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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 6
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Unknown -
Player Joseph Long


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Alexander the Black (Ventrue)
Alexander the Bloody (Wisconsin)

Real Name:
Alexander G. Stills

Apparent Age:


Physical description:
Lean with a boyish face that contradicts merciless guile, Aetius keeps himself neat, but does not often wear full dress unless the occasion specifically calls for it. Aetius's body is covered in black tattoos of Sumerian origin, though he often keeps them under an obfuscated mask of himself.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Former Prince Jonathon Korth (Deceased)
Feared by Elder of the Ventrue Datura
Honorable by Prince Wilhelm Waldberg
Relentless by Prince Adrian Florent
Loyal by Former Prince Berdine (Deceased)
Resourceful by Former Prince Victoria Rowlands (Deceased)
Feared as an Archon in Service to Justicar Titus Petronius Niger
Empowered as an Archon in Service to Justicar Titus Petronius Niger
Reputation as a Brutal Oppressor of the Camarilla's Enemies

Character Information

Known History




The closest public thing to a coterie that Aetius belongs to is the Toreador Justicar's Office.


Rory O'Shea, aka Archon Vilius
Maybe a few more...


The Dead Man's Hand
The Setite Clan
Many others...


Nigel Stillmante (Deceased)


Richard Stills (Deceased)
Geoffrey Walters Stills (Deceased)
Charlotte Stills (Deceased)
Cecília M. Stills


Dante Stills (deceased)

Character Inspirations

A growing composition of bits and pieces of historical and fictitious villains, tyrants, despots, warriors, and madmen.


Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the Name
Lords of Acid: Pop Goes the Weasel
The Pierces: Secret
Oingo Boingo: Insanity
Tool: Anima
Bad Religion: I want to conquer the world


"Dura lex, sed lex."


  • Is the illegitimate grand child of Charlie "Lucky" Luciano
  • Is completely insane
  • Has to consume the flesh of his victims as well as their blood
  • Lives on an island that is magically removed from the rest of the world
  • Has an intense fear of being buried alive
  • Is actually an elder Ventrue who killed the original Alexander Stills and took his place
  • Prefers kindred women of power as his favored prey
  • Is a Setite Apostate
  • Is Skilled in both hairstyling and massage
  • Never really left the The Dead Man's Hand and is currently functioning as Alex Giovanni's man on the inside
  • Has a Body count that numbers in the several thousands
  • Has biological as well as nuclear weaponry
  • Keeps a torch burning for the only woman he's ever truly loved
  • Was part of a Poison cover band as a teenager
  • Might be either infernal himself or the pawn of a powerful infernalist
  • Keeps a number of heads from his defeated enemies in his study so that he can talk to them while he's alone
  • Is a skilled blood magician
  • Has been unhappy with his selection of enemies since Shade was betrayed by the DMH
  • Is Considered the relic of a bygone era that would rather be forgotten by more civilized Ventrue
  • Is the head of the scared straight program
  • Did not actually drive the Sabbat from San Diego. The infernalist did that, and he's just declaring victory.
  • Lady Elizabeth of York knows where there is a video of him performing in a Poison cover band.
  • Possesses powers of the Sabbat.
  • Is suspected of having raped multiple female kindred.