Nathlar Shadowbourne

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6+1
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Corey Beahon


Nathlar Shadowbourne

Roger Templesmith

Real Name: A few have speculated that it could be Nathan Chapels, however, Nathlar has only smiled and nodded.

Apparent Age: Mid to late 30's.

Concept: Foppish Socialite/Traditionalist

Physical description: Nathlar is painfully tall and as thin as a rail. He wears mutton chops with dirty blond hair, streaked with silver on closer inspections, and keeps his wavy hair at about mid neck length. Nathlar tends to be caught only sporting Victorian wear, including top hat and cane, long coat, gloves, dark suit with high collars. He wears glasses, but carries a monocle with him as well. He also has been known to carry a number of pocket watches on his person. Nathlar also always seems to have a flask or three on hand at all times.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince William Tanner of Newcastle
  • Noble by the Primogen of Tampa
  • Revered by Prince Meriven of Tampa
  • Trustworthy by Prince Philip Argos of Tampa
  • Insightful by Prince Hieronymus Blood during his Reign of Gainesville
  • Feared by Prince Carter Johnson of Saint Augustine
  • Exalted by Station
  • Well-known Prince of Saint Augustine
  • Famous as a Prince of the Camarilla
  • Feared by Reputation

Character Information

Known History

Nathlar's appearance into Kindred society occurred roughly in the mid Victorian period when he was embraced in England in New Castle. He was granted Acknowledgment nearly half a decade later, and then disappeared for nearly 40 years. He later appears along the New England coast line of the United States. However, his attendance in court was very brief. In 1970 he reappears in Tampa,FL and helps to claim the city form the Sabbat. This time however, Nathlar remains active within the Camarillia courts and remains an active member.

Through the rises and falls of various Princes, Nathlar steadily climbs to different offices of power. Eventually he secures the position of Seneschal to a very erratic Malkavian. In a fit of melancholy and frustration, the Malkavian leaves the city and the Warlock find himself the Prince of Tampa

As Prince, the blood mage seems to become a natural leader, and brings about an age of stability and prosperity within Tampa that lasts for nearly three full years, both socially and physically. However, Nathlar latter grooms a Ventrue to replace him, claiming that his elders have need of him else where. After he abdicates the Throne of Tampa, the Usurper then moves out of the city, and will only be caught visiting the Domain rarely from this point forward.

Nathlar reappears nearly a year and a half later within the Domain of Saint Augustine, FL. He immediately steps back into a position as Primogen and serves Carter Johnson as one of of his chief advisers. The blood mage speaks not only for Clan Tremere, but also for the Samedi of Saint Augustine during this period. He also helped to unhinge and destroy an infernal corruption within the city.

However, Nathlar suddenly disappears a short time later, and is gone for nearly three years without a trace. Many rumors rise to his fate, but then reappears once more and settles back into Saint Augustine once more. The Warlock becomes the Primogen of Clan Tremere once more, and serves Prince Leonard Flynn this time. Nathlar is found during this time period, aiding in a number of investigations within the South East, speaking for the Samedi once more of Saint Augustine, aiding the city of Daytona in being reclaimed by the Camarilla, he speaks for Clan Tremere at the 2010 Conclave with a commanding 112 status gathered behind his name, and all the while he comments little about where he was for the past three years.

However, as time marched forward, Prince Flynn becomes entangled in a personal issue and decides to set aside his Domain to attend to his problem. Primogen Shadowbourne rises to take the position, and after a brief contention, claims the city for his own. Nathlar now faces an intense war with the Sabbat, keeping the Domain focused, and helping restore many traditional costumes to his court.

This brings us to current...


Nathlar has no known coterie.







  • The Poet and the Muse by Old Gods of Asgard [1]
  • Gravity Of Love by Enigma [2]
  • Haunted by Poe [3]
  • Every Time the Devil Knocks by Black Iris [4]
  • Blind In Darkness by Diary of Dreams [5]
  • One Nights in Bangkok by Falco [6]
  • Be Prepared by The Lion King [7]
  • Dirty Laundry by Don Henley [8]
  • Schism by Tool [9]
  • Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd [10]
  • In Dreams by Roy Orbison [11]
  • The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails [12]
  • So Far Away by Stained [13]
  • Homesick by Soul Asylum [14]
  • Tourniquet by Evanescence [15]
  • Gravedigger by David Matthews Band [16]


  • Some say that Nathlar is a drunk. Some say however, that he doesn't drink alcohol and that is is something different all together.
  • Nathlar was tainted by infernal powers and now serves them loyaly.
  • He took the fall for a scandal committed by Archon Francis Merevein at the 2010 Atlanta Gala.
  • When Nathlar disappeared suddenly, he went to hell and oversaw Clan Tremere's interests there. He helped decide where damned souls went to pay for their crimes in life.
  • Has taught six people illegal Thaumaturgy.
  • You can tell when Nathlar is in his real body, because he will wear gloves to cover his hands.
  • Nathlar has, in fact, been to Hell and gotten the t-shirt.
  • He was cleared of being infernal twice so far, by official investigations.
  • He cannot be killed, as Nathlar has made a vast army of clones of himself to replace him should he ever fall.
  • When Nathlar disappeared three years ago, he was actually on the Ventrue moon base teaching them Thaum.
  • Nathlar Shadowbourne is the 'Good Cop' of Clan Tremere.
  • Nathlar is like a lethal, drunk Oliver Twist.
  • Nathlar suposidly assassinated Andy of Clan Nosferatu, and its this rumor that has caused Pinger to become so vehement with him. Nathlar still denies the accusation.
  • He has has several love affairs with kindred. A Toreador, a Gangrel and a Brujah. All of his mates died during their relationship.
  • Nathlar has been slain seven times, both by rivals and the Rebellion, however it seems to have never taken.
  • Nathlar supposedly has an endless flask on his person which smells strongly of some alchemical mixture and cinnamon. Some say he forces his foes to drink it before they die.
  • When Nathlar ruled Tampa, he routinely had rebellious Clans purged to keep his city in line.
  • It is whispered that Peter Premysl is a clone of Nathlar that went wrong and chose it's own identity.
  • The elders of Clan Tremere ordered that Nathlar could not drink the evening of the Conclave in 2010, and assigned an Archon to him to make sure he did not lapse.
  • Loves to annoy Attacus Frost.
  • Nathlar is a Thaumaturgical dealer for the South, offering up magic items, service and sometimes for the right price, teaching Thaumaturgy itself.
  • Is, in fact, "One magnificent son of a bitch".

Quotes about Nathlar Shadowbourne

  • "Many Kindred have outlandish names; unlike most of them, Nathar can back that shit up." - Bianca Rambaldi