Syprus Herring

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Clan Malkavian
Position Deceased
Status ???
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Kandice


Syprus Herring

Syprus Herring

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: 26

Concept: Supernatural Erotic Novel Writer meets 50's housewife meets Aphrodite meets Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter

Physical description: 5'7, Red hair with blue eyes and an hour glass figure. She is frequently in zebra print, loves fashion and likes to dress well... but "well" is subjective. Has a small obsession with hats, especially little ones, and frequently looks slightly disheveled with her suit case or hat box in tow.

Detailed Status:

  • burn to learn

Character Information

Old fashion in some regards and very modern in others. She has a love for technology, etiquette and animals. She writes smut for a living simply because it sells well.She was heavily influenced by media and pop culture. She has a love for television and media that she doesn’t quite understand. She finds that some of her best research to answer any “Why?” or “What would happen if…?” (a trait she uses to come up with character concepts for her erotica) questions she might come up with come out of TV and cinema. Despite her acceptance of alternative lifestyles, different belief systems and ways of acting, Syprus herself attempts to put an extreme emphasis on being polite, inoffensive and diplomatic. She won’t care if you crack a “your momma’s so fat” joke, commit a vulgar display or use profanity but she tries very hard to behave properly herself. If you are blatantly rude or continuously improper you’ll probably end up on her growing list of people she tries very hard to not associate with. But, the thing to keep in mind is that in Syprus’s mind rude and improper does not mean dry, humorless and boring. She is drawn to interesting people especially if she thinks she can get a character out of them for a future novel. Some people have commented after conversing with Syprus that they feel as if the entire time they were talking to her she was sizing them up and figuring out how she could fit them onto paper.

Known History

Syprus arrived in the twin cities in March of 2010 arriving from Denver to visit the place her sire had come from. She liked it well enough to set up a permanent residence.
In 2012 took Praxis. Believed to have been killed in a Praxis attempt in March 2013.

Syprus at Midwinter 2011's Chinese New Year night



Many and Few


After the deaths of Sylphain Delille and Ari Renard Syprus has been very distant and not been overly friendly to anyone in the domain.




Buford Herring




Aurora Herring

Character Inspirations

Romance Novels
The Great Gatsby (how not to behave)
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Get Smart (original tv series)
Emily Post's Etiquette
Neil Gaiman
Scary Spice


Modern Favorites
"I'd Start a Revolution" Aimee Allen
"Walking on Sunshine" Katrina & The Waves
"Over My Head" Lit
"Over the Rainbow" Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole


"Amelia! Go wait in the car!"
"Well, we were playing with a barrel of monkeys earlier."
"no... it's a fallout tent."
"I did what you asked me to... but I had to arrange an orgy to do it."
"OMG - she has such cute hats!!!" - Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange on Syprus's fashion
"what is that?!"- A member of court. "A portable Malkavian Elysium!"-Syprus
"... and a fucking kitten!" Syprus angrily --"Syprus! Why must everything be fucking?!" member of court-- "Because it makes me fucking smile on the inside!!!!!!" Syprus.
"It was a harsh lesson, and I grieve for the loss of my friends but I now know the difference between Friends and Allies"- Syprus


  • Syprus does carry a suitcase or hat box depending on the day.
  • Syprus does own a lot of hats.
  • Syprus does frequently misplace things on her person.
  • Doesn't tolerate rude behavior


  • Is a member of the Sabbat.
  • Her suitcase has a black hole in it... It's a Suitcase of Doom.
  • She loves to play games.
  • She once created a blanket fort on Elysium so she and her sister Aurora could hide from a mean-looking Brujah, but they got distracted with something and lost it to the Toreador.
  • Is a pawn of the elders of the Twin Cities.
  • She randomly bursts into dance
  • Has the potential to be a very scary Harpy
  • She has a slightly odd obsession with cats
  • Might have been slightly responsible for the sudden popularity of zebra print and the reintroduction of Zoobas
  • Has a darker side she doesn't show others.
  • Wants to experience a night with a $20,000 hooker.
  • Betrayed former-Prince Sylphain Delille in a fight with now-Prince Alexei Semago.
  • Don't push her too far, when she finally pushes back she will literally kill you.
  • Is becoming the very tyrant that she killed Alexei Semago for being.
  • Is afraid of Alexei's childer coming to kill her.
  • Held off a Praxis attempt against her by James Carter
  • Isn't afraid to make deals with anyone, from any clan to secure her praxis
  • Is a puppet of the "real" Elders of the Domain
  • Was replaced with a Sabbat infiltrator years previously, the traitor Kevin Mason.
  • Is blood bound to the Setites.
  • Is a Setite neophyte.
  • Has intentionally let lies and truths escape to fuck with the people.
  • Was killed in a Praxis seizure by a Gangrel
  • Deceased
  • Hours before her death sent the gangrel Elliot, ally of the deceased Alexei Semago, Alexei's suit with a letter asking him to wear it for her.
  • Faked her own death because she realized the Domain deserved a Tyrant and not kindness.
  • Kissed Alexei goodbye and thanked him for being a worthy adversary before killing him.
  • Told the Domain multiple lies about investigations that would be happening in order to encourage a Praxis challenge from now Prince Digger.
  • Gave Mark everything he needed in order for him to claim he'd killed her in a Praxis attempt and then fed Mark to Digger, knowing Mark would be killed by Digger whom she had suspecting was plotting against her.
  • Pawned all of Alexei's person effects, before going into what she was sure was going to be a Praxis Challenge, just to piss off John Cutter.