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Clan Caitiff
Position Deceased
Status 5
Domain Black Hawk County, IA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Jessica Karels


Fifi!, circa 2009

Nickname(s): White Queen, Barbie, Phoenix, Cassandra, "that girl!", The Vagabond Beautician

Other aliases: Fifi!, Fiona LeStrange, Fifi! Blackwell

Real Name: ha!

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20's (depending on outfit and make-up)

Concepts: Glamorous Lie + Reluctant Prophet + Moral Compass


Fifi!, early 2013

Physical description: 5'10 (6' 2 if you add high heels) slightly tan, Caucasian with brunette (formerly blonde) hair and icy blue eyes. She has a Rubenesque form; a body with soft curves in just the right places. Her appearance is so vibrant that she's constantly mistaken for human.

Most remember the days where Fifi! dressed in glamorous attire - adorned with pink and glitter. Those days seem to have passed. Her appearance has taken a dark and more formal tone. At a typical gathering she is seen in an elegant black dress with simple jewelry.

When not in the presence of other kindred she is seen with her two purebred rottweilers, Azrael and Osiris, who do not seem intimidated or fearful of her.

Appearance: 3 (Gorgeous x 2, Magnetic)

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by the word of Prince Malatesta of the Domain of Gainesville (way early 2000's)
  • Insightful by the word of Zio! of Clan Brujah, former Prince of the Twin Cities (circa April, 2010)
  • Well-connected by the word of Dugan McKinney of Clan Brujah (circa August, 2010)
  • Praised by the word of Morgan Wynn Howell, Prince of the Twin Cities (January, 2011)
  • Ivory Bishop by the word of Adrian Serra, Prince of Los Angeles, CA (May, 2011)

  • Character Information

    Many kindred see Fifi! as a member of Clan Brujah. Some believe her to be Caitiff due to various "human" traits that she's rumored to possess.

    Fifi! is known for her closeness to her humanity and is seen as a moral compass within Kindred society. She prefers to wait until a Kindred approaches her before helping them protect and maintain their Humanity. Those from the outside who assume that humane and spiritual equal "pure" find out quickly that they are wrong. Fifi! comfortably speaks about what she has learned when it comes to "legally questionable" pleasures of the flesh. She is also not afraid of showing that she has a dark sense of humor and a fascination with death and the dying. Some wonder whether this is due to the influence of the men in her life, or if she is more monstrous than she appears.

    She was raised as a Catholic in her mortal life, and adheres to most of their tenets and rituals. However, at the recommendation of a fellow Soothsayer at the 2010 Midwinter's gather, Fiona has started to research other deities to revere in addition to the (young) Judeo-Christian god. She has since developed an interest in the Greek and Egyptian myths.

    Her humanitarian efforts focus on aiding the outcasts of society: needle exchanges for drug users, wet houses for homeless alcoholics, and health care and protective services for sex workers. There are rumors that she is also getting involved in the drug and sex trade markets, thereby creating a growing group of hedonists and those who would later need her "salvation".

    Among the mortal populace, she is known as a skilled Cosmetologist and for helping to organize unorthodox social work like needle exchanges and health care services for sex workers (OOC: Fame x 3: Iowa)... though that seems to be changing...

    Known History

    Few are around that remember Fifi's early years from when she was in Florida. During that time she and her Sire, Zio!, were close. Something caused her to abruptly leave. No one knows whether she left because her Sire was slipping in his Humanity, or whether his decline was because of her leaving.

    During the following year (still early 2000's), she made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem - this was back when it was a "ghost town" for Kindred. No one knows why she traveled there, what she saw, or where she went afterwords. With the exception of an occasional sighting here or there, she fell off contact with Kindred society for several years.

    In September 2008, Fifi! appeared in the domain of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Despite appearing overly flamboyant, she was mild-tempered, quiet, and humane to the point where it showed in her physical appearance. When asked on her motives for moving to Iowa, she spoke of seeing a vision regarding her Sire, and feeling a calling that she needed to help him.

    Months after the St. Paul - Minneapolis conclave (early 2009), Fifi! moved to the Twin Cities in order to be closer to her Sire and to experience "big city" life.

    She was Lesser Harpy to Alex Randall of Clan Malkavian. After a few months, Alex stood up to the Prince at that time, Chester Black, and stripped him of several measures of standing due to various scandals. After Alex was banished, the Primogen asked Fifi! (though still inexperienced) to become the next Harpy. Her removal as Harpy was due to rumors regarding her own views on the downfall of Chester Black (that he was 'set up' in the end).

    After that debacle, she served as Assistant Keeper for Horace Mansfield-Rhumer, as well as Whip for her clan under numerous Primogen. Her disdain towards clan and sect politics has faded as a reaction to the deaths of her teacher and ally, Cadence Porter, and Anthony Black. She originally accepted the role of Primogen when there were no viable options remaining. After a few months, she appeared to fully take on the role, and worked both within her city and outside of it in order to build political alliances.

    In the beginning of May 2011, she stepped down from Primogen and left the Twin Cities to return to Cedar Falls. In the year that followed, she lost many who were close to her. Zio!, her Sire, was killed by a Sabbat infiltrator. Her dear friend Matthias Blackstone died in a failed praxis seizure. Noctis, her former coterie-mate, confidante, and ally, was murdered shortly after they spoke with each other at the Midwinter gather in 2012. She walked away from her obligations and from the social spotlight for several months, finally re-emerging from her grief in autumn 2012. That October, Prince Murray conscripted her to serve as Primogen and to represent the Caitiff and "non-founding" clans.

    She lost her beloved and ally, Aleister Blackwell, in early December 2012. After losing so many - friends, paramours, her Sire, and what could have been true love - some questioned whether she would recover from her grief. Others wondered if she would stand on her own. Others still knew the truth about her strength, and wondered if retribution would come from her own hand, or from those watching her from the shadows.


    Team Fail / Team Freeman (disbanded) - reconnaissance guru and Public Relations manager


    Several seemingly random yet important kindred know who she is and watch out for her. Ask her why they look out for her and she'll give you a blank, confused look in return. Maybe she's not fond of name-dropping.

    At public gathers, Fifi! is typically seen associating with Malkavians (especially the very "enlightened" ones) or Tremere.


    The Sabbat, who probably have her on some "hit list"

    If she has any other enemies, they either haven't made themselves public, or they no longer exist.


    Zio! (Brujah), Former Archon: Deceased



    The Fallen

    Fiona & Aleister

    Those who have departed, who have forever changed her

    Character Inspirations


    • Ke$ha
    • Lady Gaga
    • Paris Hilton
    • cute items from Juicy Couture
    • The Madonna/Whore dichotomy

    Personality/Inner concept:

    • Cassie Holmes (Push)
    • Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
    • The Ugly Duckling (children's story)
    • Eleanor Lamb (Bioshock 2)


    Midwinter 2011 - Very very... white!

    Soundtrack #1: Facade

    Soundtrack #2: Veritas

    Soundtrack #3: Agápe, Storge, Philia, Éros

    Quotes by Fifi!

    • "You realize that pejorative you just called me comes from Sabbat propaganda, right?"
    • "I think that the whole "childe taking on the sire's last name" trend is silly. That's why I have a dual last name. Exclamation point, LeStrange. The hyphen is invisible."
    • "My Sire called me the Sara Durward of Clan Brujah... I don't know whether that was supposed to be a complement or insult..."
    • "DAMN YOU ZIO!!!!" (usually exclaimed after discovering others see her as a leader... and she says it even when he's nowhere in sight)
    • "You want to appoint me as Primogen? Let me consult the clan on this... (points to someone else) He's our Primogen!" (this plan lasted for only 2 months)
    • "No, I do not carry my dog in my purse... The rottweiler wouldn't fit."
    • (after others notice her appearance or visions and start asking questions) "That's classified... CLASSIFIED information."
    • "Oh, don't be worried. (insert name of scary/powerful kindred here) is really a nice person once you get to know them."
    • "I've only been good at figuring out what's right and wrong for myself. The few times that I've judged others were those where I was hurt by whatever happened" - Fiona on morality
    • "Everyone's acting so nice to me... I think that people keep forgetting that I'm, you know... kindred."
    • "I look in this room and all I see are monsters. Some just wear prettier masks." - Masquerade Ball in New Orleans, September 2011
    • "No one defines me. I define myself. They believe what I want them to perceive."
    • "Caution is not weakness."
    • "Some say the death of my sire's killer was justice and closure. I say it was a hollow death - more blood to grease the gears of this never-stopping machine."
    • "I gave him one of the few things that few of our kind have come to expect - forgiveness. I will not allow his actions to harden my heart. I offered him a way to find atonement for his actions and make things right within himself before the end comes..."
    • "Killing in the name of vengeance solves nothing. You forever tie the killer and victim in your memory. Better that the killer fall and be remembered for his other sins and shortcomings than for what he took from you."
    • "I think I just got trolled..."

    Quotes about Fifi!

    "This is the last time I'm embracing a cosmetologist" - Archon Zio!, Midwinter Gather 2011
    "Look at who her Sire is, that should at least tell you something about her..." - Harpy Rachel Violet Eiken
    "It looks like she's trying to out-Sara Durward Sara Durward..." -Anonymous, Midwinter Gather 2011
    " it's a real-life Barbie" - Overheard at kindred gatherings where she's dressed up in one of her extreme pink outfits


    Fifi! during the second night of the 2013 Midwinter gather...
  • Involved 'behind the scenes' in three bloodless praxes in St. Paul - Minneapolis
  • Gets close to other kindred to find out what makes them 'tick', then finds creative ways to encourage them to better themselves. Kind of like Jigsaw... only less deadly (usually).
  • Knows more about the Sabbat than the Camarilla
  • Pretends to lean on other kindred in order to lure out her (and their) rivals
  • Between her appearance, her "visions", and strange occurrences that happen around her, some believe that she's got connections with other supernatural entities
  • Want to know what she's really thinking? Listen to what nearby Malkavians whisper about...
  • She is dependent on both blood and food for sustenance.
  • Can get drunk from alcohol... and is a lightweight by mortal standards
  • Her style of clothes and make-up hint at the visions she's recently had...
  • Spends time around those that are either inhumane or very creepy due to her fascination with Death.
  • Offered an unofficial court position as Spiritual Advisor / Moral Compass under Prince Morgan Wynn Howell. Turned down the position because it mirrored the Sabbat position of Priest
  • Her complexion is way too human for her to be Kindred
  • Her pure, caring presence is a well-crafted lie built to manipulate you to bend to her will. She's really a duplicitous bitch.
  • Worships various death/rebirth gods/goddesses from the Greek pantheon
  • Has secretly started to take on "humanity projects"
  • Took on the name "Blackwell" in memory of Aleister after he died... and then dropped the name after the Midwinter gather after the Prince who executed him was Conclaved
  • Has a collection of tissues from when she cried at the deaths of various kindred
  • Married to Riddley Lewis
  • Met her Final Death 2/9/2013 in Black Hawk County.
  • Knowingly walked into the meeting that would be her demise