Sylphain Delille

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Clan Toreador
Position Deceased
Status 3
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Sam Hirte-Runtsch


Sylphain at Rice Park in St Paul, enjoying the snow.

Alias(es): None known.

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: The Writing Writer

Physical description: Standing at a shade under 6', Sylphain is a thin, wiry gentleman with shoulder-length hair. Known to dress in styles ranging from college-artsy to "stereotypical vampire" black-on-red. His blue eyes are usually hidden behind tinted blue glasses.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Villeneuve, Marquis of Marseilles
  • Charitable by Zio!, then-Prince of the Twin Cities
  • Loyal by John Payne, then-Primogen for Clan Toreador of the Twin Cities

Character Information

Known History

After his Embrace and Acknowledgment, Sylphain left his Sire (of whom he rarely speaks) and Marseilles and proceeded to wander through Camarilla territories for forty+ years. Primarily through luck, he managed to avoid situations that could be seen as either dangerous or educational.

When the Twin Cities hosted a debate on the nature of the Camarilla and the Traditions in November of 2009, Sylphain, ever the scholar, decided to see what the event was all about. Something about the Domain triggered a wish to settle down, and he has remained there since.

By summer of 2010, Sylphain had gone from unknown nobody to Primogen of Clan Toreador, though he is entirely unsure how this event transpired.

Throughout the majority of his time in the Domain of the Twin Cities, he seems to have been inordinately obsessed with the weather and with Latino gangs. Last winter, the Kindred of the Domain staged an assault, with Sylphain at the head, on a church in a gang-infested area of the Cities, and this obsession has died down.

After being unwillingly involved in the execution of James Carlson, Sylphain ended up with the Accounting of Natasha Taylor due to the efforts of Primogen Howell.

When Morgan Howell stepped down as Prince, Sylphain challenged Nekoj Kustic for Praxis, and won. Four weeks later, in a Praxis fight with Alexei Semago, he was killed.




Ari Renard
Razi Massoud
Syprus Herring
Dr. Herbert Kaufman
Maeve Cahill (Deceased)
Baeddan Stone (Deceased)


Alexei Semago


He doesn't talk about her.


Natasha Taylor (Adopted)



Character Inspirations


-Chevalier Viewed Through a Half-Cracked Mirror

-A Rose Entranced


  • "Not only are you leaving for Vegas, but you're also making me Primogen? I'll get you for this."
  • "I'm sure that those who are far elder and wiser than me have noticed blah and are already looking into the issue, but I felt it prudent to bring to someone's attention."
  • "Well, we may not have had bobbing for apples like Fargo did, but it was still a fairly successful party."
  • In talking to the Harpy about Joshua White and Ivory: "I apologize that these two pale Roses presented themselves and conducted themselves without the dignity I would hope my Clan would normally espouse."
  • "Who the deuce are you?"
  • To Syprus Herring "If you want, we will find another $20,000 hooker so you can find out what they're like."
  • Ari Renard-"Tone the snark down a little, please?" "But, I'm a Toreador. Snark keeps my heart beating."
  • Roy- (an Anarch) "You're profiling me, aren't you?" Sylphain- "Yes. Yes I am."


  • Is Malkavian, at least in part.
    • Is a Malkavian infiltrating the Toreador clan for fun and/or profit.
  • Hates the idea of being in positions of power.
  • Headed a judged costume competition at the Twin Cities Halloween party; the judges decided the overall winner was Joseph Hanover, who to most appeared to be possessing a Crinos-form werewolf... but out of mischief or spite, Sylphain awarded the grand prize to the werewolf, not Hanover.
  • To spite former Prince Morgan Wynn Howell, Sylphain politically slapped the Children of Haqim in the face when he put them under the Tremere Primogen.
    • He thinks it's funny to put a Child of Haqim under the report of the Tremere.
  • Once "strategically commandeered" a Malkavian blanket fort on Elysium. Seriously.
  • Triggered the worst snowstorm to hit the Twin Cities in over a century.
  • Is beginning a brutal take over of the drug trade in the Twin Cities.
  • Paid Syprus Herring 100 bolts of zebra-print fabric in return for her aid in protecting a Clanmate's ghoul. An hour later, the congratulatory party for Prince Morgan Wynn Howell's one year Praxis anniversary was decorated in zebra print.
  • After spending a year as Primogen, he approached Prince Howell and told him he could no longer be Primogen. Howell offered him the Sheriff position on the spot.
  • Although he agrees that “Madam Priscilla” is a Bitch, Sylphain is actually fond of his Primogen.
  • Sylphain betrayed Hajime Kojima to Morgan Howell, eventually leading to him being blood-hunted.
  • Has some dark secret over Scourge Alexei Semago which keeps the Scourge from killing those close to Sylphain.
  • After winning his Praxis received a 7.62x54mmR rifle round with his name written on it in Russian.
  • Is being controlled by the Tremere as Prince of the Twin Cities through his "relationship" with Ari Renard.
    • Is actually dead, and was replaced by a mortal who looks like Sylphain and is being possessed by a Tremere.
  • Has gone completely insane- why else would he have taken Praxis after Howell?
  • Some say that every Prince of the Twin Cities after Restax has gone insane in the position. Bets are currently being taken to see how long Delille lasts.
    • Others point out that Sylphain is already insane (see Malkavian rumors).
  • Was killed by Alexei Semago
  • Commit Suicide by ordering Dr. Herbert Kaufman to fire on Alexei Semago after a cease fire had been called so peace could be negotiated.