Selene Lazarion

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6 + Reputation
Domain Dallas, TX
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Jenn B



Rumored Alias(es): Savannah Thendara, Savannah Daemos

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: late 20s

Concept: Corrupt Socialite

Physical description:
Selene is of average height, but a surreal beguiling beauty and attraction that matches her stark eerie presence. She moves with a vampiric grace of a creature comfortable in her Kindred state. She is most often seen at large social functions in a long and elegant evening gown, adorned with diamonds. Other times, simply formal black slacks and business clothes, with a slytherin scarf about her black wool coat.

Selene appears to be on very low humanity, having taken steps in recent nights to return to the Path.

[OOC: Eerie Presence]

Detailed Status:

[OOC for Nosferatu PCs only: Selene has Clan Friendship: Clan Nosferatu for her years of dedicated service to two Nosferatu Justicars.]

Archon Selene Lazarion and her ally Justicar Cock Robin, 2008

Character Information

Selene has been deeply involved in Camarilla politics ever since she came mysteriously into the scene in 2001. It has been rumored that in the days before being an Archon, she would replace Princes on whims, and was responsible for placing many of the Princes she was Seneschal to in their positions. After a failed Praxis attempt with the help of her allies Xavier Murdoch, Michael Heartsblood, and Matty Evans, she turned to the Justicariate for political outlet, and became one of Ctarinov's more ruthless and political Archons. When Cock Robin became the new Nosferatu Justicar, he retained Selene Lazarion on staff, though she now seems to stay in Memphis with him.

A careful predator amongst the societal flock needs allies in all the right places to tow the line between useful and expendable, and she is known to be entrenched politically within the Sect, with rumors of extensive under-handed deals, off-the-books boons, blackmail, extortion, and underworld-like activity. It is likely that the witch weaves her thaumaturgy towards such ends.

She has a reputation for a bit of a shady past. It is rumored (through the Nosferatu leaking her background to the Sect) that her sire was the globally bloodhunted Arcades Daemos, and at one point had been an assassin for Arcades and Andrea Grimmwald. She is known for a notoriously intense hatred of Assamites, and treats Caitiff with contempt.

Selene has been involved in many of the major Sabbat fronts in New York and San Diego. She has also been known to go to small towns and hunt down full packs of their Sabbat herself out of boredom.

During the 2011 Conclave, Selene was the speaker for Clan Tremere dedicated towards pushing the agenda of the Clan forward. She had been released from service as Archon roughly two weeks prior.

Known Political History

Justicar Cock Robin and Archon Selene Lazarion.
  • Seneschal of Prince Daniel Blackthorne, Toreador, Cincinnati, Ohio (August 27, 2001 – October 2001)
  • Seneschal of Prince Dean Famularo, Brujah, Columbus, Ohio (October 2001- January 2002)
  • Seneschal of Prince Abigale Willoughby, Gangrel, Columbus, Ohio (January 2002 – April 2002)
  • Seneschal of Prince Josh Swan, Tremere, Columbus, Ohio (April 2002 – February 2003)
  • Seneschal of Prince John Keats, Toreador, Columbus, Ohio (December 2002 - January 2003)
  • Seneschal of Prince Indigo, Nosferatu, Columbus, Ohio ( January 2003 – February 2003)
  • Harpy of Prince Indigo, Nosferatu, Columbus, Ohio (April 2003 – July 2003) (During her tenure as Harpy, she was the hostess to the Grand Elysia in Columbus, Ohio that year. [OOC: Origins])
  • Seneschal of Prince Indigo, Nosferatu, Columbus, Ohio (July 2003 – November 2003)
  • Prince of Columbus, Ohio (November 17, 2003 - March 2004)
  • Seneschal of Prince Xavier Murdoch, Gangrel, Indianapolis, IN (June 1, 2004 – September 11, 2004)
  • Archon in Training to Justicar Igor Illyovich Ctarinov, Nosferatu (September 30, 2004 - September 30, 2005)
  • Archon to Justicar Igor Illyovich Ctarinov, Nosferatu (September 30, 2005 - January 14, 2008)
  • Archon to Justicar Cock Robin, Nosferatu (January 14, 2008 - June 17, 2011)
  • Primogen of Clan Tremere for Dallas, Texas (June 22, 2011 - present...?)

These nights, Selene now seems to be a seasoned political asset to Clan Tremere, acting directly as a speaker for the elders of her Clan. She carried over fifty status to speak for her Clan at the Conclave of 2011.


Selene Lazarion, Columbus Grand Elysium 2011.
Validus Vixen.jpg

These nights Selene tends to keep to Justicar Cock Robin's Archons, and also seems to be a part of a Clan Tremere group of politically-minded individuals... neither which are truly a Coterie.

[For Tremere PCs only: Exigo of House Validus]


From left to right: Shade, Francis Merevien, and Selene Lazarion, Chicago 2005


Qelyn and Selene Lazarion, Dallas, Texas, 2008.


...and others she has likewise actively destroyed but never laid a finger on.

Known Sire

Known Lazarion Progeny

Selene Lazarion, 2004, Indianapolis, IN

Childer, alive

Childer, deceased


Selene Lazarion, New Orleans 2011

Rumored Broodmates

Other Known Childer of Arcades Daemos:

  • Morgan Daemos, sire of Labrys Daemos, Raquel Daemos, and Victor Daemos, who was sire of Caius Daemos.
  • Andrea Grimmwald, sire of Quinn Grimmwald, sire of Elektra Grimmwald, sire of Scott Snow
  • Gershwin Daemos
  • Legion
  • Victor Daemos
  • Poseidon Daemos

Arcades was the childe of Jeraven, who was the childe of Xanatos, who was the childe of Valderath.

Rumors about Selene Lazarion

Selene is known for her elegant gowns...
  • Selene used to be the Primogen of Dallas, but has not been for some time.
  • Her most recent residence is deep in Sabbat territory, and not a Camarilla city.
  • She has taken a recent tumble from her old ways, and is now clinging desperately to the vestages of low Humanity.
  • Selene has had two Justicars of Clan Nosferatu blood bound to her, and at one point also controlled the Justicar of Clan Tremere.
  • Selene Lazarion helped catch and bring on the Tremere Anti-tribu Nikolai, who diablerized Nosferatu Justicar Petradon.
  • Clan Nosferatu gave her a priceless blue diamond necklace as a symbolic thank you - the diamond belonged to Count Petradon, and the silversmithing done by Justicar Cock Robin.
  • Selene is an obsessive thaumaturge that has created a great deal of deadly but secretive thaumaturgy, but none have lived to see its results.
  • A bucket of cold water will melt Selene Lazarion.
  • A harsh mentor, she has no toleration of failure, and kills those that have proved unworthy - including her own childer.
  • Selene only embraces her childer from artists that she poaches from the Toreador, or the Toreador-antitribu.
  • It is rumored that she may be a Tzimisce that's been infiltrating the Tremere.
  • When Selene was Prince of Columbus, she granted herself Amaranth and diablerized a Caitiff in front of the Court to prove a point of their denial of Hospitality.
  • Selene Lazarion is part of an underground Kindred slave-trade ring.
  • When Selene kills someone a devil gets it's horns, and when Selene Lazarion coughs someone dies in California.
  • Selene is a rampant diablerist, but manages to extort Right of Amaranth over all she consumes.
  • Selene Lazarion once tried to get into the Society of the Hague, but her heated lesbian love affair with Lady Elizabeth of York went south.
  • Selene's real sire may be someone more infamous than the globally bloodhunted Arcades Daemos.
Selene, VTES style as made by Joe S.
  • Her true heart's location is inserted into the body of a small child that she watches over as a ward.
  • Selene only feeds on pre-natal blood.
  • Selene is infernal and practices dark thaumaturgy... but she has a soul.
  • She has a talking monkey, a flying cat, and a monster in the lake in her back yard that she swims with nude under the pale moonlight.
  • Xavier Murdoch and Selene Lazarion were lovers.
  • When Selene was Prince of Columbus, she was stripped down to her Acknowledgement.
  • Selene has a bizarre addiction to a thaumaturgical concoction that she ritually brews.
  • Two of her childer have been diablerized by the Assamites, which has only enflamed her intense hatred of the Clan.
  • The Ventrue once dressed Selene Lazarion up as a Slytherin schoolgirl as a prank, and Selene was so amused she wore it to her Clan meeting to piss them off.
  • Selene Lazarion is really on Humanity but makes herself out to be wickedly inhumane to seem scaaaaaaaary.
  • She actually arranged for the Daniel Book drop dead after she arranged for Daniel's death to give her public credit for the act.
  • Selene Lazarion has extra nipples as she was a wicked witch before she was embraced in the 1700's. She also tortured small animals as a child.
  • She has a good twin out there that was embraced as an Assamite which is why she hates the Assamites.
  • Selene Lazarion found a way to hide her Mark of the Betrayer and is actually of the line of Goratrix.
  • Selene is a dream witch and can walk into your dreams and kill you with the powers of a corrupted sand man.
  • Justicar Cock Robin punished Selene for Bolt's death, and made her take Saul Good as her partner as punishment.
  • Selene Lazarion practices Necromancy and keeps wraith slaves, but has a standing deal with the Giovanni.
  • She was affiliated with The Dead Man's Hand through her allies and worked for them on occasion.
  • Selene controlled Justicar Anastaz di ZeGreb and many of his missives were actually written by her.
  • She is actually a man in a woman's possession suit.
  • Selene never strays far from home because she obsessively sleeps on a bed of angel wing feathers from her dead lover's corpse.
  • Selene killed her own childer and blamed it on the Assamites so she would have someone to blame for their deaths.
  • Selene's childe Dymas Lazarion was killed by the childe of Al-Ashrad.
  • She is the illegitimate child of British nobility and was never loved during her childhood, and sent to a nunnery, and that is why she is so cruel.
  • Selene executed Anna Nevermore, aka, Black Mariah when she defected to the Sabbat.
  • Selene was part of a 'pack' with Michael Heartsblood, Xavier Murdoch, Jobe le Sainte, and Matty Evans... all of whom are now dead.
  • Selene once diablerized a man in Reno just to watch him die.
  • Selene is the inspiration of Belletraix Lestrange, due to a use of Occult influence over author J.K. Rowling by other Tremere as a prank on her.
  • Selene was caught cheating with her team at a game of kindred chess during a large kindred event against the Assamite Voice of the Eldest, Jieeda.
  • Selene is so infernal that Dark Thaum actually practices her.
  • Selene's favorite childe is Isaac.
  • Selene's favorite childe is Justin.
  • Selene's favorite childe is Julian.
  • She has enough "toys" to supply half a dozen of the orphanages that she's burned down for the crime of being too cute.
  • Selene's favorite grandchilde is Ilona.
  • Selene remains allies with the known and infamous Anarch, Vincent King.
  • Selene became infernal so she could woo Elias Beecher. It turns her on that he calls her 'mommy'.


  • "I'd be Surprisingly Good for You" - Evita Soundtrack
  • "Goodnight and Thank You" - Evita Soundtrack
  • "Stay" - Shakespeare's Sister
  • "Angry Johnny" - Poe
  • "Teeth" - Lady Gaga
  • "The World is Not Enough" - Garbage
  • "S&M" - Rihanna
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  • "Supervixen" - Garbage
  • "Frozen" - Madonna
  • "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" - Cyndi Lauper
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  • "Luck be a Lady" - Frank Sinatra
  • "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" - Róisín Murphy
  • "Posession" - Sarah McLachlan
  • "The Dead are Dacing" - Toni Childs
  • "Here is Now" - the Smiths
  • "Mr. Sandman" - The Chordettes
  • "Bitch" - Meredith Brooks

Quotes from Selene Lazarion

Selene Lazarion, circa 1998, Champaign-Urbana, IL
  • "We are a proud founding Clan, and we shall walk tall and not be fearful of our enemies. We shall not cower at rumors. We are vampiric masters of the Hermetic arts. We shall not fear the night. We are a founding Clan of the Camarilla. We will be respected."
  • "You had me at kill them all. ~ Your Resident Psychopath."
  • "Think, next time... and do kindly help me enjoy the illusion that our Clan embraces the smartest and the cleverest, even if it is a sad fiction."
  • "You are making a case for me to travel and murder a bunch of idiots deserving of a fiery death."
  • "Hang on. Let me check Tobin's Spirit Guide."
  • "Everyone has a past. Everyone has fucked up. I don't necessarily take the word of one drowning fuck-up criticizing the other fuck-up that is presently trying to climb into a life boat. If he does not succeed, I will have him removed. I do not tolerate failures."

Quotes about Selene Lazarion

Selene Lazarion Magic the Gathering card made by Scott L, from the late '90s.

[Feel free to add a quote if your PC has a quote about Selene.]

  • "My sire is the most powerful creature you will ever meet. You will respect her." ~ Isaac Lazarion, to a wayward (and now dead) Brujah.
  • "Power is sexy. Your Sire is predatory. Do you mind if I ask her out?" ~ Donovan Lewis, to several of her childer.
  • "Now I know what a gazelle feels like, standing in front of a pride of lions." ~ Jon-Apolo de Soult, after meeting Selene for the first time.
  • "My most valuable contribution to House and Clan? I may be the only one who can put Selene Lazarion in her place." ~ Philip Walkin, Grand Tribunal 2012
  • "Sure she is the scariest thing in this place, but look at that ass." ~ Darius Morphet, Prince of Dayton
  • "I wake up with flesh falling off of me every morning, completely disgusted with myself, but all i could think was 'this chick wants to eat me'" ~Eli Manfred, a Samedi upon meeting Selene for the first time.
  • "Did I meet Selene? Welll, um, yessssss. I had her complete attention focused on me. I didn't want it. I know she's my grandsire, but she terrifies me!" ~ Ilona Lazarion, speaking to another young Tremere.