Rachel Violet Eiken

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 6
Domain Winona, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Jen C.


Alias(es): Violet, Corinne deValagar, many of the Children of Haqim call her Lady Eiken

Real Name: Rumored to be Isentrud Eiken

Apparent Age: Late twenties/early thirties


Physical description:

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by the Dread Thomas Charles Montgomery, former Prince of Fargo,ND, former Prince of Oberammergau, Germany.
  • Dedicated by the Dread Thomas Charles Montgomery, former Prince of Fargo, ND, former Prince of Oberammergau, Germany.
  • Influential by Nicholas Waller, former Prince of the Twin Cities, MN
  • Loyal by Leonius Agrippa, former Prince of Winona, MN
  • Loyal by Reginald Koffmen, former Prince of La Crosse, WI
  • Vigilant by Nicholas Waller, former Prince of the Twin Cities, MN

Character Information

Known History




They know who they are.


Mostly deceased


The Dread Thomas Charles Montgomery

Childer that survived the accounting

Zachariah Readmann, taken by his sire's hand (deceased)
Hezron Eiken


Shawn Eiken
James Carter
Rachel has hinted there have been others but she does not discuss them. She has been heard to mention her sire kept the teeth.




  • Rachel is often seen in Elysium lecturing neonates on the history and traditions of the Camarilla.
  • Like her sire, Rachel is extremely hard on those under her accounting. Only two have survived (One other survived acknowledgment was later deemed unworthy and destroyed by Rachel (with rights of course)
  • She has been a significant power broker behind the scenes in the Minnesota area for several years.
  • Rachel hates the new world and pines for Germany.
  • Rachel is a total bitch, but in a lovely way.
  • Rachel was embraced in mid 2008, before that she was just a ghoul pretending to be Kindred.
  • Rachel is on good terms with pretty much every Child of Haqim she has ever met, except maybe Morgan Wynn Howell, and then it depends on if Morgan is pmsing or not.
  • Rachel has been offered the position of Prince many times in a number of different cities. For reasons known only to her she has not yet accepted.
    • Yet she is now Prince of Winona.
  • Rachel has fantastic hats.
  • She can be creative when offended. Recompense has been known to range from learning how to properly conduct Bedouin tea ceremonies to being banished by their Prince from whatever domain they call home - depending on the level of the offense.
  • Rachel will never betray an ally - unless they betray her first.
  • After several years of bad experiences with Horace Mansfield-Rhumer Rachel had a number of years of rocky relations with the local male tremere. Since getting to know some better examples of upstanding citizens such as Warren DeMontegue and Aleister Blackwell things have smoothed out. Somehow she always got along fine with the female tremere.
  • Rachel pulled strings and attempted to puppet the Praxis attempt that removed Syprus Herring from the Twin Cities, because going against her directly would have been in poor taste as Syprus and Rachel were tentative allies.