Joseph Hanover

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 3
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? O
Player Chris Meuleners


Joseph Hanover

Alias(es): Jonathan Hanover

Real Name: Joseph Hanover (presumably)

Apparent Age: 22-24

Concept: Young Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthopist

Physical description: 6'0", athletic build, early 20's (appearance 7). Always dressed well and packing two heavy pistols beneath his sport coat.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Loyal
  • Dedicated
  • Esteemed
  • Indomitable
  • Invaluable

Character Information

Known History

Former Ventrue Primogen, Former Prince. Joseph entered the domain while it was ruled by Prince Restax in 2005. Joseph seems to have little if any interest in politics. He has been in the front lines of every sabbat conflict that has occured in the state for the last 5+ years. He is alternately recognized for his efforts and combat prowess by Princes and Archons and stripped by harpies for his lax attitude to prestation and authority. Joseph has been seen combating the rebellion in Minnesota, Wisconson, North Dakota, New York, California, Arizona, and Canada. It is believed that he was in each of these states for the purpose of picking up women, but the Sabbat got in his way.


None known.


Clan Ventrue and Clan Tremere in the Twin Cities. Various associates nationally and abroad.




Archon Leonius Agrippa


John Paul "JP" Astor


None Known

Character Inspirations

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne




  • His romantic interests have the tendency to become blood bound to him.
  • Is unbondable
  • Purposefully blood bonds his his romantic interests.
  • Hanover often behaves like a mercenary, he will do whatever is best for him at the time and damn the consequences.
  • The only reason he's alive is that Lucinde enjoys his "Bedside Manner".
  • His sire secretly considers him a disappointment.
  • Has a childe named JP in Iowa who can't even pick up chicks without paying for them.
  • Has a den filled with the preserved corpses of supernatural critters, such as werewolves and basilisks.
    • The Basilisk eyes are fake
  • Has been known to bottle (now deceased)kindred blood and brings the "vintages" to large events to share.
  • Only gains nourishment from kindred blood.
  • Joseph has been considered as a new Archon to Justicar Lucinde.
  • Is actually Neil Patrick Harris' inspiration for Barney on "How I Met Your Mother".
  • Actually used Neil Patrick Harris' body as a p-suit to play himself as Barney on "How I Met Your Mother" so that he could seduce Allison Hannigan, film it for personal use, and erase her memory of any such thing happening.
  • Has a sex tape floating around with himself and Charlie, a toreador in the twin cities.
  • Hired a Gangrel called "Rob" to dive bomb helicopters during a race for Columbus's 2012 Grand Elysium.
  • Is in a coterie with Edgar Lockheart and Hajime Kojima.
  • Is in a coterie with Ventris.
  • Killed two of the five infernalists who came to kill him at Blood & Ice.