Maris Streck prefers no title-related honorifics. "Justicar Streck" is sufficient for all petitioners.

Justicar Streck has overseen a handful of Conclaves during her time in office, including:

Archons in Service to Justicar Streck

Base of Operations

Cardiff, Wales, UK


Lutz von Hohenzollern


  • "Monsters. They exist, outside of the tales we were all told as children. We see them in obvious places, such as the rebellion known as the Sabbat, but they also lurk in more subtle locations. We see monsters much more often than we even care to some cases, we see them whenever we look in the mirror. The darkest forest lies within our hearts, where the Beast lies ever in wait for us to stray from the path." - From the Judicial Conclave of Tobias Hunter, April 11, 2009


  • She purchased her Justicariate by cashing in many of the highly valuable Boons she had earned as an investigator in the Domains of Europe.
  • She loves hot tea and is more prone to favor petitioners who present her with a hostess gift of fresh tea leaves.
  • She is merely the public face for Chief Archon Knight's political agendas.
  • She allows her Archons to call her by first name.
  • She fought valiantly against the appointment of Elias Beecher to her team of Archons, but was overruled by...something. Inner voice? Hallucination? A decisive glimpse of the future?